It’s all wavy baby, Yew Yew releases new mini bong

Yew Yew mini bong

Aesthetic headshop Yew Yew released a new addition to the line today. The Wavy Bong sparks off a month of product drops from the brand. The Wavy Collection was inspired by the Wavy Pipe, a fan favorite equally beloved by founder Jenny Wichman.

At the brand’s inception, Wichman sought to create high-design pieces that combine the functionality of someone’s favorite pipe with the consideration they put into their personal aesthetic. Since the first collection dropped in 2015, Yew Yew has evolved the stackable geometric pipes, but remained steadfast to those core values.

Now the shop includes products ranging from a shapely colored glass bong to a reusable bag for routine cleaning. To Wichman, the Wavy Collection is a return to Yew Yew’s roots.

“I founded the brand when I was living near the beach and I was very much inspired by the waves of the ocean,” Wichman recollected in an email to GreenState. “That inspo spilled over to the wavy Yew Yew logo and then a wavy pipe. I loved that pipe so much and I wanted to create more items that wave and stack together.”

The Wavy Collection

The first drop in the collection is the Mini Wavy Bong, available for purchase today in five colorways. From the side, it’s shaped like the Yew Yew Sunset Bong, but from the front, it’s groovy like a ruffled potato chip. Unlike other mini bongs, Wichman hasn’t experienced any splashing water during product testing.

This is the first of three Wavy Collection drops from the brand over the next month.

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Yew Yew mini bong
Photo provided by Yew Yew Shop from PRISMATICS

Next week, on August 10th, three new extended grinder sizes go live in the shop. Now the divas can grind an eighth at a time, grab a grinder so small it fits in their palm, or opt for the in between.

Come August 24th, Yew Yew will release the Stacking Ashtray, promised to be multifunctional and dazzling. Despite the array of goodies to come, this first drop is close to Wichman’s heart.

“I’m most excited about the mini wavy bong! I hope this small bong will appeal to non-bong smokers,” Wichman explained. “Large bongs can be intimidating but the water filtration gives the smoothest hits. Bongs are the best and I hope this new piece will appeal to people who would never have considered a bong before.”

Designing Yew Yew

Yew Yew products are highly functional. While the design is thoughtful and beautiful, it’s also simple. Designing and manufacturing products with these qualities takes an intentional approach, and that’s exactly how Wichman maneuvers through research and development.

Yew Yew mini bong
Photo provided by Yew Yew Shop from PRISMATICS

When ideating a new product, the designer will start with her own weed kit, identifying what she likes about her own stuff and how it could be improved. After taking a look at the market, she sits down and sketches ideas with a pencil and paper. Then comes some rigorous prototyping before the process comes full circle back to Wichman.

“After I receive the samples, I like to sit with the product for a few weeks to test them out and see how they make me feel. Make revisions to the design, sample again, and repeat as many times as necessary. Some products only take one round of sampling, others take 5-6 rounds.”

As the month of Yew Yew commences, Wichman is already looking to the future and designing a rolling tray. But for consumers, the fun is just getting started with the newest aesthetic cannabis accessory: the Wavy Mini Bong.

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