What it could be like to sesh with these sun signs

Cannabis and astrology: Image of zodiac signs in circle over clouds.

A sesh is only as good as its participants, but how can you know for sure what someone will be like after you light up together? Bad news is that you can’t know until you try. Sun sign astrology is one fun tool that I use to gain insight into how someone walks in the world. And that tool always comes in handy when I’m sussing out a new smoking partner.

Let’s pair cannabis and astrology and take a look at what it might be like to pass the joint to each of the sun signs.


The Aries has a take-charge attitude but often relies on their counterpart to follow-through. Expect an Aries sun to get up immediately after the sesh with a great idea for an adventure– just don’t forget to ask for key details before you leave, like, “Will I need a jacket?” “Do we have enough food?” etc., because they’re probably too excited to remember that stuff.


It is likely a Taurus will set the perfect vibe for every sesh with music, beverage options, and snacks. This Venusian loves their creature comforts, and they’ll share them with anyone who has been granted access to their inner sanctum. But remember to watch the clock because time flies when you’re stoned and snuggly.


Get ready to laugh! Gemini suns are the linguists of the Zodiac, and nothing sets off a talker like a couple of pulls on the bong with friends. They’re intelligent clowns, so get ready to giggle while you learn about one of their interests. Don’t forget to speak up though, because you might have to fight to get a word in.


There will be a heartfelt conversation on the horizon. Cancer suns often can’t help but mother the ones that they love, so after sharing the vape, it’s possible you’ll enjoy a heart-to-heart over something home-baked.


We’ve got another comedian here, but Leo approaches humor a bit differently than Gemini. A sesh with Leo can quickly turn into a one-man-show as Leo loves the spotlight, but they aren’t looking for the banter that satiates a Gemini sun. Leo loves the attention humor brings, and could work for it if you make them.


Don’t roll your eyes, but they will probably start organizing something. We worked hard to not write the same trite descriptions of astrological tropes in this list, but when it comes to Virgo it just fits.


These little cuties will just go with the flow, if you lead the way they’ll go along for the ride. Don’t get me wrong, they may disagree, but they probably won’t tell you about it. Just be aware they may tell everyone else that they’ve ever met.


Have you been looking to do a deep dive on your ex’s new girlfriend? Want to pontificate on the nature of existence? A Scorpio would be down for either after passing the joint—or maybe both at the same time. This sun sign can often prefer deep conversations to small talk, so be ready to share some dark secrets, but it’s probable that they won’t share any in return.


Someone with their sun in Sagittarius may jump up for an adventure, much like Aries, but they’ll run an entire marathon and keep going. The adventurous philosopher will keep your mind active with playful conversation while leading you into a jungle, trust the journey but bring your phone in case you need to call for help.


Low-key the chillest sign, Capricorns will most likely make a snack and watch a fun show after a great sesh. This sun sign often follows a rigid separation of work and play, so when it’s time to play, they’re really going to relax. Just don’t say anything too stupid while you’re stoned, as Capricorns tend to be a little bit judgmental.


Ever wanted to pontificate on the existence of aliens or whether Avril Lavigne was replaced by a clone or how it’s possible that Santa Claus can get all the way around the world in one night? Then you should probably pass the bowl to your friend with an Aquarius sun. They’re silly but also very detached from emotions, so don’t get your feelings hurt.


Cannabis and Pisces are like peas and carrots. A Pisces lives life with stoned vibes, so smoking with them will be like frosting on their already sweet little personality. You may lay in soft grass watching clouds or throw pebbles in a lake while sharing french fries. A Pisces sun is almost always a great friend to smoke weed with.

These outcomes are based on my personal experience with these sun signs, and there is obviously room for error. But for the socially awkward, the simple knowledge of someone’s sun sign can be a guiding light in new social situations like smoking weed together.


Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been studying astrology and metaphysics for over a decade. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.