Millions of women suffer this mysterious ailment – weed may be the answer

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Women and orgasm is a taboo topic in our society. Even though up to 41 percent of women have issues reaching climax, “female orgasmic disorder (FOD)” is still largely misunderstood (and untreated). However, new research indicates cannabis may be the key to pleasure.

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Cannabis and orgasm: compelling data

An observational study recently published in the journal Sexual Medicine reveals how pot affects women’s sexual function. Researchers sent out questionnaires to over 1,000 women, although only 410 were deemed “complete and valid.” The survey included women with and without “orgasm difficulty,” with 52 percent reporting problems achieving orgasm in partnered sex. 

Of the women who struggled to climax, nearly three-quarters (72.8 percent) said that consuming cannabis before sex “increased orgasm frequency.” Around 71 percent reported cannabis made it easier to orgasm, while 67 percent said weed helped make orgasms more satisfying.

Respondents were also asked about their primary motivation for using cannabis. Around 63 percent said “relaxation,” while “sex” was only top of mind for about 10 percent of women. More than half preferred to smoke flower, but edibles and vaped oils were also popular. 

“This study’s findings support 50 years of speculation and research suggesting cannabis as a treatment for FOD,” the authors concluded. “Key results of improved orgasm frequency, ease, and satisfaction for women reporting FOD during partnered sex show the potential of cannabis becoming a recognized treatment.”

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Not a panacea, but a step in the right direction

Cannabis was not a silver bullet for all women surveyed. Approximately four percent of respondents reported “never having had an orgasm, even though they used cannabis before partnered sex.” Researchers did note that the findings may be limiting for those who have never experienced climax. Other groups who may be left out of the findings are women who rarely or never use cannabis prior to sex and women without female genitalia. 

Despite this, the research on cannabis for FOD is so compelling that certain states are considering making the ailment a qualifying condition for medical marijuana. Ohio lawmakers are currently debating FOD, while officials in Illinois, Connecticut, and New Mexico are also considering the addition. 

Final decisions are coming soon, but the discussions are a step in the right direction for women’s sexual health. Cannabis may not be a panacea in achieving orgasm, but the evidence indicates it’s worth a shot.


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