Animal Cookies strain – worth a walk on the wild side

Animal cookies strain - hand chooses cannabis nug

There’s a beautiful sweet spot when an indica dominant hybrid fully relaxes the body and mind without being completely incapacitating. This isn’t an easy feat—there’s always the chance for a little bout of anxiety or a dire case of couchlock. The Animal Cookies strain hits this spot for many, and it can bring on a banner case of the munchies.

Known for high THC levels and sweet yet earthy flavor profile, Animal Cookies is beloved by many. It was originally created by Canadian seed bank BC Bud Depot while they perfected their High Times award-winning Girl Scout Cookies strain. The Bud Depot team combined Girl Scout Cookie and Fire OG Bx3, and the rest is history.

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Animal Cookies strain - animal cookies and cannabis nugs

The Basics of the Animal Cookies strain

The result is a sticky, stanky, and delightful hybrid strain. These nugs are sticky to the touch with an aroma smell so strong it’s hard to hide.

Expect dense buds that often carry the spearhead shape of Fire OG paired with the bulbous chunkiness of Girl Scout Cookies. These nugs can grow big and thick under the right conditions. It also shows out in color, featuring a palate of dark green and purples.

Just like the bud structure, the Animal Cookies strain terpene profile takes the best of both worlds from its parentage. A rich, earthy musk is layered over that classic GSC scent of freshly-baked cookies.

A 2017 study revealed the terpene profile behind this complex aroma is dominant in beta-caryophyllene, humulene, limonene, and myrcene. These compounds translate into that classic OG sweet, earth-laden herbal flavor that is especially prominent when vaping flower.

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Heavy hitting hybrid

When it comes to how consuming Animal Cookies makes a person feel, think of Girl Scout Cookies but heavier. The effects hit like a freight train, hard and fast, and can inspire deep serenity. It’s also known for a chill head high bound to fuel giggles after the initial euphoria.

As mentioned, Animal Cookies can inspire a healthy appetite, but it also might give a person dry eyes. Paranoia is another common side effect of heavy indica strains, so be keen on that before indulging.

When consuming this indica dominant hybrid strain for the first time plan accordingly. Schedule a few hours to chill after. This is wise to do with new strains that might be stronger than anticipated. Beginners interested in indica hybrids may opt for something less incapacitating like a Garlic Breath strain.

Tips for growing Animal Cookies strain

This hybrid strain is probably best for intermediate growers as it only thrives in a fine-tuned environment. That said, those who have their cultivation dialed in may get a fat yield from an Animal Cookies room. Under the right conditions, harvests can reach 11 ounces indoors and 13 ounces outdoors.

Animal Cookies takes nine to 10 weeks to flower and plants perform best indoors. Experts recommend getting a lot of airflow to this strain which requires regular fan leaf maintenance and fan systems.

Those running discreet operations may opt for another exotic weed as this one puts off a stench that’s hard to hide and easy to love. Even in veg, the Animal Cookies strain is pungent, so have smell-proof technology ready before even popping seeds.

Outdoor growers should save this hybrid strain for when they reach the expert level. It requires hot, dry environments to flower, which requires wisdom in certain grow zones.

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Animal Cookies strain

The verdict on Animal Cookies

This newer addition to the world of cannabis strains is valuable. The unmistakable aromatics, gorgeous buds, and coveted effects complete the trifecta of dank weed. Animal Cookies has it all.

The aesthetics are impressive, but don’t let them outshine the effects. Animal Cookies is a lovely choice for unwinding from a hard day, but there’s also potential for medical patients. Cannabis patients often seek strains with a sedating effect. Stimulating the appetite can be helpful for cancer patients in chemotherapy too. Animal Cookies strain effects are rife with potential from possible pain relief to uplifting spirits.

If lab tested Animal Cookies strain products are on the dispensary shelves, it’s probably wise to grab one. This is a delicious, fragrant indica dominant hybrid that’s worth a hit. Just remember that it’s a heavy one, and plan some time to test the effects.

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