This women-led weed collab is serving rage, but making it fashion

high on plants fruit and flower weed collab rage earrings

Art, and particularly fashion, is a mood. Individual experiences shape a creator’s work, resonating with an audience moved to engage. For a new weed collab between accessories brand High on Plants and blogger, podcaster, and influencer Christina Wong, it all started with a breakup—and a bad one at that.

Wong was amid an emotional crisis. The founder of Fruit + Flower, which centers on the intersection of cannabis and culinary pursuits, was going through a particularly painful split with her significant other and was overcome with anguish and despair.

The content creator had been busy creating an XJ-13-infused cake fit for a Clever Root photo shoot when a visit from her estranged ex sent her into a spiral. Finding herself on the floor in a full-blown panic attack, she reached for her bong to quell her anxiety.

It was a moment that would generate more than just a buzz.

“I pulled myself up and took the biggest bong rip I could muster,” Wong recently shared. “As the calming haze melted over my body and mind, I realized that I get to choose how to react. I could allow my ex to ruin my whole day, or I could transmute my anger into something beautiful.”

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RAGE Cake x High on Plants

Wong returned to her kitchen and channeled her emotions into her decoration. The result? A viral “RAGE Cake” that featured black and white Jackson Pollack-esque splatters hiding a surprisingly vibrant layer underneath, revealed by imprints of—you guessed it—cannabis leaves.


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The display was a metaphor not just for the plant, but the power of art itself. Despite her desire to be destructive, Wong opted to be constructive, something she relayed in a Fruit + Flower Unfurled episode about the experience.

“I made a conscious choice—because of cannabis, and because I could chill the f*** out for one second instead of just reacting, I was able to push past my anger and channel it into something productive and creative and turn it into art for myself.”

And while Wong’s creation was an inspiring victory in the battle against her inner demons, the journey didn’t end there. It was one thing to bake a cake and tell a tale, but Wong wanted others to do the same.

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To commemorate her creative catharsis, she decided to contact Alice Moon and Caroline Murphy, creators of High on Plants. The cannabis-themed accessories line had piqued Wong’s interest as the next chapter in the RAGE Cake story.

“I love High On Plants’ mission of making jewelry and home goods that empower people, start conversations around cannabis, and help folks find their inner grooviness,” Wong told GreenState. “In my worst moments of rage, cannabis helped shift my mindset to create art instead of getting lost in anger. I hope these earrings will inspire and empower people to channel their strongest emotions into art and healing.” 

Moon and Murphy were instantly on board. The chance to immortalize such a moving and relatable moment was an obvious choice for the pair. Along with Wong, the group designed a limited edition line of white leather earrings featuring a blacklight-friendly neon splatter that drew instant attention online. Only 44 pairs of the earrings were made, driving a flurry of traffic to the High on Plants website.

“When we heard Christina’s story about how she channeled her rage from a breakup into a beautiful cake, we were so moved and inspired,” Moon said via email. “We were blown away by the results of this collaboration—not only are the colorful earrings beautiful for everyday wear, but under black light, they glow so bright, creating an earring full of duality.”

high on plants fruit and flower weed collab
Christina Wong models the High on Plants x Fruit and Flower RAGE earrings. Photo: Caroline Murphy

Cannabis shifted Wong’s perception in a fit of fury—it’s exactly the type of message High on Plants stands for. Weed doesn’t just get people high: it’s a catalyst for change. Donning the aptly named RAGE Earrings gives like-minded folks a chance to remind the world of this message.

Turning pain into passion

Splitting with a significant other is a jarring experience, no matter how you slice it. The question is: how do you overcome the anguish and move forward?

For Wong, a trip to the kitchen (along with a few tokes) reminded her that creativity is often a reflection of your emotional state—and a chance to turn something ugly into a work of art. Thanks to High on Plants, Wong’s creation can live on forever, adding an inspiring touch of weed flare to any outfit. 

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