Women are designing cannabis accessories. Enter: cute little things

Cute cannabis accessories: Various yellow cannabis accesories sit in flatlay.

There were many years when fashion-forward people who loved to smoke pot had to hold their grinder, papers, and accoutrement in make-up bags. They repurposed antique cigarette carousels and vintage tins to hold joints, and scoured thrift stores for reasonably priced crystal ashtrays. But legalization has brought innovation, including a more diverse offering of cute cannabis accessories. Unsurprisingly, the products designed by women are simply gorgeous.

Here are some eye-catching accessories that we’ve had our eyes on from women-owned boutiques.

Sackville & Co. Crystal Ball Pipe

Round glass pink pipe surrounded by other items.

The “Crystal Ball Pipe” comes in all of the Sackville & Co. colorways: Powerful, Vibrant, Bougie, and Grounded. Women-owned Sackville & Co. originally designed the “Crystal Ball Pipe” to be shared—a shining orb of smoke held with two hands meant to be passed around a circle of friends. Since the start of the pandemic shifted that plan, the product evolved into a handheld top-loading crystal ball featuring a side carb. The little guy rips, and it’s a delight to watch the smoke fill up and swirl around during a hit. The boutique also offers soft brushed gold grinders, pre-roll cones in fun colors, and apparel.

Sundae School Smokewear


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You may recognize the Sundae School Broccoli fleece after seeing legendary stoners Ilana Glazer, Pete Davidson, and Chris Klemens photographed in them. Sundae School is a Korean-born, California-grown brand that designs smokewear for the fashion-minded. Their pieces feature eccentric colorways, experimental cuts, and often little pockets for your stash. The Smokewear line is directed by Head of Fashion Gia Kim who has a unique eye and a solid team behind her bringing the vision to life. Sundae School also owns a cannabis brand famous for their mochi gummies which are available in flavors like Sour Yuzu and Milk Tea.

House of Puff Astor Hempwick Holder and Ashtray

Ceramic ashtray sits on marble counter, round hempwick holder rests on it.

By now, we all know that disposable lighters harm the environment. Some of us might have even switched to hempwick, but where do you put it? Well, you can wrap it right around the “Astor Hempwick Holder and Ashtray”. The hempwick holder nests into the middle of the ashtray. Hempwick wraps around and anchors through an easy to thread tiny hole in the side of the ceramic disc. Insider tip: the “Crystal Ball Pipe” from Sackville & Co. sits perfectly atop the ashtray and hempwich holder for a nifty little piece of decor that turns into a smoke sesh like a Millienial woman’s transformer toy. (It’s me—I’m that Millenial woman.)

Bud & Rose Vintage Glass Pieces

Blue glass bong sits in shadowed room with flowering cannabis plant in the top like a vase.

While most of the products listed are designed and manufactured before coming to market, Bud & Rose curates, upgrades, and designs vintage pieces into bongs, bubblers, and accessories. Bongs like the “lani”, “alix”, and “lady” work as water filtered smoking pipes and flower vases disguised on a side table interchangeably. Really, I had a knitting circle over, and they all thought the robin’s egg blue “jurd” displayed behind my couch was a sculpture. The carefully curated Bud & Rose online boutique also sells vintage ashtrays, antique pieces repurposed into nug jars, rolling trays and sets.

There are many design styles, and there are also many kinds of women. Not everyone will like every design, and not all women will design cute little things. But these women did, and for that, I think a lot of us are thankful.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.