Quarter weed, dime bag, OZ: what are the common weed weights?

quarter weed pot measurements

Cannabis comes in many shapes and sizes. There are plenty of ways to purchase pot, from eighths of “smalls” to a quarter weed cola. But with so many different slang terms and weed measurements, how do you find the right product for you?

Most dispensaries sell cannabis flower by the gram or increments of eighths of an ounce. How to choose which bag or jar to buy depends on your consumption habits and budget. The price of weed varies widely from market to market, and quality plays a big part.

If you find yourself swimming in math while shopping for weed, we’re here to make some sense of the canna-equations. 

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quarter weed measuring
What are the most common weed weights? Photo: Canva & GreenState

What are the common weed measurements?

In the United States, cannabis is typically sold in grams or by the eighth of an ounce (3.5 grams) at dispensaries. While some states have sold bud “deli style” where the goods are weighed out to order, the majority offer pre-packed flower. 

Here are the typical offerings.

One gram of weed

A gram is usually the smallest amount of cannabis you can buy. This is typically enough for a decent sized joint or a few bowls.

There are three and a half grams of cannabis in an eighth, so you’re getting a little less than a third of a common bag if you opt for a gram of weed. 

Eighth of weed

The most common weight of cannabis sold in stores, an eighth is good for a few joints of several bowls. Depending on how often you consume, an eighth of cannabis may last a few hours, a couple of days, or two weeks. 

Quarter weed

Containing seven grams of flower, a quarter of an ounce is an economical and efficient purchase for the regular cannabis consumer. Many brands are starting to offer pre-packed quarters of weed so their loyal customers get more bang for their buck.

A quarter of weed can easily make around a half dozen joints (or a few massive blunts). Pick up this bag if you want a cost-effective stash.

Half oz.

A half ounce of marijuana is 14 grams of canna-goodness. While less common than an eighth, some brands do sell half ounce packs (especially ones that target the budget-friendly smoker).

Pick up a half oz. if you’re looking to avoid multiple trips to the dispensary. Folks having a sesh with friends may also enjoy the ability to roll over a dozen delicious Js.

Ounce of weed

Also known as an OZ, zip, or zone, an ounce of cannabis contains 28 grams of bud. Many dispensaries offer deals on ounce purchases, with options at multiple price points.

People who pick up ounces may be heavy consumers, or wish to stock up for the foreseeable future. DIY edibles makers can also easily get a decent amount of infused butter from an ounce of weed (just make sure to research edibles dosing before enjoying!).

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Average weed prices

Pot prices range widely, and are dependent on location and brand. Taxes can also vary, and could add upwards of 20 percent to the final bill. When working out the weed budget, expect these average prices for pot.

quarter weed and other weed prices
What are the average prices for weed? Photo: Canva & GreenState

How much is a gram?

The average pre-tax price of a gram in Los Angeles is between ten and twenty dollars, according to menus on Jane. Up the coast in Oregon, there are grams of weed for as low as six bucks. These “dime bags” offer a nice buzz for your budget.

How much is an eighth?

The average price of an eighth of weed is between thirty and fifty dollars. In California, a decent bag will run around $35 plus tax. Over on the East Coast, New Yorkers are paying around $45. Some designer eighths may run upwards of $80 after tax, so make sure to calculate your budget before hitting the shop.

How much is a quarter weed?

If you want seven grams of weed, you’re likely looking to spend anywhere from $35-$120 depending on quality and market. In New Mexico, a quarter of weed costs anywhere from $40 up to $80 plus tax. Budget-conscious consumers in the Bay Area of California will be happy to learn that Jane has $25 quarters available at a number of retailers. 

How much is a half ounce?

In weed-rich Oklahoma, there are half ounces for the reasonable price of $75. Over in Chicago (one of the more expensive cannabis markets), you’ll have to settle for shake if you want to spend less than a hundred bucks.

How much is an ounce of weed?

The price of 28 grams of cannabis also varies, with customers paying anywhere from $80 to over $400. People who are cool with “smalls” (also called popcorn buds) can find ounces of cannabis for just over $100 in Seattle. Down in LA, an OZ of top-shelf bud is $320 plus tax.

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Average prices for pounds of pot

The wholesale price for a pound of cannabis (16 ounces) also varies, and can be anywhere from $300 for outdoor to over $2k for premium indoor. According to a recent analysis from MJBizDaily, Colorado has the cheapest average wholesale price per pound at $810. Over in newly minted market Maryland, retailers are paying over $2500 per pound on average.

quarter weed bud on a scale
Do the math, and enjoy the result! Photo: Canva & GreenState

Dime bags to quarter weed and beyond—something for everyone

Whether you want a gram of bud for a quick pick-me-up or an ounce of top shelf for the big party, there are plenty of ways to buy pot. While most people settle for an eighth, a quarter ounce of weed is often a more economical choice.

It’s important to note that every legal state has its own rules regarding how much pot a person can purchase at once. And even though some states have personal possession limits of a quarter pound or more, that doesn’t always mean you can buy it in one day.

By evaluating your consumption habits, checking the budget, and looking at local laws, you’ll be able to calculate your perfect weed purchase. The only thing left after solving the equation is to light up!

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