Rainbow Runtz strain: a sweet pot of weed gold

rainbow runtz strain a rainbow light beam over cannabis plants

Top cannabis strains tend to be heavy and ostentatious, and so is the Rainbow Runtz. Known for its mesmerizing beauty and stimulating nature, the Rainbow Runtz strain is an indica-dominant hybrid developed by crossing the Skittlez and DoSiDos strains. With THC levels averaging the mid-20s, its delicious flavor and memorable body and mind effects are every weed lover’s dream.

Key Takeaways

  • Rainbow Runtz weed strain is an indica strain made by crossing Skittlez and DoSiDos strains.
  • It’s a high-THC strain that delivers a quick “high” that’s blissfully uplifting and relaxing.
  • Rainbow Runtz is ideal for afternoon use, ideally by those seeking an energy boost to power through the remaining day.

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What is the Rainbow Runtz Strain

If you’re looking for a truly special cannabis strain, you’ve got to try the Rainbow Runtz strain. A cross of the Skittlez and DoSiDos strains, this indica-leaning hybrid comes from a lineage known for proper indica effects.

Its original breeder may be unknown, but this strain’s stunning appearance and broad range of mental and physical effects capture every user’s imagination. It’s a potent strain with above-average THC levels, typically in the mid-20s. So, even as you try this Rainbow Runtz strain, we encourage a culture of responsible smoking.

Rainbow Runtz Strain Appearance

Rainbow Runtz weed is a visually stunning specimen! After all, isn’t it named after the rainbow? This strain immediately strikes you with its beautiful heart-shaped green nugs with deep purple undertones and vibrant red-orange hairs coating its chunky, white glimmering trichomes.

This distinct appearance makes the Rainbow Runtz strain very easy to identify. However, be advised that there are different combinations of this strain. So, don’t be surprised to find white, orange, and purple nugs. Indeed, Rainbow Runtz’s vivid spectrum of colors easily reminds us why it has the ‘Rainbow’ name.

rainbow runtz strain a wide spread of cannabis leaves with a rainbow tint
The Rainbow Runtz strain is dynamic, flavorful, and will have you feeling sky high. Photo: valery_ambartsumian / Getty

Rainbow Runtz Strain Genetics

This strain inherits its phenotypic traits from its equally flamboyant parents, Skittlez and DoSiDos. The award-winning Skittlez is an indica strain known for its chunky colas and sweet, tropical fruity flavor. On its part, DoSiDos stuns users with glittering trichomes engulfed in an intense, sweet, earthy aroma with hints of floral funkiness.

With such a heritage, it’s easy to see why Rainbow Runtz is a feast for the eyes. It’s also no surprise where it gets its classic aroma and indica-leaning medical-grade body effects.

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Rainbow Runtz Strain Terpenes

The specific terpenes in Rainbow Runtz can vary from plant to plant. However, Runtz strains are typically rich in limonene and myrcene. These are some of the most dominant terpenes in the plant kingdom. They could be responsible for the strain’s sweet, floral fragrance and delicious taste. 

Rainbow Runtz Strain Effects

While not everyone may experience the same effects with Rainbow Runtz, most users say it’s calming and relaxing. Many report consuming the strain to reduce stress and anxiety. It typically produces a soothing high that boosts the spirit and makes you feel like you’re flying.

As a testament to Rainbow Runtz THC level, the “high” kicks in almost immediately with the first hit. It induces a sense of euphoria that starts from head to toe with a slight tingle that’s physically stimulating. The high gradually wanes, leaving you feeling blissfully sleepy. And thanks to its high THC levels, this strain also gives users “the munchies.”

Rainbow Runtz’s unique combo of mental and physical effects makes it potentially helpful for:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Insomnia
  • Nausea

As always, we encourage users to exercise due diligence when taking high-THC cannabis like this one. That’s because when taken in large doses, Rainbow Runtz may cause dry mouth (cottonmouth) and dry eyes.

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Rainbow Runtz Strain Reported Flavors

One of the reasons Rainbow Runtz is hugely celebrated is its unique flavor. It’s unabashedly earthy with sweet, enticing floral notes. Therein, you also encounter whiffs of pine, berry, grapefruits, and honey!

Rainbow Runtz Strain Growing Info

From cultivation to flowering, Rainbow Runtz takes roughly ten weeks. The crop can grow indoors and outdoors and adapts well to both warm and cold climates.

Indoor-grown crops are generally shorter, reaching heights of 80cm – 120cm. Their outdoor counterparts reach heights of 150cm to 220cm.

When grown indoors, Rainbow Runtz gives 550 grams to 650 grams per square meter of crop. For outdoor growers, the harvest month falls in October.

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Strains like Rainbow Runtz Strain

It happens all too often: you go to a dispensary to find your favorite strain, and for whatever reason, it’s not available. But thanks to modern breeding, you typically have options. Here are other great alternative strains you can use to get similar effects as Rainbow Runtz:

  • Wedding Cake
  • Banana Runtz
  • Red Runtz OG
  • Purple Runtz Skywalker
  • Blue Monster
  • Tahoe Purps
  • Bubba Kush
  • Royal Chemdawg

Final Thoughts

Rainbow Runtz is a strong strain, so it’s best taken in moderation. Its euphoric and uplifting effects greatly appeal to many users, not to mention its great bag appearance. But looks can be deceiving; the “high” kicks in quite fast, which can be a bit disconcerting for users used to “creeper” weed strains.

But being an indica strain, Rainbow Runtz THC effects are largely calming and relaxing. So, besides the increased urge to eat (“the munchies”), the high eases off, leaving you feeling sedated.

Overall, this is a perfect strain for winding down a busy afternoon.