Apple Fritter strain: a decadent weed dessert

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In the wide world of weed, the dessert family of strains dominates. The unmatched power of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) has inspired dozens of crosses on the market today. The Apple Fritter strain is one GSC descendant that is almost as popular as its ultra-famous grandparent.

First created by Lumpy’s Flowers, Apple Fritter is a cannabis strain known for its delightful flavor and heavy body high. With brilliantly frosty buds streaked with purple and green, it has bag appeal to boot. 

Curious about how the Apple Fritter strain came to be and how the tart and doughy treat cemented its place as dessert strain royalty? This deep dive will tell you all you need to know.

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apple fritter strain cannabis plant
The Apple Fritter strain is one sticky-sweet variety you’re sure to love. Photo: nathanphoto / Getty

Apple Fritter strain genetics

An indica-dominant hybrid, Apple Fritter (sometimes called Fritters strain) is a cross between Sour Apple and Animal Cookies. It tends to lean more on its Cookies lineage in terms of effects, but the rest of its ancestors also come into play through the distinct flavor.

Animal Cookies is a cross between GSC and Fire OG. The latter is a descendent of Hindu Kush, known for its powerfully stoney high. Animal Cookies is described as a hybrid, but it definitely has indica strain leanings.

Sour Apple, on the other hand, has Sour Diesel and Cinderella 99 as parents. Sour Diesel is considered a sativa strain, and is a cross between old-school favorites, Chemdawg and Super Skunk. Cinderella 99 is a descendent of Jack Herer, another epic sativa variety.

So while the Apple Fritter strain may seem balanced in terms of its genetics, the indica side is more prominent.

Terpene profile of Apple Fritter is a tangy treat

Reminiscent of a well-appointed bakery, the aroma of this potent cannabis variety is sweet yet tart, with a side of warm, baked bread. Serving major Granny Smith vibes with a side of cinnamon donut. 

The main terpenes in Apple Fritter are peppery caryophyllene, citrusy limonene, and evergreen pinene. While these three terps on their own may not scream Apple Fritters, the combination makes for a deliciously decadent treat.

Cracking a jar of Apple Fritter, you’re immediately struck with sour gas, followed immediately by a creamy candy one-two punch. Things reverse once a bowl or joint is lit—you get more of the buttery dough on the inhale, with a delightful tang and hints of cheese on the exhale. One hit is a literal flavor explosion.

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The bag appeal of Apple Fritter

Apple Fritter buds are almost too pretty to smoke. Dense and sugar-coated, the nugs are a brilliant bright green with flecks of purple throughout. At first glance, they may resemble emeralds and black diamonds in the jar. While not considered a purple weed strain, Apple Fritter is a runner-up for the list.

Once broken up, the buds are a multicolor vision of wonder. Sparkly from the trichomes, the rich violet tones pierce the eyes while hints of jade dance beside them. Apple Fritter is a feast for the senses, with bag appeal for days.

apple fritter strain buds
Apple Fritter strain buds typically have brilliant purple streaks. Photo: KatSnowden / Getty

Apple Fritter strain effects

For people seeking a relaxing yet happy high, Apple Fritter may be the strain to choose. It’s definitely more of a body buzz, offering a slight heaviness that will see you slip deeper and deeper into the couch cushions.

The initial toke hits you square behind the eyes, enveloping your entire self in a lovely, dream-like bliss. Apple Fritter is a rather potent variety and often tests over 30% THC.

The perfect after-dinner smoke, consider Apple Fritter a final course best enjoyed with a funny movie or podcast. The Diesel lineage means the strain won’t put you to sleep, but will help you ease into a nighttime chill.

Growing the Apple Fritter strain

Apple Fritter performs well both indoors and outdoors. These plants typically take 8-10 weeks to fully develop once in the flowering stage. It’s also quite the high yielder, and when done right, can result in a bountiful harvest.

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Other strains like Apple Fritter

If you enjoy Apple Fritter, you may wonder what other cannabis varieties are similar. Here are some great options:

  • GSC
  • Cherry Pie
  • Animal Cookies
  • Apple Tartz
  • Do-si-dos
  • Rainbow Runtz
  • Ice Cream Cake
  • Headband

Sometimes your favorite varieties aren’t available at the dispensary, but with so many cannabis options, you’re sure to find something similar.

Apple Fritter strain: your new favorite dessert

There’s no doubt that Cookies has made its mark on the cannabis scene in a big way. With dozens of descendants, the unmistakably doughy and dank strain shook up the genetics game for years to come.

Apple Fritter is one GSC grandchild that stands alone on the dessert tray. Marbled with tangy notes and a side of confectioner’s sugar, it’s a true treat. Just be sure to go low and slow with this indica-leaning hybrid—it’s a potent high best reserved for the pros.

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