Garlic breath strain—a stinky yet sweet cannabis variety

Garlic Breath strain - gradient image of garlic and illustrated cannabis nugs

In a world with dispensary shelves stocked to the nines with sweet Orange Glaze and Blueberry cannabis strains, Garlic Breath stands in a lane all its own. For some, cannabis may occasionally relax aching muscles, instigate relaxation after a long day, or add extra silliness to movie night. This Garlic Breath strain could be an impeccable choice for the aforementioned consumer crowd.

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The basics of the Garlic Breath strain

The even-keel indica dominant hybrid is a cross of GMO and Mendo Breath. It seems to have originated from Thug Pug Genetics, a company known for the “Breath” line. Other plants from Thug Pug include Garlic Breath’s sisters Peanut Butter Breath and Pug Breath.


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This strain review looks specifically at a cut of Garlic Breath from Washington state cannabis company Freya Farms. And don’t worry, the name is just for fun. Trying this strain will just make your breath smell like cannabis smoke, not garlic bread.

Garlic Breath grows dense, tree-shaped buds. The flower is so tightly wound that it’s worth breaking up with a grinder. Breaking these nugs up with fingers wouldn’t be efficient it’d result in little pebbles.

Dark frosty purples and hunter-green converge in each nug for a pleasant but subdued color. Trichomes are abundant, a trait proven by the iconic and pungent Garlic Breath smell. Trichomes are mostly made of aromatic terpenes, after all.

Garlic breath strain
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An aroma like no other

The smell erupting from a freshly smashed garlic clove comes from organic sulfur-containing compounds. While it’s not likely the complex Garlic Breath aromatics come from sulfur, the cannabis strain smells distinctly of garlic.

But there’s another note hidden within the jar that is almost crisp and sweet like vanilla. After it’s ground up, the aroma is pure garlic.

After lighting it up, the flavor sits between the dry spice of juniper berry and the rich, earthy qualities of patchouli. It’s somehow savory, which feels silly to say about a cannabis strain, but it’s true.

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Effects take hold almost immediately after inhaling, starting in the head and eyes before trickling into the rest of the body. In true indica-dominant form, Garlic Breath lulls the system with a mild stone but keeps the mind responsive. There’s some delay in thought processes and mellowed-out nature after consuming. However, Garlic Breath doesn’t scramble up the brains like some heavier indica strains.

Garlic Breath strain: colas in a grow
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Garlic Breath vs. other indica-dominant cannabis

When comparing this cannabis strain to similar heavy but present options, it stacks up nicely. The smell is unmatched, but the effects are reminiscent of popular phenos like Blue Cookies and Rainbow Runtz. These strains are beloved by knowledgeable cannabis patients who seek daytime relief.

Although they may have heavier properties to help with symptoms like pain, Garlic Breath and its brethren of hybrids are less likely to dull thought processes. That means it’s easier to keep a sharp mind while still enjoying the benefits of an indica parentage.

Garlic Breath is a strain for a delightful Sunday afternoon in the garden or evening wind down after a stressful day. This cannabis strain is worth grabbing whenever it’s on the dispensary menu for the aroma alone. But it’s also a great option to have in the weed kit for when the right occasion strikes. Don’t pass up this stinky delicacy if you get the chance to try it.

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