GreenState gift guide for the sophisticated stoner

sophisticated stoner gift guide

Need something for the cannabis consumer that has it all? The products in this gift guide scream top-shelf. From cutting-edge vaporizers to heady reading material, the sophisticated stoner will be pleasantly surprised by any of these wares.

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Storz & Bickel Venty Dry Herb Vaporizer

venty vaporizer sophisticated gift guide
The Venty is the latest device from cannabis icons Storz & Bickel Photo: Storz & Bickel

From the makers of the legendary Volcano desktop vaporizer, the Storz & Bickel Venty is a top-of-the-line portable device that’s dripping with class. Quick heat up time, adjustable air flow, and a sturdy build are a just a few of the benefits of this high-end consumption device. $449,

SOG Army Flower

sog army flower
SOG Army was a favorite at this year’s Hall of Flowers

The SOG Army booth was easily among the busiest at Hall of Flowers earlier this year, and for good reason. Their deliciously terpy bud and unique genetics are the epitome of exotic weedAvailable in California. Prices vary,

Dip Devices Rover Vaporizer

dip devices rover sophisticated gift guide
The Rover by Dip Devices is a true dab experience in the palm of your hand Photo: Dip Devices

Dip Devices makes dabbing accessible with their line of direct-to-concentrate gadgets, but the Rover takes things to the next level. Offering a full dab rig experience in a handheld package, the Rover will make even the biggest dabbers sweat. $79.99,

Kalya Extracts Ice Water Hash

kalya extracts
Kalya Extracts is one of the most awarded concentrates brands in California Photo: Kalya

Make your favorite dabber very happy with a gram or two of solventless concentrate from Bay Area favorites Kalya Extracts. The brand’s groundbreaking drops and impeccable quality has earned them the title of most decorated oil brand in the state. Available in California. Prices vary,

Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis by Ellen Holland

weed by ellen holland sophisticated gift guide
Weed is a must-have book for any cannabis fan

Ellen Holland is one of the best pot writers of our generation, and her first book, Weed: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Cannabis, is a love letter to the plant she (and so many others) hold so dear. Featuring stunning photography by Kristen Angelo and a foreword from Iron Chef alum Cat Cora, this definitive text belongs in every stoner’s home. $40,

A Golden State Flower and Live Rosin Vape

a golden state products
Products from A Golden State are almost too pretty to smoke

Cultivated with snowmelt from the mystical Mt. Shasta, the flower and oil from A Golden State just hits different. The nugs are flawless, their frosty coating conjuring images of the very mountain they’re born from. Available in California. Prices vary,

Flower Mill Grinder

flower mill
The Flower Mill recently won an Emjay Award for best consumer product Photo: Flower Mill

Flower Mill has become the go-to way to break up for the cannabis elite. The device mills weed instead of grinding (aka shredding), leaving trichomes intact with several screen sizes perfect for blunts to bowls. Starting at $39.99,

OOKA x seven9 Cannabis Hookah

OOKA x seven9 hookah
The OOKA is an intuitive cannabis hookah from the year 3000 Photo: OOKA

Offering a futuristic way to sesh, the OOKA has an automatic heating function that responds directly to whatever seven9 pod is placed inside. With multiple effects-based formulations, the OOKA x seven9 is perfect for any high occasion. Device starts at $349, pod pricing and availability varies,

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