Black Runtz strain review: an out-of-this-world cannabis variety

black runtz strain in space

Sweet-tooth smokers have had it made over the last decade. Dough, candy, and fruity flavors have taken over the cannabis scene. And while the popular Runtz variety took this sugar rush to the extreme, its sister Black Runtz strain may be the perfect balance.

Black Runtz takes things down a notch, offering more citrus and berries than its famous relative. With a complex yet delicious flavor profile and buds that resemble black diamonds twinkling in the night sky, this cannabis strain is in a league all its own.

Curious about what illuminates the Black Runtz strain from the shadows of its superstar sister? The stars have aligned to reveal the answers.

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black runtz strain and stars
The Black Runtz strain is a deliciously potent gift from the stars. Photo: Canva and GreenState Team

Black Runtz strain genetics

Black Runtz is a cross between Zkittlez and Gelato. Big Boss Farms is credited with breeding the first Black Runtz strain. 

The strain has the same parents as traditional Runtz, but the phenotype differs. Just like human siblings, each individual plant child expresses in unique ways.

As far as ancestors go, Black Runtz’s family tree is composed of weed royalty. Heavy hitters like Mendocino Purps, OG Kush, and Skunk are just a few of the stars in the strain’s genetic lineage. With the fates aligned, Black Runtz was destined for greatness.

Black Runtz flavors and aroma

The Black Runtz weed strain is known for its delicate balance of sour and sweet. Notes of lemon and fresh berries cascade through your nostrils while hints of cream and herbaceous sage follow close behind.

While regular Runtz is known for its sugar-forward flavor, Black Runtz has a lemon twist that cuts through all else thanks to its high concentration of limonene. This terpene, along with caryophyllene and myrcene, is responsible for the unique scent and taste Black Runtz has.

Effects of Black Runtz

Black Runtz is an indica-dominant hybrid strain known for its calming, happy effects. The variety typically has high THC levels, ranging anywhere from 24 to 34 percent. One variety from Skunk Brothers on the Jane menu has over 37 percent.

Smoking Black Runtz is like enveloping yourself in a warm blanket, bringing on intense feelings of Zen. Expect to be quite content after just a few hits, and make sure your bed is close by, as you’ll likely be yearning for your pillows soon after you imbibe.

As one of the more potent strains out there, Black Runtz is ideal for more advanced cannabis consumers out there or people battling conditions like chronic pain. Folks who are new to smoking weed may want to tread lightly since overdoing it may lead to anxiety. 

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What it’s like to grow Black Runtz

The Black Runtz strain is fairly easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. The strain offers decent yields, with average flowering time between eight and ten weeks.

For people growing the Black Runtz variety from Blimburg Seeds, expect plants to get just shy of five feet tall. Yields could be upwards of 500 grams per plant if done right. If you’re looking for a quick turnaround, Black Runtz autoflower seeds are also available online. These plants take less work and are ready to harvest faster than traditional seeds.

black runtz strain plant
Expect bushy plants from Black Runtz seeds. Photo: Canva and GreenState Team

Strains like Black Runtz

If Black Runtz is not available at your local dispensary, there are a number of awesome alternatives:

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Frequently asked questions

Still curious about the Black Runtz strain? Here are a few more things you should know.

Is Black Runtz the same as Runtz?

While Black Runtz and Runtz have the same parents, they’re entirely different strains. This is due to how the geneticsare expressed in the individual plants. They’re sisters with their own unique characteristics, flavors, and effects.

Is Black Runtz indica or sativa?

Black Runtz is considered an indica-dominant strain, but technically it’s a hybrid. The typical characteristics of indica strains include short, bushy plants and relaxing effects. Knowing this, Black Runtz is definitely deserving of its indica title.

Is Black Runtz an exotic weed strain?

Black Runtz could be considered exotic, but it depends on how you look at it. If you define exotic weed as exceedingly potent and somewhat rare, then yes—Black Runtz is exotic. If you believe exotics are landrace strains local to certain regions, Black Runtz doesn’t qualify. 

Does Black Runtz make you sleepy?

The effects of Black Runtz can be sedative, so it’s definitely best before bedtime. However, every person reacts slightly differently to cannabis. The best way to find out if Black Runtz sends you off to dreamland is through trial and error. 

Black Runtz strain – a citrus-sweet gift from the cosmos

If Runtz is a candy-coated sugar rush, then Black Runtz is its subdued little sister. This weed strain is a cosmic delight without the overt buzz of its famous relative, offering a tart yet tasty flavor and strong effects.

Remember that Black Runtz can be especially powerful, coming on quickly like a shooting star. A couple of tokes may be all you need to reach a high that’s out of this world. 

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