We put Puff Herbals hemp smoking blends to the test

herbal hemp smoking blends

At some point cannabis must have been a part of the encompassing flora. In the history of herbalism, few plants have been separated from their friends by stringent regulations and laws. But weed has.

People can find mullein, chamomile, and lavender in bulk at herb shops almost everywhere. Meanwhile, cannabis is only available in particular circumstances. Since legalization started storming the U.S., brands are reintroducing the plant to its old friends in herbal blends, and I want to try all of them.

Puff Herbals, founded by master herbalist Lian Bruno, is one such pioneer. In her second year of clinical herbalism apprenticeship, Bruno was working with a client who wanted to quit cigarettes. While reviewing case studies, she realized custom herbal hemp smoking blends could be tailored to individual client needs and cravings.

This is spot on. As a former smoker who quit cigarettes using lobelia spliffs, tobacco cigarette abatement was my first thought when trying Puff Herbals.

“Being a cannabis enthusiast, I was intrigued by the smokable properties of many of the herbs I was studying,” Bruno shared in a comment to GreenState. “I immediately started crafting blends at home right away, gathered feedback from friends, and refined recipes.

Puff Herbals launched with three unique blends: Signature, Sleepy, and Stimulating. The unique herbal mixtures are available solo and with hemp flower. They come in pre-rolled, filtered cigarette packs and loose-leaf blends for those who prefer to roll their own. Only a year after having that initial idea, the brand set up at a local herbalism conference only to watch a line of future customers grow out the door.

herbal hemp blends
Photo provided by Lian Bruno for Puff Herbals

This moment proved the concept, and Bruno has been spreading the word since. Recently, the brand spread the word to me, sending over the pre-roll suite to test them out. Here’s what happened.

I tried Puff Herbals Spliffs…

The diehard GreenState readers may remember that I tried smoking a few popular herbal blends and ended up with a pretty epic headache. That experience led me to feel a bit nervous about trying Puff Herbals, but I’m happy to report not a single headache was had.

Anyone pregnant, breastfeeding, or on medications should consult with their doctor before trying herbal supplements. Each blend features a unique set of intentionally sourced herbs in a well-rolled Spliff that doesn’t run when burned.

“We exclusively source organically-cultivated herbs for our smoking blends, and we purchase directly from small, North American herb farms whenever possible,” Bruno said. “With the volume of herbs that we need to make our smoking blends, we feel wildcrafting is not worth the potential risk of harm to native medicinal plant populations and have chosen not to source wildcrafted herbs for our products.”

Sleepy Spliffs contain hemp, mugwort, lavender, marshmallow, chamomile, catnip, skullcap, and passionflower: all herbs to relax the body and mind. The Signature Spliff is a hybrid with damiana, marshmallow, mullein, klip dagga petals, lemon balm, skullcap, wormwood, and wood betony. Lastly, the Stimulating Spliff keeps its promise with raspberry leaf, peppermint, holy basil, marshmallow, mullein, sage, skullcap, and gotu kola.

Honestly, I liked them all.

Don’t light a hemp and herb rollie with taste expectations of top-shelf weed. The flavor is more muddled with fewer terpenes than a pure joint experience but less harsh than a brand-name tobacco cigarette. They provide an excellent bite for those staving off a tobacco craving. For hemp lovers, Puff Herbals is a great way to add herbal love to the usual mix.

With the Stimulating Spliffs, the marshmallow and raspberry leaf flavors came through the brightest, but this may be due to my familiarity with inhaling these herbs compared to the others. As for effects, I feel clear-headed but not “high” per se, which is akin to my general hemp-smoking experience.

herbal hemp smoking blends
Photo provided by Lian Bruno for Puff Herbals

The Sleepy blend tastes strongly of catnip and mugwort with some passion flower shining through. Effects are certainly mellow, but don’t expect a knockout punch like with Mandarin Cookies strain or other THC-heavy weed. I experienced a notable relaxation, like a general clench in my brain released. After a few hits, the sweet chamomile starts to emerge for a pleasant floral flavor.

As for the Signature blend, expect a balancing effect and hemp-tastic flavor. Damiana comes through with a honeyed flavor, while marshmallow and wood betony balance it with earthier vibes. The blend left me with a clear head free of worry and care, similar to the other Spliff options.

Each of these Spliffs offers a personalized experience tailored to the time of day, and they deliver.

Puff Herbals reintroduces hemp to its herbal friends

Each Puff Herbals herbal hemp smoking blend offers a unique flavor and effect. Add in the hemp, and it’s a viable option for those seeking a traditional cigarette alternative. I can also imagine these products excite people who smoke herbal blends in rituals, tea drinkers seeking other ways to enjoy plants, or really anyone interested in herbalism.

Splitting the flora of the world up with regulations is sometimes necessary. Even though they’re both flowering plants, the effects of smoking weed are much different than the effects of lighting some chamomile. While hemp and chamomile are both plants, stringent regulations make sense.

However, that doesn’t stop herbalists and plant-minded people from imagining a world where all herbs were back together–psychoactive or not. Bruno wants to make this a reality with Puff Herbals through hemp Spliffs, loose leaf rolling mixes, and hemp-less versions called Cigs. The herbal hemp brand has what many people need. Now, they just need to find it.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.