Cherry Pie strain – half baked with full flavor

cherry pie strain

After years of loving a strain like Girl Scout Cookies, it’s always exciting to find one of the parent plants at the cannabis shop for the first time. This is precisely how I first tried the Cherry Pie strain, a Bay Area cultivar from the Cookies team.

Cherry Pie is a cross of Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple. It was first bred by Pie Guy before Jigga, head of genetics for Cookies, started cultivating the strain. The variety was a permanent fixture on San Francisco medical dispensary menus in the early ’00s. As someone who loves GDP, I’ve loved smoking Cherry Pie for a long time.

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cherry pie strain
Photo by HerbaConnect, edited in Canva by GreenState

Cherry Pie strain look and feel

Cherry Pie is a cannabis strain that grows rounder buds, rather than pine tree-shaped, in a gorgeous color. The bud structure of Cherry Pie is bulbous and nugs aren’t packed super dense, but not loose either.

When I’ve seen this strain the trichomes sparkled, but the standout trait is the hue. Cherry Pie features some light green with tinges of deep reddish purple that always reminds me of a maroon cherry pie filling. Trichomes are coated generously across the bud, making each nugget super sticky. This one may gum up even the nicest grinder and definitely made a lot of scissor hash in the trimming phase.

Investigating the smell and taste

Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant strain with a rich blackberry sweetness paired with a bright saffron. These notes combine with a minty aroma that I’ve only deciphered in a Durban Poison plant.

Test results of this fruit-forward variety often show memorable quantities of beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and limonene. Linalool, beta-pinene, and nerolidol are minor stars.

Eybna, an Israel-based botanical phytochemical research company, also credits ethyl isovalerate with the unique scent of Cherry Pie cannabis. The organic compound is an ester with a fruity odor, it’s often found in bilberry, strawberry, blueberry, and other fruiting vines.

Both famous parents are prominent in the unique aromatic profile of Cherry Pie. The star-studded parentage also contributes to the chill but memorable effects.

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Cherry Pie strain effects

When I smoke Cherry Pie, the effects begin in the ocular region and immediately take hold in the mind. Once I start feeling an actual sensation in my head, I discern an immense need to just let go. This is one of those strains I’d use for shadow work.

I experience some minor pain relief as the effects slowly loosen up the intricate muscles knitting my spine, but if I was having muscle spasms this wouldn’t be my first choice. The vibe is blissful relaxation.

Cherry Pie has me feeling uplifted and ready to take on the day no matter what that entails. For those who don’t smoke indicas for breakfast, this might be the perfect variety to unwind while watching cartoons.

This cannabis strain allows me to manage stress and anxiety with an alert mind for the first couple of hours after medicating. But buyer beware, as the bud begins to wear off and indica couch-lock can creep in. Get in front of those overwhelmingly lethargic feelings if a hardcore chill sesh isn’t in the cards.

cherry pie strain
Photo by Herba Connect, edited in Canva by GreenState

Cherry Pie FAQ

This classic cannabis strain has the qualities of an indica without the knockout. Let’s answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the fruity variety.

Does Cherry Pie strain make you hungry?

Indica-dominant hybrids like Cherry Pie can often make people hungry, inspiring cases of munchies. This can happen, but cannabis affects each person differently.

What does Cherry Pie cannabis taste like?

The Cherry Pie weed strain tastes like juicy berries with spiced musk and hints of mint. These flavors are reminiscent of the parent strains Durban Poison and Granddaddy Purple.

Is Cherry Pie an indica or sativa?

Many agree that Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid, some say it’s about 60 percent indica. Because of the endocannabinoid system, everyone feels their own unique effects from cannabis strains.

Does Cherry Pie strain make you sleepy?

Sleep isn’t the first side effect listed by people that have smoked Cherry Pie, but it can cause lethargy. This is especially true as the effects begin to wear off.

Cherry Pie is a cannabis strain from the early ’00s that helped set the Cookies empire off for success. As exotic weed and dessert strains continue to capture consumer attention everywhere, homage should be paid to the originals.

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