These food-inspired cannabis accessories are far from half baked

food cannabis accessories

A delicious bowl can mean many things to many people. In the weed world, that often refers to a freshly packed bong or pipe loaded to the brim with fragrant, green weed. Lately, the accessories have been looking mighty appetizing.

Accessories as desirable as the foods they depict are trending up with everything from snack cake grinders to ceramic apple pipes–these weed accouterments could be packed or plated.

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Cannastyle Bakeshop Collection

food cannabis accessories
Photo provided by CannaStyle

Cannastyle is known for cute weed accessories. Tomorrow, the brand launches the Bakeshop Collection in preparation for 420 celebrations with layered cake dab rigs and classic butter stick pipes. Those who simply can’t wait to order a Cannastyle food piece can check out the Cheese Pipe, which is available now.

Edie Parker Lettuce Ashtray

Photo provided by Edie Parker

A list of whimsical cannabis accessories isn’t complete without a feature from Flower by Edie Parker. One of the more recently released food-centric designs is the Lettuce Ashtray. The piece is reminiscent of vintage lettuce dishware: cue the thrifters drooling. Those who don’t like vegetables needn’t worry. The release included a few melons and a hard-boiled egg ashtray, too.

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Fake Cakery Snack Cake Grinder


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Remember those chocolate snack cakes with the white loops of frosting over the top? Fake Cakery does, and they created a grinder in its image. The brand decorates aluminum grinders to look like, well, fake cakes. The Chocolate Loops Snack Cake Grinder has a UV-printed matte silicon design on top. But remember, don’t clean these with isopropyl alcohol. They require hand washing in warm water and soap.

Burner Babe Citrus Papers

Ok. These don’t look exactly like food, but fruits are printed on them. Burner Babe is known for sweet weed accessories, and the Citrus Papers follow suit. Brightly-colored grapefruits adorn the vegan papers. Each booklet contains 32 75 mm leaves printed with plant-based inks.

Summerland Fruit Fantasy


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Many pieces mentioned here are bright and campy, but the Summerland Fruit Fantasy offers something different. The ceramic apple-shaped pipe is created in the image of novel homemade apple pipes made from the actual fruit. Now, it’s available as a piece of art. It was launched in Charcoal and Dust, though light-colored dust has since sold out. Much like pipes made from actual apples, the top of the apple serves as the bowl with the carb and mouthpiece on the side.

TOAST Hamburger Grinder

Not into sweets? Reach for the Hamburger Grinder from the woman-owned smoke shop TOAST. This grinder is metal with a printed exterior that looks like the most delectable cartoon hamburger. The Hamburger only has two layers, and there’s no kief catcher, so find another option if that’s the goal.

Sackville & Co Chili Pepper Lighter


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Refillable lighters are so 2024. They’re more sustainable than one-time-use options, and the Sackville Chili Pepper is a spicy option. This lighter takes butane like any other Zippo or Clipper; it’s just cuter.

Hemper Chinese Takeout Bong

food cannabis accessories

Not quite food, but a food container– the Hemper Chinese Takeout Bong fits the bill. Buy the Bong or grab the box, which also has an assortment of papers, tips, a lighter, a glass bowl, a limited-edition takeout sticker, and more. The bong is a big clear takeout box with a mouthpiece disguised as a chopstick. Pack it up for later in this culinary glass piece.

Many cannabis edibles are delicious, and some strains, too. But what about the accouterment? Well, these brands proved that even the inedible portions of a cannabis ritual can have flavor. Sweet or savory, grinder or ashtray–we have you covered on weed accessories that look like food.

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