Cookies and Cream strain – baking up bliss from scratch

Cookies and cream strain

The world of cannabis strains has gotten a lot sweeter, and much of that stems from the creation of Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). The Cookies and Cream strain, a daughter of GSC, is no exception. The balanced hybrid offers a complex nose and robust flavor profile followed by a mellow high. Simply put, it’s a great strain.

Cookies and Cream was created by Tacoma, Wash. breeder Exotic Genetix. The expert breeders have been crafting new cannabis strains since the state only had medical access. The variety is a cross of even hybrid Girl Scout Cookies and mostly indica Starfighter F2. This parentage results in a smooth hybrid with a refreshing terpene profile.

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Cookies and cream strain

Cookies and Cream: easy on the eyes and the nose

This cannabis strain sparkles with layers of trichomes. Cookies and Cream has a sweet, syrupy scent that translates into a flavor that rings of fresh baked goods.

Buds from this hybrid are light green with some deeper forest hues, though the thick trichomes almost alter the color. Cookies and Cream nugs are dense, growing in a pointed pine tree shape.

The first whiff of the Cookies and Cream strain is reminiscent of a sweet vanilla poached raspberry. With so many trichs, it’s not a surprise that this is a particularly funky variety of weed.

As for the flavor, think freshly baked cookies. The hybrid strain comes by this honestly as a child of GSC.

The thick smoke has a rich flavor. Maximize the terpene profile by vaping dry herb or dabbing this variety. No matter what consumption method you choose, a chill exuberance may follow.

How does the strain feel?

Smoking, vaping, or laser-ing the Cookies and Cream strain often leads to a relaxing, balanced high. For this review, we opted for Saints Cookies and Cream, which is available in the Washington state market.

Immediately after the inhale, there’s a euphoric flurry of mental activity, similar to GSC. This can feel intense, so start with smaller bowls before taking a big rip of this one to avoid anxiety or paranoia.

About ten minutes in, the effects may settle into the muscles, relaxing tense spots. The dry mouth kicks in around this point as well. The mind settles like the muscles, with lots of release behind the eyes.

The energy feels creative but not too focused, so make a plan before trying to toke with a goal. A sensitive smoker could get sleepy around an hour after consuming, so get to know this variety before consuming before activities.

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Cookies and cream strain

Growing the Cookies and Cream strain

Beginners and experts can cultivate Cookies and Cream indoors and outdoors. Expect around 17 ounces per plant. This hybrid thrives at around 70 degrees Fahrenheit with 40 to 50 percent humidity. The strain requires lots of light, so those growing outdoors may consider a greenhouse cultivation method to make up for cloudy days.

The final word

Cookies and Cream is a delightful hybrid made for indica strain lovers who require something a little lighter. Reach for this descendant of Girl Scout for a chill Sunday afternoon at home or a quiet night in. Whenever it’s in the bowl, Cookies and Cream brings the chill.

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