Hi Seltzer is a refreshing twist in the cannabis beverage scene

hi seltzer

Hi Seltzer represents a remarkable blend of expertise and innovation in the beverage industry. What started as a casual conversation among cannabis industry professionals has evolved into a leading name in the market. Starting with the well-received Hi Gummi’s, the brand pivoted to introduce Hi Seltzer, a product quickly gaining momentum as a top contender in the Delta-8-infused seltzer space.

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Launched by a team not shy of pushing boundaries, Hi Seltzer’s journey is marked by a commitment to quality and natural ingredients. Unlike other players in the market, Hi Seltzer stands out with its nano-emulsified, oil-free D8 formula, boasting a clean, calorie-free, carb-free, and sugar-free composition. The brand’s dedication to maintaining high standards, from ingredient sourcing to final product testing, is reflected in the consistent quality of each can.

Delta-8: a gentler approach to cannabis consumption?

Delta-8 THC is renowned for its milder, more manageable effects compared to the more intense Delta-9 THC. As someone who is generally looking for the most intense high possible, Delta-8 was not high on my radar despite gaining popularity for its balanced relaxation and subtle euphoria. Delta-8 is especially appealing for newcomers to cannabis or those who prefer a gentler experience. Its versatility extends to various consumption forms, including beverages like Hi Seltzer. 

Similarly, due to its legal status and hemp derivation, Delta-8 is accessible in many regions, allowing a much wider audience, 37 out of the lower 48 states. Users are advised to start with lower doses to ensure a comfortable and safe experience, aligning with Hi Seltzer’s commitment to responsible consumption.

Flavorful journey with Hi Seltzer

hi seltzer ingredients

Hi Seltzer’s palette of flavors has something for everyone, with the flavors tested listed below:

  • Lemon Lime: A perfect balance of bright lemon and a hint of bitter lime, creating a refreshing taste.
  • Wild Berry: The overall favorite, this flavor combines sweet berry notes with a touch of citrus, maintaining a delightful sweetness despite having zero sugar and calories.
  • Pineapple: A bold and aromatic pineapple experience, balancing seltzer bitterness with a lingering tropical essence.

The range also includes untried yet promising flavors like Real Cherry and Watermelon, adding to an already exciting lineup.

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User experience: a balanced high

From those just dipping their toes into the world of cannabis to seasoned aficionados, Hi Seltzer beverages provide a balanced and calming buzz. It’s this ability to ensure a pleasant experience, devoid of overpowering after-effects, that has even a power user like myself taking notice.

The brand’s commitment to a balanced high is more than just a product feature; it’s a testament to its understanding of the varied needs of its consumers. By providing an experience that is both enjoyable and manageable, Hi Seltzer has carved out a niche for itself. 

hi seltzer trio

Hi Seltzer: the verdict

In essence, Hi Seltzer mirrors the ethos of a brand that’s not just about beverages but about a lifestyle choice. With its diverse flavor range and the calming effects of Delta-8, Hi Seltzer offers a unique proposition in the medicated beverage space.

Whether it’s for a light evening unwind or a sugar-free, natural drink option, Hi Seltzer seems to have crafted a blend that resonates with a broad audience. As someone who has explored the cannabis-infused beverage landscape, Hi Seltzer is a brand that genuinely piques my interest and palate.

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