Sleep soundly with these 12 weed strains

best strains for sleep

Best strains for sleep is a common topic at the dispensary counter. Not sleeping well can ruin the day. Being tired can make someone irritable, which makes it hard to be productive. People with sleep disorders like insomnia can go multiple nights without sleep, magnifying the strife. Lots of people seek out cannabis products to help them get to dreamland and keep them in REM sleep until morning.

In the age of cannabis commodification, specialized capsules, tinctures, and other products are formulated to be sleep-inducing. But some people like to have a classic puff of joint or rip from their cute bongs before bed, and that’s okay.

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The complication with consuming cannabis flower to get to bed is that not every strain will put you to sleep. Most who take a hit of most sativa strains will reorganize the furniture before the sandman comes. It is essential to pick the right cannabis strain if the goal is to get a good night’s rest.

These indica strains have long been coveted for their relaxing, sometimes sleep-inducing properties.

best strains for sleep


Purple Thai x Afghani

Anyone with access to a true, pure Blueberry cannabis nug should try it. However, they may be hard to come by in these days of exotic weed. The bulbous bud structure of this relaxing cannabis strain emits a blueberry patchouli aroma that translates into the flavor.

Blueberry often contains a larger amount of CBD than headier options like a Garlic Breath strain. The THC and CBD concentrations could be why it tends to lull people to sleep with a side of potential pain relief. Don’t expect this old-school genetic to hit like a pound of bricks, but appreciate the feelings of relaxation that made it famous.

Granddaddy Purple

Purple Urkle x Big Bud

Father of the purple strains, Granddaddy Purple (aka GDP), has an aroma almost as captivating as its effects. It is one of those indica strains that hits like a slap in the face.

GDP smells sweet cedarwood and musk. It grows in a dark purple-green hue with a chunky pine tree bud structure. One hit may make some people feel immediately relaxed, and it may also free them from anxieties.

Those trying this classic cannabis strain should keep water and a snack nearby. Granddaddy Purple is notorious for causing side effects like dry mouth and munchies.

Lava Cake

Thin Mint GSC x Grape Pie

Deliciously, the decadent high-THC Lava cake strain takes after its culinary namesake. The complex terpene profile is due to its stacked genetics.

The first star of Lava cake is Thin Mint, which gets its name from having two of the three parents of Girl Scout Cookies–it’s just a little thin. Durban Poison and OG Kush in one half of Lava Cake are complemented by the parent genetics of Grape Pie, Grape Stomper, and Cherry Pie. Each parent that donates to the complex genetics of this dessert strain is a hype strain in itself.

This famous family tree translates into a sweet flavor and effects that coax the body and mind to chill. Someone who needs a little push to fall asleep may enjoy a toke of Lava Cake.

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Northern Lights #5

Afghani Indica x Thai Sativa

This is another comfortable, relaxing indica strain that may slowly lull people into sleep. Northern Lights #5 has also long been appreciated for its anecdotally established ability to get the mind off of stress, chronic pain, and discomfort.

After one hit, the soothing strain may run through the body with a light, airy sense of pain relief that eventually settles into the brain. The nugs are often bright green, dripping in trichomes and ball-like fat, dense structure.

best strains for sleep

Animal Cookies

GSC x Fire OG Bx3

Girl Scout Cookies hybrid strains are abundant on the list. The Animal Cookies strain is one sleep aid cannabis strain that may incite some silly conversation or the urge to watch a comforting cartoon before bed. But eventually, sleep will be on the menu.

The heavy-hitting cannabis variety has kept the fresh-baked cookies scent of its parent Girl Scout Cookies but doubles down on an earthy musk. This is ideal for moderate to expert consumers—it’s a knockout.


North American Sativa x White Rhino

This indica dominant hybrid strain is an old budtender favorite. Not just because it is a classic indica but because it’s a surefire way to spot all the Trekkies in the crowd. Pronunciation is key.

Pine entwines with sweet earth create a scent that is distinct, and pungent buds will be light green fat spears with long, dark brown pistils. Like Northern Lights, Romulan may lull a person into sleep after a hit. Because of its sativa lineage, it may give a little kick in the rear but is still a mellower option than Lava Cake and Animal Cookies.

Black Diamond

Blackberry x Diamond Kush

The teeny tiny percentage of sativa in this strain could shoot a person’s thoughts into the air upon first inhalation. It can almost be deceptive, making someone think they’re up and at ‘em. But that generally settles into a state of mellow bliss.

The aroma that the nugs emit is pure blackberry, sweet and bright. They grow in a dark purple and kelly green hue with light orange pistils littering the little pine trees.

Those trying Black Diamond for sleep should give themselves a little lead time. The first few moments after consuming this strain are pure elation, and sometimes hunger will follow. But eventually, most people will head off to dreamland.

Blackberry Kush

Blueberry x Afghani

Blackberry Kush may provide melty, delicious pain relief with just one inhalation. Much like Black Diamond, one of this strain’s children, the smell of these nuggets is sweet, delightful blackberry.

The strain grows fat, purple balls so dense most consumers will want to use a grinder to break up the nugs. Toking on Blackberry Kush may release pent-up anxiety or deep-seated stress, and tension in joints and muscles. Pain, anxiety, and stress can lead to trouble sleeping, so everything is often hunky-dory after some BBK.


Afghani x Goo

Afgoo is sought out by medical patients seeking help relaxing and relieving pain. The older cannabis strain may be hard to find, but those who do may want to snatch it up.

The scent of this bud combines an earthy Afghani with sweet strawberry cedar wood of Goo, both pungent earth and sweet as sugar. Buds will be light-brownish green and spear-like. Reported effects of Afgoo are straightforward with a welcome mental fog that also releases stress and tension. The combination of effects make Afgoo a welcome addition to this list of sleepytime marijuana strains.

Holy Grail Kush

Kosher Kush x OG Kush #18

This former Cannabis Cup winner is beloved by many. The buds smell like a lemony pile of delightful dirt and grow in fat balls with little points in a light greenish-brown, dense, chunky nug.

The effects may be heavy and fast, possibly reducing aches and pains. Many also tend to experience sedative effects after consuming Holy Grail Kush. It can promote dry mouth, so put some water on the nightstand.

Purple Kush

Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani

Many but not all purple weed strains are beloved for sleep. Purple Kush is no different. Depending on the cultivator, it can grow in various colors. It’s been spotted as a light purple hue with a vibrant green undertone to a dark purple hue so covered with trichomes that the spear-shaped nuggets almost shone white.

The pleasant aroma emits a rich cocoa and deep blackberry. The effects are said to be relaxing and comfortable. Spikes in energy or intense ups and downs are rare with this genetic trait. Some may feel like they’re snuggling in a warm blanket after hitting some Purple Kush.

Bubba Kush

OG Kush cut

Though its past isn’t crystal clear, the effects of Bubba Kush are. Possibly a cut of OG Kush that made its way to Florida, Bubba Kush is a pure indica strain for the history books.

Bubba Kush bud structure grows in little bowling balls, they’re round, not too dense, but not loose. The aroma is of deep, rich soil with sweet plum undertones. Bubba Kush may create a lethargic effect and inspire some wicked hunger.

Getting a good night of sleep sets up a day for success, so why not use plants to help make that a reality? Prescription and over the counter sleep medications can have unwanted side effects or make people feel groggy the next morning. Some may opt for natural sleep aids like these indica strains known by patients and adult-use consumers to get to sleep quickly, and most importantly, stay asleep until morning.

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