Blue Cookies strain: a potent purple bud with fan-favorite parentage

purple cannabis plants under blue red lights blue cookies strain review

If you are looking for a new indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that’ll provide you with the best of both worlds—a one-two-punch combination to both your mind and body—then the Blue Cookies strain might be ideal for you. This Blue Cookies strain review has all you need to know.

Here we have a strain that at times contains extremely high levels of THC, which, combined with its hybrid genetics, means that it produces both a strong body high and head high. It also features delectable flavors of berries, cherries, earthiness, and more.

It’s a great option if you need something that will potentially relax your nerves and body.  Let’s see exactly what this cannabis strain has in store for you.

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What is the Blue Cookies Strain?

The Blue Cookies strain is an indica hybrid cross between two of the most popular cannabis strains to ever grace the face of planet Earth, Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. While it has strong indica lineage, the sativa strain side definitely comes through.

If you like the strains that produce strong sensations of euphoria and happiness right off the bat, followed by full body relaxation, then this might be a good strain for you to check out.

Not only are its effects very pronounced, but so are its flavors, with sweetness being the first thing you should taste.

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Blue Cookies Strain Appearance

The Blue Cookies strain features very dense nugs that are nearly impossible to squeeze together, almost rock solid. They also tend to be fairly rounded, although they may also be slightly elongated, depending on the exact plant in question.

As for the color, the nugs are generally forest green or darker green, combined with a bluish tint, hence the name of the strain, Blue Cookies.

It also features some orange hairs, as well as an extremely thick layer of white trichomes on the exterior, which is where all of that THC is contained. Not only is this strain a joy to smoke but to look at as well.


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three cannabis buds in front of purple background blue cookies strain
Blue Cookies is a perfectly potent purple strain. Photo: Hillary Kladke / Getty

Blue Cookies Strain Genetics

The Blue Cookies strain is technically a hybrid, although it is very indica-dominant. It also contains very high levels of THC combined with a little bit of CBD as well. Let’s take a closer look at exactly where this strain comes from.


The Blue Cookies strain is a descendant of two other extremely popular strains, with one of them being Blueberry, a very potent indica strain. Blueberry is made by crossing purple Thai with Thai.

The other parent strain is Girl Scout Cookies, which is also an indica-dominant hybrid, with this one being made by crossing OG Kush and Durban Poison.

As you can see, the Blue Cookies strain should definitely be something very special, as all of the strains that have gone into creating it are also very unique and well respected.

THC/CBD Content

The THC content of the Blue Cookies strain can vary quite wildly. On average, you can expect it to contain anywhere between 19% and 25% THC, with somewhere in the low 20s being fairly common. However, the record for this strain is a 30% THC level, which is, of course, very high.

Whatever the case may be, this strain contains quite a high amount of THC, so beginners should be careful. It’s more than enough THC to have you feeling it with just a couple of tokes. On that note, this strain also generally contains up to 2% CBD, which some people may like due to its varying potential health benefits.

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Blue Cookies Strain Terpenes

The Blue Cookies strain contains a variety of terpenes that produce the flavors that you taste here. These terpenes include myrcene, caryophyllene, limonene, geraniol, camphene, and ocimene. We will take a closer look at the exact flavors that this strain produces when smoked further below, although these are the main terpenes responsible for those flavors.

Blue Cookies Strain Effects

Remember that the Blue Cookies strain is indica-dominant, which means it can also be very potent. It tends to start off with a very pronounced cerebral and euphoric head high.

Most people report feeling an extreme sense of euphoria, happiness, and elation, with many people also reporting feeling quite giggly and talkative. This is a strain that will make your head feel like it is up in the clouds, in a very good way.

However, the high soon comes down from those clouds and becomes much more grounded, with you almost feeling like you are sinking into your couch.

This is, of course, because it is a potent indica-dominant strain, and it allows for an awesome full-body relaxation effect. Furthermore, if you feel a lot of pain or anxiety, then this might be a good strain for you since anecdotal reviews indicate the strain offers them relaxed sensations.

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Blue Cookies Strain Reported Flavors

As for the reported flavors, the Blue Cookies strain tends to be overwhelmingly sweet. Right on your first hit, you’ll be able to taste sweet berries combined with cherries, earthiness, and dessert.

People also often taste a bit of citrus or orange, along with candy. If you smell this strain and close your eyes at the same time, you might just be able to imagine yourself being inside of a candy store.

Blue Cookies Strain Growing Info

The Blue Cookies strain is certainly not ideal for beginner growers, as it requires a lot of maintenance, such as trimming, bending, and pruning. It also requires cooler-than-average temperatures right before the flowering stage.

It is possible to grow this strain outdoors, but people usually prefer doing so indoors, as the temperature is much easier to control.

The temperature for this strain needs to be between 70 degrees and 74 degrees Fahrenheit, along with fairly steady light levels and steady moisture levels. Furthermore, the flowering cycle here can take up to 65 days, with the plant being fairly short and providing you with an average yield.

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Strains Like Blue Cookies

If you are looking for strains that are similar to the Blue Cookies strain, we would start with its parents, Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. Both possess the qualities which went into making the Blue Cookies strain, so you should see quite a bit of similarity.

Final Thoughts

If you like sweet flavors, a euphoric head high, and a very relaxing body high, then the Blue Cookies strain is certainly worth checking out. With very high THC levels, it’s ideal for people with even the highest of tolerances.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s just quickly answer some of your most frequently asked questions about the Blue Cookies strain.

Is Blue Cookies Weed Strain Indica or Sativa?

The Blue Cookies weed strain is indica-dominant.

Is Blue Cookies Weed Strain Strong?

Yes, the Blue Cookies strain is very strong and, at times, can contain up to 30% THC.

Are Blue Cookies Strains Easy to Grow?

No, the Blue Cookies strain is not easy to grow, as it requires a lot of maintenance and exact temperatures.

How Much Does Blue Cookies Strain Yield?

The Blue Cookies strain produces fairly average yields, which could be up to four or five oz per plant.

How Long Does Blue Cookies Strain Take to Grow?

The Blue Cookies strain requires roughly 65 days for flowering and about that much again for the vegetative state. In total, you can expect this strain to take between four and five months to complete its growth cycle.