Blackberry Kush strain information: smell, effects, and grow tips

blackberry kush strain: image of fan leaves and blackberries

After years of budtending, some things stick with me. I can still eyeball weigh an eighth of weed 90 percent of the time. Also, when I see the acronym BBK, I think of the Blackberry Kush strain. Blackberry Kush was a house indica strain at the first dispensary I worked at and, in the time since, has preserved a space for itself in the heavy purple weed hall of fame.

Blackberry Kush is said to have been bred and popularized by Orgnkid, who also created strains like OGers and Cherry Bubba Kush. The lineage is indica strong with Blackberry and Afghani as parents, two relaxing strains known for growing dense, delicious buds. This review is based on my experience vaping and smoking Blackberry Kush grown by the Washington Bud Company– along with a lifetime of picking it up whenever it is stocked at the dispensary.

blackberry kush strain: blackberry background and cannabis cola

Blackberry Kush strain look, smell, and taste

Blackberry Kush grows beautifully purple with sweet, earthy aromas and a flavor to match. Nuggets of BBK will have dark purple notes, sometimes the entire flower is a purple hue. If it isn’t, then the leaf will likely be a dark, forest green. Blackberry Kush is a heavily crystallized strain, and the trichomes may make the green of the bud appear as a lighter hue. Little orange tufts of hair are clustered along the surface of this beautiful flower.

I’ve always loved the aromatics of Blackberry Kush because it perfectly marries a deep fruity sweetness with notes of navel orange and the tiniest bit of patchouli gifted by its Afghani parentage. It is straightforward based on its parent plants. Earthiness is the most prominent flavor to come through when I vaped BBK with the Healthy Hits Rogue. The flavor was rich like fresh soil with berry undertones.

The sweet flavor and smoke of this flower remain impressive even in a world of decadent dessert strains like Lava Cake and Grape Pie. As for effects, it’s an old-school vibe worth enjoying.

Effects of Blackberry Kush

A hit of Blackberry Kush means relaxation and loose muscles for me, and I’ve heard the same from others. Immediately after the rip, this classic indica strain took hold in the back of my mind before it slowly trickled down my spine. Each drip of effects released a little tension, bringing a loose awareness to my newly calmed neck and shoulder muscles. I, personally, love this weed for pain relief.

As the Blackberry Kush strain effects settled in, I enjoyed a mellow moment and reveled in chilled-out energy. This weed may help take energy levels down or at least mute them a bit. Think about that post-concert feeling when you go home with reverb vibrating around you in your quiet bedroom. Blackberry Kush is an ideal strain to dampen that keyed-up moment or others that resemble it.

This weed variety is a true indica well-known by weed connoisseurs since the early 2000s. Between the chill effects and stunning color, it’s no surprise that genetics are still around today.

Blackberry Kush strain grow guide

Older strains with staying power often achieve it thanks to the growing experience–BBK is no different. It is predictable, with a moderate yield when grown inside. The genetics are ideal for flipping grow rooms regularly from vegetative state to flower. This plant can put out good buds in a well-managed outdoor grow space without bad weather.

The Blackberry Kush strain flowers in seven to eight weeks and does well using the sea of green (SOG) cultivation method. Growing BBK is known to be moderately difficult. When successful, it will yield anywhere from 16 to 28 ounces per square meter, depending on the environment.

Blackberry kush strain: blackberries and cannabis plants

A timeless cannabis variety

Those in the know will always pick up BBK when they see it because these stabilized elder genetics carry something many hype strains don’t: memories. The sweet memories of Blackberry Kush mean I will never see the acronym BBK without thinking of it. For others, it may recall times of a great sesh or desired effects. This is a beloved weed strain decades after its heyday, and if I have anything to say about it, it will stay that way for a long time.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.