11 best stoner-approved cannabis stash boxes

cannabis stash boxes: People reach into a box with cannabis cannabis flowers and a five gold star graphic.

Weed storage is an often overlooked aspect of stoner gear, but it’s the foundation for freshness. Having the right cannabis stash box means keeping weed as lush as possible, but it also means having organized accessories and tools. Lastly, some boxes lock to keep kids, interested roommates, and any other unwanted parties out.

Save the locking, smell-proof weed bag for travel and grab a tabletop storage solution for home too. The world of cannabis stash boxes continues to grow, with various styles and systems flooding the scene. This list comprises the best of the best weed storage boxes.


This cannabis stash box stands alone in design. The LOKKBOXX features bell glass domes fixed in a maple wood base. Humidity is controlled by hidden channels connecting to a chamber with hydrobeads. Add some or remove to optimize humidity levels.

There are five bell glass eighth containers for flower, an edible, or a gram of ground flower. Each LOKBOXX also contains a hygrometer (which measures humidity), a grinder, a pollen crusher, glass markers, cleaning brushes, silicone bands, a magnifying card, charcoal filters, and a year-and-a-half supply of hydrobeads.

The LOKBOXX is truly one of a kind in it’s uncommon but chic design.

Sesh Case

Bring it back to the elementary school desk with the Sesh Case, which reminds the GreenState staff of the nostalgic Spacemaker 2000s pencil case. The owner was actually inspired by a bento box, which is clear looking at the perfectly-sized containers within.

cannabis stash box: Blue Sesh Case stash box on outdoor dining table.
Sesh Case open on outdoor dining table. Photo: GreenState / Canva

Each brightly-colored case contains a rolling tray, assorted sizes of weed jars, and a scooper for ground weed. The Sesh Case features a rotating lock, which keeps the top closed but not locked away from curious kids and teens. It’s super cute, but might not be the right choice for parents.

Snugbox stash box

Parents don’t need to fret, Snugbox is cute and locks. Luxe vegan leather with psychedelic femme prints grace the outside of each Snugbox. Inside, find a removable storage tray great for cartridges, small chargers, and single edibles.

cannabis stash box: Snugbox in Palm Springs colorway open on a bookshelf.
Photo of “Palm Springs” Snugbox by Frances F. Denny

Underneath the tray is a big space to put larger edible pouches, flower jars, and more. Need to lock something away and charge it? No problem, just charge the grommet in the back while the Snugbox is locked. Oh, and it’s smell-proof.

Snugbox not only locks, but offers luxury with a personality.

Full Stori

Functionality is front and center with the Full Stori, an aluminum storage case that can hold up to one and a half ounces. The food-safe, FDA-approved aluminum is meant to keep UV rays out. Once all the goods are out, the top of the container functions as a rolling tray.

The main vessel of the storage system has space for six aluminum bud jars and a larger area for papers, tips, and maybe a small grinder. Find aluminum tubes affixed inside the lid that are great for pre-rolls and ground buds.

Full Stori offers a metal weed stash box which is unique in the space.


Smellproof and sleek, Cubbi offers various sizes of cannabis stash boxes. Cubbi feels inspired by Scandinavian design, with a marriage of attractive design and planned functionality. The rich hardwood lid is also a rolling tray, and the inside is just as well-intentioned.

cannabis stash box: Cubbi storage solution opened to display contents.
Cubbi 2.0

The Cubbi stash box has an airtight flower container, a grinder holder, lighter storage, and a larger area for things like wax grams and edible packages. It is smell-proof but doesn’t lock. This would make a lovely addition to a styled shelf but might not be the best choice for parents.


cannabis stash box
4-Strain Cannador // Photo provided by Cannador

As one of the first nationally available luxury stash boxes, Cannador has made a name for itself in the weed world. The brand has multiple sizes of mahogany-lined containers that vary based on size and function. Some models come complete with drawers or nooks, others are suitable for two, four, six, eight, and nine strains. The box contains an airtight glass jar for the amount of strains it can hold, and each jar sits pretty in its own space.

Tulip Storage cannabis stash box

Modular, funky, uncommon: Tulip Storage stash boxes catch people’s attention. The padlock-style combination lock on the front is a bit nostalgic paired with vibrant matte colorways. Inside, there is space for up to four vape cartridges to be held upright, matching jar vessels for flower, a larger covered space for errant products or accessories, and two open spaces to hold jars. There’s a tube affixed to the inside of the lid for pre-rolled joints, an Honest Stashlight, or ground bud for easy rolling.

Tulip is a Gen Z-coded cool girl brand, for good reason. From the colorways to construction, Tulip is trendy and functional.


This is a classic cannabis stash box reminiscent of a cigar humidor. The locking box is made with walnut wood and features a rolling tray on the top. Each LOCK-R Box comes with three storage jars and a smaller removable rolling tray that fits perfectly inside.

cannabis stash boxes: Open RYOT LOCK-R Box on a burgundy background.

The LOCK-R Box is an old school triumph meant to be displayed around many leather-bound books.

Original Burl Humboldt Humidor

Speaking of old-school humidors, the durable mahogany Original Burl Humboldt Humidor might as well be displayed on Grandpa’s mantle with cigars inside. The thoughtful design features internal locking hinges to keep the lid tip-top, luxury finishes, and a humidity-reading hydrometer. Each humidor comes with 12 glass lids with bamboo jars.

Lovers of classic cigar culture will appreciate this cannabis stash box.

Hash Stash OG Stash Box

There’s a place for everything in the bamboo OG Stash Box from Hash Stash. Tuck edibles, some RSO packages, or munchies for later in the lid, and find all the other nooks and crannies for flower, rolling supplies, and more. Like most great weed kits, the OG Stash Box is designed to keep everything for the sesh in one place. And the combo lock on the front keeps it in the right hands.

Available in several cute colors (and black) with useful features, this stash box is worth a look.

Forti Goods

cannabis stash box

Looking for something a little more permanent? Consider FortiGoods lockable luxury furniture. The line of coffee tables, nightstands, and entertainers all meant to house things people want to keep under wraps (like a parent’s weed) is made with the most environmentally-friendly methods possible.

The brand sells drawer inserts and accessories built to organize cannabis products. Those ready to invest in a piece of high-tech furniture made from real wood should check out FortiGoods.

The best cannabis stash boxes

Stash boxes have come a long way in the decade since the first state legalized cannabis for adult use. Create the perfect weed kit that fits right into your interior design with a stash box tailored to you. This list has something for every style, from Scandinavian to Maximalist, Industrial to Farmhouse. Just look a little deeper at function, match the right style, and voila–the perfect weed storage solution.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.