Puffco Peak Pro review: the Rolls-Royce of e-rigs

Puffco Peak Pro Review

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Puffco is an incredible brand that’s been innovating for a while when talking about hemp and cannabis smoking experiences. The Peak Pro is an upgrade to their flagship device, taking the quintessential e-rig to the next level. From the wireless charging to the water and bubbler function, quick charging, and long-lasting battery, it is very difficult to top this luxury e-rig. If you are interested in knowing how it performs, its best features, cleaning, and overall experience, read the next Puffco Peak Pro review along with us.

Puffco Peak Pro Smart E-Rig

as of March 28, 2024 9:51 am

What is an Electronic Dab Rig?

Before diving into the Puffco Peak Pro Review, we’ll run you through the basics. An electronic dab rig, also known as an e-rig dab or simply e-rig, is a vaporizer that uses a heat source, whether it’s an electric, battery-powered, or even heating element that’s incorporated into its design. These devices make taking a dab simple and accessible.

Much like a traditional dab rig, this kind of device can be used to consume different types of cannabis or hemp-based concentrates. We are talking about extracts like wax, oil, shatter, budder, and even crumble, no matter if they are CBD, THC, or simply terpene juice.

How Do Electronic Dab Rigs Work?

This is pretty much the fun part of electronic dab rigs. Instead of using a butane torch or fuel-based heating method, e-rigs dab with a battery or electronic-based heating element.

As we mentioned above, these devices have a special design so they can handle the heat. While all e-rigs have their unique perks and characteristics, in general, they usually have a chamber to add the extract, a mouthpiece, and a way to control the temperature or turn it on.

Some e-rigs have LED screens, others have temp control to try different extracts. Others even have different modules so you can smoke them hookah-style or simply have a comfier or bong-like experience. One of our favorites is the Puffco Peak Pro, which we’ll review next.

Is Puffco Peak Pro the Best Electronic Dab Rig?

Even if it isn’t THE best dab rig out there, it definitely deserves to be listed among the list of some of the best electronic dab rigs. Or at least it is in our top-5 e-rigs list. Due to the mix of luxury, build, temp control, design, and overall experience, the Puffco Peak Pro is a definitive glow-up from its predecessor and a must if you want to jump into the hemp big leagues. So if you are interested in why we chose it as the best, you’ll have to read the Puffco Pro review down below.

Puffco Peak Pro Review

Let’s start with the Puffco Peak Pro review by checking the general overview of this behemoth of a device. With a sleek black and metal body, matte colors, and sturdy build, this e-rig has quality written all over the place. Standing at merely 7-inch tall, this e-rig presents a new standard in the hemp space with specs like adding wireless and USB-C charging, a 1700mAh battery, a carb cap by Oculus to make smoking easier, and even Bluetooth connectivity to keep tabs on your preferred temp and settings for the next session.

About the Brand

We need to talk about Puffco before moving with the review. This innovative brand started in 2013 with a mission to provide the best platform for extract consumption. And as a third party, we can say they have done it so far.

With high-end technology that adapts to the market and users’ needs and price range, they’ve made a new name in the smoking industry with high-level smoking devices that truly break the mold.

While we are currently in the Puffco Peak Pro review, if you are into concentrates and hemp-smoking tech, you must check out their other pipes and flower-dedicated vaporizers, like the Proxy, the original Peak, and super portable Plus.


Honestly, one of the best features of the Puffco Peak Pro is its design. First, let’s talk about the color story. Its matte black base with a silver top and the black chamber has luxury written all over it.

The glass mouthpiece and general glass chamber have a cone-like shape that circles the smoke perfectly so you can get your smoke at desired temp. And if you happen to get the Qi-charging base, while it might look a little bulkier at first, it is portable enough that you could take both to your next toking sessions.

Features & Benefits

Let’s go with the full specs and benefits. The Bluetooth app connectivity is a fun feature, as it can make your device a LED centerpiece with different color modes, but more importantly, it can adjust the temp and set it for each session.

The Puff Peak Pro has four pre-programmed settings that are fully adjustable, a large sealed ceramic chamber, double water capacity (in case you feel like using a bong), auto-sleep function, and you can record your preferred settings in the app for the next time you dab.


One of the reasons why we picked on the newest model of the Puffco Peak Pro is how easy it is to use. It’s as easy as loading the chamber, closing it up, double-clicking its button, and getting the hit after the buzz. Generally, it is even quicker to use and enjoy than most pipes or smoke ware you’ll find. And thanks to its magnetic click and high-quality odds and ends, you won’t find spillage around your e-rig.

Performance & Battery

While not as heavy as other e-rigs, the Peak Pro’s juice will last for a good while. This bad boy heats up in 30 seconds, so there is no need to wait for a delicious smoke. With USB-C and wireless Qi charging with up to 30 sessions per full charge, you won’t have to worry about charging mid-session, and a 1700 mAH battery will last for a while.


Continuing on one of the high peaks of this Puffco Peak Pro review, cleaning is simple and easy as it is to use it. You basically turn the device off, remove the glass, then soak it in isopropyl. You will want to remove the chamber and wipe it with isopropyl, along with any residue on the base. And that’s it! No complicated washing or chemicals, just make sure to use high-quality isopropyl and let the glass and chamber dry before reassembling again. You can also find more specifications in the product’s manual.

What’s Better: the Puffco Peak or Peak Pro?

While the Peak and Peak Pro share similar characteristics, the Pro version has a few more knickknacks, like a smartphone app, USB-C and wireless charging, that are more convenient in the long term. If you cannot splurge a few hundred more for the Pro version, you can get the job done with the regular one.

That said, the enhanced chamber, Bluetooth connectivity, and different charging methods do come in handy and feel like a better version rather than just an update. So if you can, save up a few hundred more and get the latter version.

Is Puffco Peak Pro Worth it?

Well, this depends on two things: your budget and overall experience. If you don’t plan on saving and spending on a dedicated extract vaporizer, you can even get a refillable cart device that will get the job done.

That said, here’s when the overall wanted experience comes in. The Puffco Peak Pro provides a seamless experience from end to end, with barely any maintenance or cleaning, and simply a personalized experience you can’t get elsewhere.

Even as a beginner, you probably won’t try home-smoking methods after giving the Peak Pro a try.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the Peak Pro is a luxury beast that will give you a seamless experience every single time. A thing we have highlighted through this Peak Pro review is the general luxury and high-quality build. The design is sleek and will fit most decorations, and the use, performance, and overall experience are one of the best around e-rigs.

With a fully customizable smoking experience, lots of features, customer service, and a carrying case, there are very few e-rigs that rival the Peak Pro. While it might seem expensive at first sight, each cent really gives you one of the most streamlined processes when talking about extracts.

Puffco Peak Pro Reviews: Frequently Asked Questions

Before we finish this Peak Pro review, here are some of the frequently asked questions on this luxury-quality e-rig.

How long does the Peak Pro battery last?

On average, the Peak Pro’s battery will last 30 sessions. However, with its USB-C fast charging port, the device should charge in 2 hours.

Can you put kief in Puffco Peak?

We generally don’t recommend putting kief in the Puffco Peak, as kief still has biomass and won’t burn as evenly as other concentrates. If you want to smoke concentrate-soaked flowers, kief, or moonrocks, you might want to look for another Puffco model instead.

Can you smoke flower in Puffco Peak?

Sadly, no. You cannot smoke flowers from the Puffco Peak Pro as it is a dedicated vaporizer for concentrates and extracts.

Does the Puffco Peak Pro need water?

No, you don’t really need any water to try the Puffco Peak Pro. You can add water to it to make it function as a bubbler without any problem, but it works as a dry dabber as well.

What temp should Puffco Peak be for live resin?

If you want to try live resin with the Peak Pro, you’ll want to stay in the lowest setting. This way, you’ll get the full flavor of the terpenes in your hit.

What is the best Peak Pro temp for rosin?

According to its manual, the best temp is the “Low” or “Cyan” coloring in the temp setting. This setting goes as low as 490°F, which is best if you want strong flavor. Anything above this might burn your rosin or make it lose flavor.

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