Find out what role your zodiac sun sign plays at the sesh

zodiac as cannabis gear

The zodiac wheel is comforting. There are twelve houses and twelve signs. Everything has its place. This is much like a cannabis sesh. There’s a cornucopia of accessories regularly found in the weed tray. One may wonder how those two worlds stack up to each other, and just like the Zodiac wheel, every tool in the circle has its place.

There’s the hustling Capricorn, fierce Scorpio, and chill but stubborn Taurus. The energy of each can be slotted into the tools commonly used by cannabis aficionados. Here’s the role each sun sign would play at the sesh.

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Beaker bong

Efficient,heavy-hitting, straight to the point? Classic Aries sun traits. These same things can be said of a standard one to two-foot beaker bong. It has water to filter and cool the smoke, and the beaker shape makes the hit roll back up the tube so smoothly. This piece starts the party in no time flat, and that’s the Aries motto.


One-hitter / Chillum

A one-hitter is resilient and travel-ready, just like the spritely Sagittarius sun. Like the goofy centaurs, the one-hitter is versatile, coming in many shapes and designs.

The classic cigarette one-hitter may vibe with the low-profile crowd. While the flashier cannabis lovers may opt for a heady chillum from a local glass artist. There are options, baby! You’ll find the same if you ask a Sag what they’re up to do later tonight.


Heady dab rig

It’s a conversation starter, find it in the center of the room, and of course, it’s gorgeous. All of this could apply to a Leo sun and a heady dab rig. This is the perfect accessory to represent the sun sign most likely to stand out in a crowd.



These sun signs and cannabis accessories are hard workers, and sometimes, the gravity of their role can go unrecognized. The papers and dab tools get talked about but some overlook the power of a competent weed grinder.

It doesn’t matter if it is a workhorse like a Mendo Mulcher or a stylish Yew Yew grinder it’s probably doing its job well. And the same can often be said of a person born under a Capricorn sun.

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High-end stash box

Little compartments, locking away secrets, and often doing it in style? How could a high-end stash box not be Virgo? Similar to the earthy sun sign, there’s probably more than meets the eye with a cannabis stash box. There are often secret compartments, smell-proof chambers, and thoughtfully sized compartments–a Virgo dream.


Printed pre-roll cones

Too much work, and a Taurus may opt out. The pre-roll cone is the obvious choice as it’s both cute and simple. It can be printed with roses, mushroom patterns, bold colors, and more. For the comfy bull, the fact that the experience is aesthetic and only requires stuffing ground weed into a cone is a major bonus.


Gandalf pipe

Mysterious and a bit clunky, the Gandalf pipe matches well against the crabby Cancer sun sign. While the water sign has witchy tendencies, it also often embodies a whisper of a salty old man. The long, wizard-worthy Gandalf pipe expresses this unexpectedly palatable combination well.


Pencil sharpener vape

Groovy and comfy, a pencil sharpener vape like the classic Da Buddha or Vapor Brothers models could fit a Pisces vibe. This sign isn’t lazy, but they will probably have a comfy place where they enjoy settling in for a solid sesh. The desktop vape can hit hard and is the ideal side table accouterment in a cozy Piscean chill spot.



Is anyone surprised that a water sign is getting a torch? Don’t be. Scorpio is the honorary fire sign, as it is ruled by Mars. The thing about Scorpio is that they’re reliable and there for their friends in a heartbeat. They’ll also light the place on fire if given the appropriate environment.


Vintage vase bong

A statement piece that fits the carefully planned aesthetic is a must for Libra. Vintage vase bongs like My Bud Vase, Lucky Blow, and Bud & Rose are a goldmine for this sun sign that values turning a look.


Novelty pipe

There are few Geminis in the world that don’t value a giggle. Get them a pipe shaped like a hot dog or an eggplant bong. Gemini will have a hearty laugh every time they see it. Will they most likely smoke out of their preferred papers or bong? Yes. But they will also appreciate having a novelty pipe around when they need a pick-me-up.


Hemp wick

These individuals take their own road. Hemp wick is valuable at the sesh, but it’s a wild card. Aquarius is the same. Inhaling butane isn’t the best; having a hemp wick to light the bowl is better for the lungs.

Since the wick can be lit with matches or refillable lighters, it’s also more sustainable than torching bowls with a one-time-use lighter. With this sign often being the humanitarian that takes their own path, hemp wick sounds pretty Aquarian, to be honest.

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Of course, not every person aligns with just their sun sign archetypes. Those left scratching their heads should dive deeper and learn their full chart. It’s the only way to gauge the full scope of the zodiac.

In our years of experience smoking bowls and guessing sun signs, these cannabis tools match well with the members of the Zodiac. Aries is down for a good time, not a long time. And Pisces is going to get both comfy and sufficiently high. There’s a place for everybody and every piece of gear, too. Finding your role in the sesh is as easy as identifying what makes you valuable. Astrology can be good for that.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been studying astrology and metaphysics for over a decade. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.