Dispensary or Saks? New deals blur the line between weed and luxury

weed and luxury

There was a time when dispensary shopping was a sterile experience. Once people got through anywhere from one to three security checkpoints, they were greeted by brightly lit walls of mylar bags hanging from pegs and products locked behind glass cabinets.

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Canna-curious newcomers may feel nervous in those old-school weed shops and choose to forego trying weed rather than step inside. Thankfully, those days are behind us in many states.

Dispensaries are now investing in interior design and catering to the shopping experience. One of those is The Cannabist Company, a New York-based retail company that grows, processes and sells the plant in 15 states and U.S. territories.

The cannabis giant recently announced partnerships with Edie Parker Flower and Revelry, signaling a continued move toward boutique shopping experiences. Now, shelves are complete with an array of cannabis products alongside luxury accessories and gear.

“The decision to incorporate fashion-forward, non-cannabis products from partners like Flower by Edie Parker is a natural progression and our continued recognition of the evolving preferences and lifestyles of consumers,” The Cannabist Company president Jesse Channon shared with GreenState.

Edie Parker is fashion’s favorite weed brand with quirky cannabis accessories and on-trend handbags. The recent partnership with The Cannabist will bring the brand’s Best Buds pre-rolls, Petal Puffer vape, and edibles lines to six new state markets: Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, and Virginia. New edible lines from the fashion brand will be available in Illinois, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

weed and luxury
Photo provided by Edie Parker Flower and The Cannabist

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The pairing brings Edie Parker cannabis products to 15 total markets, and Cannabist stores will also stock more than just weed. Shop select handbags and accessories from the brand now, too. Edie Parker founder Bret Heyman is excited to work with the retail giant to bring products to more consumers.

“Together, I am confident that we will bridge the gap between culture, fashion, and cannabis in new ways for cannabis enthusiasts across the country,” Heyman said in a press release.

Edie Parker isn’t the only cannabis lifestyle brand teaming up with the multi-state operator. California-based Revelry also recently signed on. Revelry Supply has a more bohemian, utilitarian aesthetic with smell-proof, canvas bags, backpacks, and duffles; they also sell weed products as Revelry Herb Co.

Luxury smell-proof bags from Revelry Supply will now be available at Cannabist dispensaries. Meanwhile, grab Revelry Herb Co. flower and pre-rolls in Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York. The California-based brand is excited to launch on the other coast.

“The warm welcome from customers and retailers in New Jersey and Massachusetts has been very encouraging as we build momentum for our continued expansion in the region. We love that our brand and our passion for enhancing life’s experiences through cannabis is quickly resonating with customers here on the East Coast,” said Eric Hammond, president of Revelry, in a press release.

Channon added to this sentiment, “Offering products from brands like Edie Parker and Revelry helps to better cater to a broader range of interests and preferences, and it ultimately enhances the overall shopping experience and potentially attracts new customers.”

For years, dispensaries catered to one sect of people: cannabis enthusiasts. As the market has grown and medical markets turned over to adult use, dispensaries are widening the shopping experience. Weed shops that foster an environment where canna-curious seniors, moms, and CEOs feel comfortable will soar.

Cannabist is setting the stage with partnerships that turn weed shops into full-service boutiques. With fashion houses like Sundae School and jewelry lines like High on Plants it’s only natural that non-weed offerings become more commonplace at the pot shop. Dispensaries have long stocked glass art, bongs, and lighters, but purses and high-end smell-proof bags are a newer addition. With these moves, luxury shopping may finally be available from the retail cannabis experience.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.