Purple weed strains fit for cannabis royalty

purple weed strains

The vibrant color of purple weed strains makes them an automatic showstopper on dispensary shelves. That purple hue layered with crystals shining against the dark color palate– it’s unmatchable.

The origins of the purps are also interesting. Some of these strains are heavy and relaxing, while others are uplifting and focused. Many purple strains have similar genetic lineage, but there’s no one type of purple cannabis plant.

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purple weed strains

What causes purple weed?

Weed turns purple for a number of reasons. Turns out weed has genetic markers to turn purple (and other colors) under the right conditions. This is due to pigments called anthocyanins.

As plants begin to flower and mature, they produce more anthocyanins which appear red, blue, and purple. One study found that this happens as a defensive response to harsh conditions. Since purple weed is coveted, cultivators create these conditions during flower to trigger a purple show.

Many growers have noticed that their crop turned purple after a cold snap temperature is one of the factors that cause a plant to produce anthocyanins. On the other hand, high temperatures can reduce the production of the purple pigment. So, while exposing plants to cold can turn them purple, the cannabis plant must be genetically disposed to do so.

There’s a lot of purple cannabis on the market. Some are classics, while others are newer and considered exotic weed. You may not see beloved strains like Afghani and OG Kush on this list, but these popular purple weed strains are just as exceptional.

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Purple Haze

This energizing cross of Haze and Purple Thai is a shot of euphoria mixed with cerebral stimulation. It’s like the effects of Sour Diesel with a kick of silly joviality.

Purple Haze naturally grows tufts of lavender on vibrant green nugs. The aromatics are pleasant and fruit-forward, smelling of juicy blackberry punctuated by a sharp eucalyptus.

Smoking Purple Haze evokes a more earthy quality than the aroma, but it maintains the slightest whisper of berry. Not many sativa strains grow purple, and that’s just one reason consumers love Purple Haze.


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Grape Ape

Indica dominant strain Grape Ape has long been touted as excellent for relaxation. This classic hybrid crosses Afghani, Mendocino Purps, and Skunk, which creates a high that is notably chill with the slighted presence of mind.

Every part of the plant grows purple, right down to the dark, gorgeous fan leaves. The buds grow in fat fir tree structures and are often very dense. A big whiff will naturally yield a grape-like aroma, though the flavor takes on more musk. This is a classic strain for a relaxing night at home or a convivial gaming sesh.

Huckleberry Soda #4

This strain is so purple it’s hard to believe it’s real. Huckleberry Soda nugs are so purple they almost appear black. Trichomes stand out on the color palate, shining brightly on display.

What makes Huckleberry Soda so special is the groovy hybrid effects. An intense wave of relaxation is almost immediately joined by a spark of creativity after toking on some of this purple weed.

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Purple weed Strains

Blackberry Kush

Dark purple and violet colored leaves adorn the nugs of Blackberry Kush, a relaxing indica strain. When it comes to purple cannabis strains, this has long been a classic. Enjoy an aromatic profile of rich blackberry with a wisp of hazelnut right as a jar of this opens up. Pack it in the vape and enjoy a flavor profile similar to that luscious smell.

Granddaddy Purple

It could be labeled GDP, Granddaddy, or Granddaddy Purps, but this indica strain is classically known as Granddaddy Purple. The purple-colored nugs also have some frosted forest green accents.

Bask in the complex scent of this strain that touches an earthy quality verging on sweetness– and the flavor matches. The cross of Afghani, Mendo Purps, and Skunk creates a heavy, relaxing effect with the slightest bit of clarity. It’s no wonder this is a sought-after purple strain despite its age.

Mendocino Purple

This strain also goes by many names including Mendo Purps, Mendocino Purps, and sometimes just The Purps. Its popularity peaked around 2007, with dealers around the Bay Area during that time frequently whispering, “I got purps” to passersby.

Gorgeous purples make up these chunky buds that feature thick tufts of orange pistils. Those who have hit The Purps claim it tastes like caramel coffee and pine.

Purple Punch

The “Punch” is no joke with this indica-dominant strain of purple weed. Purple Punch combines Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple in a sedating strain with a grape-like aroma. Sweet baked goods and tart cherries are prominent in the aromatic profile of this indica.

There’s purple in the name, but don’t expect a dark hue from Purple Punch. The nugs are drenched in trichomes but often look more jungle green than purple. Even so, this is one that heavy, heavy indica lovers shouldn’t pass up.
Purple Urkle

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The lore of Purple Urkle tracks its lineage to a cut of Mendocino Purps, another classic indica that lends its parentage to multiple strains on this list. There’s a sweet smell on the front of this beloved indica hybrid with a tinge of skunk on the back. Earthy musk is prominent in the flavor once it’s lit up. This is a heavier option and is often enjoyed by people before bed.

Purple weed isn’t just for nighttime though. This list proves it. From funky euphoria to full-on sedation, purple weed strains can do it all. When these cannabis strains are at the dispensary, don’t miss a chance to pick one up.

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