Find your dad’s weed vape personality

what to get dad for fathers day: A multi-ethnic group of middle-aged and senior men on an outdoor basketball court.

Shopping for Dad can be hard sometimes. From the dad who has everything to the one who makes it themselves, many kids are forced to sit and really think about what to get Pops for Father’s Day. When it comes to weed dads, the pool of gift options shallows. The father figure in need of a new device has a few options.

Picking out cannabis gear that people will love is an art form. It requires understanding their needs and wants and reflecting that onto the ultimate present. There are many pieces, vapes, devices, e-rigs, and more. Learn what dad likes and then consult this list to find the perfect piece to match the dad archetypes.

Utility Dad // POTV Lobo

what to get dad for fathers day: caucasian father and son sitting in canoe on riverbed

That dad who doesn’t necessarily need the top-of-the-line things but wants the most functional option possible–turn to the Lobo from Planet of the Vapes. This piece rips hard and works well. It is simple to control to customize the experience and works with precision. The Utility Dad will be thrilled to have a palm-sized vape that does the job without hassle.

Trendy Dad // Omura X1

what to get dad for fathers day: Intergenerational Bonding: Casual Moments of Happiness as Asian Man and Senior Father Connect Through Technology in Their Living Room.

Being the first to have the newest tech, latest fashions, and hippest car is a must for some fathers. For these dads, find a piece with cool bells and whistles that not everyone knows about. The Omura X1 fits the bill.

This vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand like a pebble, a pretty one. It also utilizes compostable tubes that are filled with cannabis, vaped, and then tossed. This process makes it easy to sesh on the go and takes regular cleaning down to the most minimal option possible.

Techie Dad // Puffco Peak

Shot of a father and son laughing in the lounge

One step beyond the Trendy Dad sits the Techie Dad. Not only does he want the newest iPhone, but he also wants to understand the most cutting-edge implementations of AI and outfit the house with smart technology. This dad will love opening up a Puffco Peak this year, an electronic dab rig sometimes touted as the most technologically advanced piece on the market.

Dabbing Dad // Dip Devices EVRI

The dabbing dads probably already have a favorite rig in their consumption lounges at home. They may not have less Utilitarian devices like a nectar collector or Proxy sherlock, though. The Dip Devices EVRI is a great nectar collector, it functions as a vape battery and pod, too. Papas who love their pot in extract form will be pleased to see an EVRI in their gift haul. Plus, each color is connected to a charity, so this Father’s Day gift would give back to more than just Dad.

Health Nut Dad // Six-pack of seltzer what to get dad for fathers day: senior and adult having fun walking in the park


Not every weed father smokes the stuff, don’t forget the pulmonary-health zaddies when shopping for weed. A six-pack of low-sugar THC seltzer could make Dad happy and get the party started. Fathers with adult children may enjoy cracking a BREZ cannabis mushroom drink or HiSeltzer THC bevvy open with their kids this year. Facilitate the fun and show up with some weed drinks.

Frugal Father // Yocan

Latino father and daughter sharing tender moment

Let’s be real, not everyone has $300 to spend on a Father’s Day gift. For the Frugal Father, consider the Yocan dry herb vape. At just $60, the piece is a heavy hitter with an LED screen that displays the temp down to the degree and an even-burning chamber. Dad doesn’t need to spend big bucks for optimal functionality, look no further than the Yocan Vape.

Jetsetting Pops // PAX Plus

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PAX has been around for a long time, surpassing its competition along the way. This was possible because the piece is highly functional and portable, unheard of when it was released.

The PAX Plus keeps with tradition, and it can be customized using their new feature. It burns herbs evenly, has a sleek design, and can travel almost anywhere–provided you keep the chamber wiped clean and THC-free. Whether dad is a frequent flier or road dog, the PAX Plus could be the perfect companion.

Sports Dad // Stundenglass

what to get dad for fathers day: Two caucasian men in their thirties are affectionally holding and looking at a newborn baby lovingly.

Between a frosty drink and a dipping chip, finding an extra hand while watching the big game is hard. This is why a Sports Dad who loves weed will enjoy the festival-ready Chest Mount from Stundenglass.

The luxury gravity hookah is cool enough on its own, but still, they released a chest mount. This iconic gear lets Dad wear the piece on his chest for hands-free toking before the buzzer.
Dad archetypes and cannabis gear

Buying a great gift requires knowing the person you’re shopping for. Those who tap into what someone wants will easily find out, but when it comes to weed devices, there’s a lot to choose from. These dad archetypes will love the coordinating gifts, provided they like weed.

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