14 landrace strains with true OG status

landrace strains

Cannabis was originally a wild plant, growing like a weed in its natural environment. Seeds from these landrace strains traveled with nomadic tribes to new locations where the plant was coveted for its many benefits.

Landrace cannabis strains are full indica and sativa, the parents of any modern hybrid. The road-tracking hybrid strains back to their origins generally end at one of these cannabis plants.

Acapulco Gold, also known as Mexican Sativa

This is one of the most well-known pure sativa landrace strains. Acapulco Gold is from Mexico and is believed to have gained popularity in the States in the 1960s. It is well known for its potency and uplifting effects. It is said to have a sweet scent and woody flavor.

Afghani, also known as Afghan, Afghan Kush, or Afghanistan Weed

Choose Afghani, from the Hindu Kush mountain region, for a deeply relaxing experience. It is a parent to many prominent indicas like OG Kush and Blueberry. Afghani has a skunky patchouli aroma and flavor.

Colombian Gold, also known as Santa Marta Colombian Gold

This treasure was found in the Santa Marta mountains of Colombia before making its way to the States. The uplifting sativa from South America is beloved by those who seek a straightforward, focused effect. Colombian Gold is a parent to Skunk #1 with a similar flavor and aroma–skunky lemon.

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landrace strains

Durban Poison

When it comes to coveted sativa strains, Durban Poison often makes the list. Hailing from South Africa, the zesty lemon cannabis variety could be compared to a cup of coffee with a psychedelic twist.

Hawaiian Duckfoot

This landrace strain features leaves shaped longer with fronds close together, resembling a duck foot. The strain derives from Hawaii, where many say it grows best. Those lucky enough to find Hawaiian Duckfoot nugs can expect a wave of chill accompanied by giggly joy. The jar will smell like passion fruit and skunk with a taste to match.

Hindu Kush, also known as Hindi Kush

From the Hindu Kush mountainous region comes the Hindu Kush, an aptly named indica with hard-hitting effects. The earthy scents of pine and skunk come together in this nug that many say yields solid quantities of hash.

Jarilla Sinaloa, also known as Mexican Jarilla Sinaloa

Another of the coveted landrace sativa strains, Jarilla Sinaloa is indigenous to the Sinaloa region of Mexico. The high is described as energetic, motivated, and stimulating. The terpene profile is reminiscent of a bowl of citrus fruits.

Lamb’s bread, also known as Lamb’s breath or lambsbread

Many know this as reggae legend Bob Marley’s favorite cannabis strain. Lamb’s bread is thought to come from Jamaica, but the precise lineage isn’t clear. What is clear is the light green nugs with brown-orange pistils that it grows. Creative, energetic effects are prominent with this coveted cannabis landrace strain.

Maui Wowie landrace strain

Another of the original landrace strains from Hawaii, Maui Wowie boasts full sativa effects. Chunky, sticky buds are complemented by a sweet guava mango aroma. Lovers of luscious terpene profiles or generously uplifting effects should flock to this variety.

Mazar I Sharif, also known as Mazar

With roots in Central Asia, Mazar is royalty among landrace indica strains. Find this landrace variety growing in Northern Afghanistan. The aroma of Mazar is unique, with notes of tobacco and frankincense. It is beloved for promoting creative relaxation and can be found in some cannabis hybrids in the developing market.


This is an exceptionally rare Mexican sativa from, you guessed it, Oaxaca. It is rumored to grow spear-like bright green buds frosted with trichomes. The inspiring buzzing energy with a bright outlook caused by Oaxaca is compared to Durban Poison. Anyone who finds this strain should snatch it up as it is very hard to come by.

Panama Red, also known as Red Weed Strain

Originating in South America, Panama Red got its name from the bright red hairs growing all over its chunky green buds. Like most sativa plants it grows tall, but doesn’t test with the highest THC. Still, lovers of Panama Red celebrate the quick effects that some say verge on psychedelic.

Thai also known as Thai Stick or Thailand

Thai Stick is well known in cannabis circles, but don’t get this strain confused with Thai landrace strains. There’s a slew of strains originating in the region, but U.S. connoisseurs are most familiar with Thai Stick. The strain grows in long spears with a citrus aroma and is popular on the west coast.

Chocolate Thai

This is a sativa landrace strain once considered synonymous with Thai Stick. However, Chocolate Thai has unique characteristics and has been separated out as its own landrace genetic. The sativa will test with lower THC but has a novel nutty chocolate flavor that helps it stand out.

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landrace strains

Landrace strains, the last word

For thousands of years, cannabis plants have been minding their own business in their natural environments. It is only in the last century that humans concerned themselves with labeling cannabinoids, identifying terpenes, and determining the legality of everything in between.

While the cannabis industry can feel complicated and nuanced, focused on the latest hype strains and boasting “exotic” weed, coming back to where it all started can be a breath of fresh air. This list covers 14 of the most popular cannabis landrace strains from around the globe, a true journey back to the basics.

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