Two weed brands unite for good with $10k donation

weed brand charity partnership: image of hand holding a heart, cannabis flowers are pouring out of a jar

The cannabis industry was built through activism and advocacy. That’s why it’s no surprise many companies donate shares of their sales to charities. Most recently, two brands worked together to raise $10,000 for The Joy Bus, which feeds cancer patients in the Arizona Valley.

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Arizona-based Mint Cannabis Dispensary and accessories brand Blazy Susan partnered up to make the donation happen. Both companies pooled one dollar of every pre-roll sold at the weed shop in January. Last week, all parties attended a check presentation ceremony where proceeds were given directly to the nonprofit.

Photo provided by Mint Cannabis

“We’re so grateful for the support of the community as we work to increase the number of cancer patients we can support with freshly prepared meals and friendly encouragement,” said Joy Bus founder Jennifer Caraway in a press release. “Without the help from the community and companies like Mint Cannabis and Blazy Susan, we couldn’t do what we do. Their generous donation will help us to serve 700 meals to Valley cancer patients in the next month.”

Charitable donations for miles

Neither Mint nor Blazy Susan is new to charitable giving, both companies are significant benefactors. Blazy Susan donated proceeds from sales to breast cancer awareness last year. In fact, the accessories company chooses a worthy cause to receive a portion of it’s sales each month. Last year alone, Blazy Susan donated $100,000. This partnership is a charity match made in heaven.

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Despite supporting various causes, Blazy Susan CEO Will Breakel holds The Joy Bus and other cancer-focused efforts near to his heart, as his mother is a breast cancer survivor.

“This donation is an authentic reflection of our Blazy Susan brand, which stands for equality and empowerment, the very qualities The Joy Bus brings to cancer patients in their time of need,” Breakell said in the release.

Mint is no stranger to giving sales dollars to worthy causes. According to the dispensary, they have donated up to $3M to causes like cancer, Veteran services, ending homelessness, and more.

At the check presentation, the trio made plans to revisit the Joy Bus initiative quarterly. It’s probably not the last time a novelty check will be presented to the cancer charity.

“The cancer community is especially dear to us, which is why it’s such an honor to help provide relief to cancer patients who are courageously fighting this disease. We want them to know that they are not alone,” Mint CEO Eivan Shahara concluded.

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