Alien OG strain – a cosmic cannabis experience

Alien OG strain: alien cartoon rides cannabis nug through space

There was a time in the 2010s when designer OG Kush strains ruled the dispensary menus. In those days, some Southern California stores would have eight or more OGs available at one time. Before they were everywhere, the Alien OG strain could have been one of the first alongside classics like Godfather OG and Larry OG.

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The origins of this hybrid strain are found in the Bay Area where it was first made available in clone form. Now, the seeds can be purchased from The Cali Connection. Alien OG is a cross between Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. The result is a very even hybrid that some claim is a 50/50 split between indica and sativa.

Experiencing Alien OG nugs

Alien OG nugs aren’t always super dense but they are somewhat bulbous. The fat but airy cone-shaped buds are riddled with orange pistils that grow together in little tufts. Aside from the orange pistils, the hue is predominantly light green with some emerald accents.

As for aromatics, Alien OG is straightforward. The terpene profile is often heavy on the myrcene with some caryophyllene and limonene backing it up. This combination creates an earthy, lemon-crusted scent found in a lot of strains in the OG lineage. The zesty aroma translates into the taste on the inhale.

alien og strain
Early Alien OG cannabis plant in veg. Top down view. Photo: AYEHAB / Getty Images

Alien OG strain effects

The combination of spacey, heady Alien Kush and heavy, couch lock-inducing Tahoe OG creates a balance that still hits hard. These even strains are beloved by medical consumers looking to hit an equilibrium.

But while it can be used to find equilibrium, this strain hits people pretty hard. It can sometimes be too intense.

The effects are a little kooky and can be prominent in the head before settling into the body for that wicked combo of super chill and kind of silly. After consuming, many people feel a generalized euphoria with a case of the giggles.

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This is all complemented by a serious case of the munchies. Since it’s a heady strain it’s possible to feel paranoid, Alien OG has also been cited as inducing headache and dry eyes.

This is all well and good, but what do the people have to say? A quick Reddit search showed that people all over America are wondering about this hybrid strain on r/Trees. The verdict: it gets people pretty spacey.

alien og strain
Alien OG large cannabis plant fan leaf underside.

A Reddit user named everclearoil shared their review of the classic cannabis strain, “I left the remote in the fridge spent 20 minutes watching the TV guide forgot I was even looking for the remote…11/10 will try again.”

Comments on the thread resoundingly agree with the original poster. “I had a similar experience with Alien OG lmao. I watched a documentary on Fractals and it f***ed me up hardcore,” Reddit user atesch_010 said.

But not all of the comments were positive, some people find the Alien OG strain too intense, like tetched paradise who commented on that same thread:
“First time I ever smoked Alien og I wheeled around the block for 2 hours laughing at a play going on in my head, creating invisible force fields to block the high from getting more intense. not a fan of that kind of crazy high.”

The verdict

Alien OG is a classic hybrid strain beloved by connoisseurs from coast to coast. But no matter where it’s from, it seems to get people pretty lifted. The combination of that unmistakable OG Kush smell and flavor with the heavy-hitting high are what make this classic cannabis strain one to remember. For medical cannabis consumption or recreational use, Alien OG could be the right choice. However, based on those Reddit reviews, it’d be wise to take it easy with this one.

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