GreenState cannabis rankings: best-selling brands in Michigan

best selling cannabis in michigan

One thing is certain about Michiganders: they love their weed. In fact, the Great Lakes State is the second biggest marijuana market in the country, just behind California. Michigan cannabis companies raked in $3 billion in 2023, and regulators are on track to distribute $87 million in tax revenue to communities across the state. With business booming, folks may wonder: what are the best-selling cannabis brands in Michigan?

GreenState analyzed dispensary menu and sales tracking data from Hoodie Analytics spanning January to October 2023 to find out which weed brands reign supreme in Michigan. From nationally distributed brands to local favorites, here are the top cannabis brands in the state by sales.

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Best-selling flower in Michigan – ProGro


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ProGro is a vertically integrated cannabis company that operates several dispensaries under the PureOptions name. The brand’s bud is wildly popular, with wholesale distribution to retailers throughout the state. ProGro offers popular strains like Wedding Cake and Zoap along with exotic weed such as Barbie Runtz and Lunar Lemon. Next time you’re in MI, you’ll definitely want to secure the bag.

2nd place – House of Dank

3rd place – Fluresh

Best-selling edibles in Michigan – Wyld


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One of the most visible gummy brands in the country, Wyld operates in nearly a dozen legal states (and even more with their hemp-derived line). The company is known for its elegant packaging, delicious flavors, and commitment to sustainability. With a dizzying amount of varieties, including minor cannabinoid blends, there’s a Wyld gummy for any occasion.

2nd place – Mkx

3rd place – Choice Labs

Best-selling pre-rolls in Michigan – Jeeter


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Jeeter has exploded on the weed scene over the last several years as the lifestyle brand floods the market with its premium pre-rolls and hip apparel. Michiganders are clearly hopping on the hype train; Jeeter was not only the top-selling pre-roll in the state last year but also the overall best-selling cannabis brand. From limited edition infused joints to straightforward dogwalkers, Jeeter has any type of consumer covered.

2nd place – Stiiizy

3rd place – Glorious Cannabis

Best-selling vapes in Michigan – Breeze Canna


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Whether you’re seeking a premium all-in-one vape or a straightforward 510 cart, Breeze Canna has the hardware for you. The company’s vibrant branding and wide selection of SKUs make it a top pick for Michigan consumers. Many of the products are flavor-specific rather than strain, but folks who want the straight weed can opt for the live resin line.

2nd place – Platinum Vape

3rd place – Stiiizy

Best-selling concentrates in Michigan – Cannalicious Labs


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Offering a terp-rich variety of wax, shatter, live resin, and more, Cannalicious Labs is a Michigan brand “grown in nature and rooted in science.” In addition to the dabs, the brand crafts RSO, gummies, and distillate drops, serving everyone from medical patients to the canna-curious. The 7-gram baller jars are especially intriguing, with strains such as Agent Orange and Afghani Snow creating quite the buzz.

2nd place – Crude Boys

3rd place – Element Extractions

The cannabis community may be laser-focused on California and New York, but Michigan is definitely one to watch. With massive sales and a loyal consumer base, the Great Lakes State has cemented its spot as a top player in the weed game. 


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