Strains of the Zodiac: picking pot according to sun signs

Strains for sun signs

From the TikTok witches to ancient Mesopotamia, astrology has captured people’s fixation for centuries. It’s been a personal study topic of mine for over a decade. The divination practice accounts for the transits and locations of the planets as they relate to energetic influences around us.

For example, when it’s Mercury retrograde, communicating with others can feel gummy and technological projects can be finicky. And any EMT will attest that there are more calls with varying degrees of weirdness during a full moon than on other days in the moon cycle.

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When a person is born, astrologists map the precise locations of planets and asteroids against the zodiac constellations. The resulting birth chart assigns a zodiac sign to each planet, which is why some Hinge matches might say they have a Venus in Gemini. The signs bring the same energy to an individual’s persona that they do to the community experiencing a full moon.

In this system of personal astrology, the sun sign is the one most people know about themselves. There are some archetypes assigned alongside the zodiac signs as well. For example, Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are fire signs and Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio are ruled by water.

After consciously polling cannabis connoisseurs from most of the Zodiac wheel, I compiled this list to pair each sun sign with an ideal strain. To do this, I accounted for all of the annoying stuff attributed to each sign (like my Aries audacity) and paired it with a cannabis strain that might offset that energy. Read on to see what strain your sun sign needs for balance.


In my years as an astrology-loving cannabis enthusiast, I’ve consumed any and all media that combines the two, and one list still runs through my mind. The list recommended Green Crack for people with Aries sun placements–might as well throw gasoline on a fire.

Most people born while the sun was in Aries are gifted with the energy to start new things.

They go hard with wild abandon before completely burning out. This type of person would benefit from a heavier strain like Northern Lights or 9lb. Hammer. Just remember, Aries likes a little pizazz, so pick a fruiter indica rather than musky strains for maximum dopamine spike.


As a member of the finer things club, the Venusian Taurus sun will likely have the designer bud and bong to match. Those born with this sign are often the cutest curmudgeon that loves to nestle in and chill in their safe spaces. With that in mind, it would be best to match a Taurus with a pretty equal hybrid.

Too heavy, and they’ll end up locked to the couch. But too vibrant a strain could spiral the introspective bull to spin out a bit. Something right in the middle, or with the slightest stimulated vibe, like Blue Dream or Lemon Kush, could exalt the good Taurus traits while offsetting the less desirable ones.


These chaotic besties often need help finding balance. Though Gemini Suns can cosplay as a person who has their stuff together, many of them could use something to weigh them in reality. This is where weed can help.

Geminis, like their natural-born mates Aries, could relax more. Even if they’re rotting on the couch, their sharp minds are going a mile a minute. Grab a heavy indica like Khalifa Kush or Grape Ape for this crowd, and watch their shoulders slowly fall down from their ears.


My favorite brooding crabs thirst for the uplifting qualities of the ganja, and might not need any depressant strains. Many Cancerians are known for being deeply tapped into their emotions, even if they bottle them up until they explode. Heavier cannabis strains may cause someone with a Cancer sun to retreat further into their shell rather than explore the world around it.

Cancers should have an even-keel hybrid in their weed kit. Strains that unleash a creative euphoria are beloved by many born under this sun sign. Depending on the person, this could be anything on the sativa strains spectrum from Tangie to Durban Poison.


This sign is a natural-born leader who often plays the role of the queen bee, no matter their gender. As such, Leo can enjoy many different types of cannabis in various social settings and have a good time. They’re usually already vibing.

That said, respect that Leo is a fire sign, so they could snap at any minute. Avoid towing a taught line at the sesh, opt for a strain in the even-keel hybrid realm. But make it cute because Leo is also ruled by Venus, meaning they like the luxurious, delicious things in life.

Strains with tantalizing flavor profiles like Rainbow Runtz or unique phenos that are hard to come by, like White Truffle, would likely impress the Leo in the circle.


Blessings to all the Virgos holding everyone and themselves to standards so high they’re impossible to reach. It can’t be easy out there. That’s why Virgo may not need psychoactive cannabis products, and should probably opt for CBD strains.

Virgo is put together, focused, and great at perfecting the details–but this comes with a side of stress and constant self-assessment. This energy doesn’t need THC.

CBD strains can be a salve on rugged nerves, it just takes finding a trustworthy purveyor and matching the right ratio of CBD to THC to each person. Virgos would do well with a 1:1 ratio, meaning equal parts THC to CBD.

At this level, THC can still make someone feel looser and silly but the equivalent CBD quells nervousness and anxiety. Harlequin and Pennywise are noteworthy options to find at this ratio.


Much like Virgo, the balance-driven Libra is often most hard on themselves. These lovers of beauty and ethics are known for being the friend who brings the trip out of the group chat, but that effort and calculation can take a toll.

Because they’re so focused on perception and output, Libras could probably pass on the THC. Instead, they may enjoy the calming relaxation of a CBD-dominant strain. Something with far more CBD than THC would be a good option, like Fresh Squeezed or ACDC.


The dreamer rooted in realism, Scorpio tends to err on the side of brooding. Scorpio is a water sign, but it’s also ruled by Mars–a boiling combination. Even a Scorpio that’s deadpan on the outside is probably deep in an intense introspective train of thought on the inside.

Search dispensary menus for an indica-dominant hybrid with earthy, musky, or gassy aromatics. When cannabis has these smells, it probably contains terpinolene, myrcene, or related terpenes deemed responsible for taking the edge off.

Choosing indica-dominant but not full indica will deter the Scorpio’s natural urge to completely dissociate in their mind palace. Options like Girl Scout Cookies or Blue Cookies should work.


Brash, loud, and adventurous, Sagittarius suns are often the life of the party. They will lead the expedition, try the new route on the rock climb, and probably have a lot to say along the way. Being a Sag means always being “on,” which can get exhausting. Additionally, these sun signs probably don’t need more energy or euphoria.

Pick up something heavier for Sagittarius at the dispensary, like Granddaddy Purple or OG Kush. A person born into the Sag clan often enjoys earthier varieties over fruity terps, so opt for OGs and similar flavor profiles.


No matter what gender, Capricorn Suns are daddy. The Earth sign is a natural-born businessperson with a penchant for leading. They’re stoic, calculated, and not going to spend time on someone that may waste their time. Being a boss can get tiring, and even if they don’t run any business Capricorns are bossy.

Hook a Cap up with a relaxing strain that could force them to chill out a bit. It wouldn’t hurt to find an earthier profile either. Capricorn suns wouldn’t turn their noses up at Ice Cream Cake or Purple Kush, but God’s Gift or Garlic Breath may align better with the Cap aesthetic.


Sans weed, Aquarius is well-versed in the latest conspiracies, UFO sightings, and latest research. Unlike Virgo and Capricorn, though, they’re easy breezy about it. This combination of brilliance and frivolity may be a match for cannabis.

Most Aquarians are already feeling groovy without anything extra hitting their cannabinoid receptors. It’s possible an Aquarius is better off not high. But if they do choose to light up, it’s important to check-in. Make sure the plant isn’t fueling ideations that Aquarians are known and loved for because too much fuel can lead to a fire.


The final sign in the zodiac and a water sign, Pisces is a dreamy mystic attuned to the world. In this modern world, that can be draining. But still, Pisces is often receptive and kind. These little sweeties might want to avoid indica strains that could pull them deeper into their daydreamer side, opting for more uplifting and focused strains.

Because they thrive through their senses, Pisces will be delighted by a scrumptious flavor profile. Look for Hazes and maybe even Trainwreck hybrids that feature sparkling citrus notes and euphoric effects verging on psychedelic. Just remember to check in on Pisces to be sure they put the bong down. This little sprite enjoys experiencing life and sometimes takes things too far.

Whether you believe in astrology or not, these strains will likely do you right. Though much like the endocannabinoid system, a birth chart has a lot of nuances. While someone may have an Aries Sun, they could also have a Pisces Moon creating layers of energy that play out in unique patterns for each person. To truly find the right strain, try everything once and keep track of your favorites.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been studying astrology and metaphysics for over a decade. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.