GreenState gift guide: award-winning wares

award winning gift guide

For the cannabis consumer who seeks the creme de la creme, no look further. Every entry in this award-winning gift guide has taken home a trophy from the coveted Emerald Cup—meaning they’re the best California has to offer.

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Fig Farms Flower

fig farms flower award winning gift guide
Fig Farms has taken home top honors in indoor as well as Best in Show and Breeder’s Cup awards

Fig Farms is one of the most awarded flower brands in California, offering breathtaking phenos bred in-house. Their famed Blue Face strain took home Best in Show at the 2023 Emerald Cup, the first indoor bud to achieve the accolade. Available in Arizona, California, and Illinois. Prices vary,

Heritage Hash Co. Ice Water Hash

heritage hash co bubble hash award winning gift guide
Heritage Hash Co. works with top cultivators including Huckleberry Hill Farms Photo: Heritage Hash Co.

Mendocino darlings Heritage Hash Co. had three of the top five entries in this year’s solventless concentrates category. Their collab with Huckleberry Hill Farms took the grower’s iconic Whitethorn Rose strain to the next level, wowing judges with its unique terp profile and frosty wash. Available in California. Prices vary,

Sol Spirit Farm Flower

sol spirit farm flower award winning gift guide
Sol Spirit Farm is a Sun+Earth certified farm focused on regenerative practices

Offering exquisitely terpy flower that was cultivated with the utmost care for the planet, Sol Spirit Farm is renowned for their dedication to regenerative agriculture. The husband-and-wife duo took home top honors for third-party certified with their Element cultivar. Available in California. Prices vary,

Space Gem Gummies

space gem founder wendy baker
Humboldt-based Space Gem has been handcrafting ice water hash infused treats for a decade Photo: Space Gem

Fan-favorite Space Gem finally had its time to shine at this year’s Emerald Cup Awards, winning first place in the gummies category for Sour Spacedrops. These tasty treats use ice water hash, meaning they hit hard. Available in California. Prices vary,

Canna Country Farm Flower

canna countey farms flower
Canna Country Farms is known for their terp-rich bud and family values

For those that believe THC content is the only indicator of quality, you haven’t tried the flower from Canna Country Farms. Their #26 pheno is rich in the terpene ocimene, and despite being less than 20% THC, the strain has consistently taken first or second place honors in the Emerald Cup, Cannifest, and other contests. Available in California. Prices vary,

Arcata Fire Vape Carts

arcata fire carts award winning gift guide
Arcata Fire offers carts and all-in-one vapes that are smooth as silk Photo: Arcata Fire

The cartridge category has becoming increasingly crowded at the Emerald Cup, but Arcata Fire broke through the pack at this year’s awards. The brand won first place in both solventless and live resin, impressing judges with their versatility and flavor. Available in California. Prices vary,

Ridgeline Farms Flower

ridgeline lantz
Ridgeline Farms brings the heat with their coveted LANTZ strain Photo: Ridgeline Farms

Ridgeline Farms is a legacy operator best known for its Green Lantern and LANTZ varieties. The latter won first place in the mixed light category at the 2023 Emerald Cup, securing a partnership with Cookies along the way. Available in California. Prices vary,

Farmer and the Felon Flower

farmer and the felon
Farmer and the Felon is a perennial favorite at the Emerald Cup Awards Photo: Farmer and the Felon

With high-quality genetics and a social justice lens, Farmer and the Felon seeks to raise awareness of the 40,000 people still incarcerated for cannabis through its partnership with Last Prisoner Project. The brand won Best in Show at the 2022 Emerald Cup Awards for their popular Lemon Spongecake variety. Available in California. Prices vary,

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