Lava Cake strain: the perfect after-dinner weed

lava cake strain dessert on table

Searching for a heavy-hitting yet incredibly sweet and creamy cannabis experience? The Lava Cake strain could be the one for you. 

With notes of chocolate and mint coupled with relaxing effects sure to make you smile, this indica-dominant hybrid is one dessert strain that stands out from the rest. Smoking Lava Cake at the end of a long day is truly the perfect after-dinner treat.

Despite its moderate THC content averaging 22-25 percent, Lava Cake weed is not for beginners. A couple of hits of this deeply relaxing varietal could be more than enough for even the headiest of connoisseurs.

But what makes the Lava Cake strain so superbly decadent? Between the storied genetics and powerful terpene profile, this deliciously dank herb is an eruption of effects.

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lava cake strain of cannabis in grower's hand
A grow tech holding a Lava Cake cannabis cola. Photo: AYEHAB / Getty

The wild family tree of the Lava Cake strain

If you guessed that Lava Cake is a Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) relative, you’d be right. Many of the most prominent cannabis strains of the last decade have been in the GSC family, from Apple Fritter to Cereal Milk.

Lava Cake is a cross of Thin Mint GSC and Grape Pie. Both of these cultivars are considered hybrid strains, but the indica properties are prominent. Interestingly enough, Lava Cake has F1 Durb as a grandparent on either side.

Other prominent ancestors of Lava cake include Cherry Pie, OG Kush, and Durban Poison. With a legendary family tree, it only makes sense that the Lava Cake strain emerged as a prominent phenotype.

GSC cannabis plants
Lava Cake is a cross of the Thin Mint phenotype of GSC. Photo: Cavan Images / Getty

A literal bakery of terps

Opening a jar of Lava Cake is a remarkably rich olfactory affair. A cocoa-sweet aroma is the first note, but a complex mix of dough, spice, and mint soon follows. The way it smokes is even more intricate.

A dry hit off an unlit joint of the Lava Cake strain gives you a sneak preview of the full experience. In this case, it’s like licking the cake batter off the mixing spoon—the terps are all dessert. However, once you light the J and take an actual hit, things get weird. 

The inhale is a creamy confection with hints of herbal citrus. The smoke fills your mouth, serving serious vanilla ice cream sundae vibes complete with chocolate sauce and a cherry on top. Once you exhale, a certain dank follow-up occurs, surprising the senses in the best way.

This volcanic flavor explosion comes from a somewhat unusual combination of terpenes (aka terps). Peppery caryophyllene, hoppy humulene, and earthy myrcene are the three dominant terps in Lava Cake. 

While on their own, none of them scream “molten chocolate dessert,” the unique ratio creates an entirely new taste that no sweet tooth can resist.

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The Lava Cake strain experience

Crossing Thin Mint is sure to result in an indica strain that packs a punch thanks to it’s incredibly potent parentage. Lava Cake is no exception.

Consuming a joint or bowl of Lava Cake is like putting a weighted blanket on—the effects envelop your entire body. Soon enough, you’re whisked away to a drowsy yet contented state. The term “relaxing strain” is an understatement.

While everyone reacts to individual types of weed in slightly different ways, the general consensus around the Lava Cake strain is it’s a knock-out. For people hoping to catch some serious Zs, this cannabis cultivar would be an excellent choice.

lava cake strain cannabis buds on plant
Live Lava Cake cannabis flower up close. Photo: AYEHAB / Getty

What it’s like to grow Lava Cake 

The discerning cannabis fans who wish to grow Lava Cake at home, good news: it is possible. However, it is considered a moderately difficult variety for cultivation—newbies may want to work their way up.

Lava Cake plants tend to be on the shorter, bushier side, given their indica leanings. Dark olive green and purple buds emerge within the 8-10 week flowering period. Expect abundant trichomes and an overpowering scent.

If growing indoors, try to keep conditions semi-humid to ensure the plants thrive. Low-stress training techniques, such as slightly bending the plants, may help promote even growth of this stocky variety. When done correctly, you could easily yield 14 ounces per plant.

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Lava Cake strain: an ideal after-dinner mint

Some nights, you just want to smoke a bowl that’ll send you to the stars. Lava Cake could certainly do the job. Sinfully sweet and shockingly sedative, this strain is much like its dessert namesake—best served as a treat.


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