Mike Tyson’s weed brand accused of selling moldy cannabis in California

mike tyson

This story first appeared on SFGate.com

The state of California issued a mandatory recall Tuesday for two products produced by Mike Tyson’s cannabis brand after the state found evidence that the products contained mold. The recalled products were sold at 20 stores across the state, including three in San Francisco.

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The two recalled products were cannabis flower products sold named “Toad” and “Tadpoles” and contained Aspergillus, a fungal mold found in cannabis, according to the Department of Cannabis Control’s recall notice. The agency is asking the public to dispose of the products and “contact your physician immediately” if you’re experiencing any symptoms or adverse reactions to the product.

Mold is a common problem in cannabis products and can pose serious health risks to cannabis users, especially people with weakened immune systems. Cannabis products in California are required to pass mold tests prior to sale. It’s not clear how these products passed safety testing if they contained a banned mold.

Tyson’s cannabis brand did not immediately return an SFGATE request for comment.

The legendary boxer has embraced cannabis in the past decade and credits the drug with helping him overcome a cocaine addiction. His Tyson 2.0 cannabis brand has become one of the more successful celebrity cannabis companies in California and he is now selling cannabis in several states across the country. Tyson’s brand sold over $40,000 worth of cannabis flower within a few hours when it debuted in New York earlier this year, according to the New York Times.