Bong or baby carrier? This cannabis contraption keeps you guessing

Bearded Larry wears Stundenglass Chest Mount in plaza

It’s April Fool’s Day, which means many are on high alert for tricks, pranks, and jokesters. This year in weed, the OG Cannabis Cafe is teasing magic mushroom mac and cheese, while Stündenglass has its own ruse brewing.

The one-of-a-kind cannabis device company released a comedic infomercial today showcasing their hilarious product: the Stündenglass Chest Mount. This wearable weed accessory features a full vest with a plastic chest mount. Attached to the mount? A full Stündenglass Gravity Infuser with rotation space.

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Bearded Larry wears his Stundenglass chest mount at the laundermat
Photo provided by Stundenglass

Stundenglass Chest Mount x Bearded Larry

While the infomercial featuring influencer Bearded Larry is a silly joke, the Chest Mount is real—as is the toll-free number on the screen. Anyone interested in getting one can call for a surprise discount. But looking at something as outrageous as babywearing a Stündenglass, one has to wonder how something like this came to be.

“I needed capital to get (the first) Stündenglass mass-produced, so I had to figure out how to promote it on a low budget,” Stündenglass inventor and founder Tracey Huston shared with GreenState. “I designed it to mount on a wall, and SXSW in Austin was happening at the time. I hitched it up using carabiners to a backpack, packed it with 0% nicotine oil and an e-hookah bowl, and walked around blowing smoke from it to garner attention. The experiment was a success.”

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The tabletop version launched to great fanfare and could be mounted to the wall, but the baby-wearing chest mount was shelved. However, it was soon unearthed for its next adventure. Nomadic reggae lover Bearded Larry travels the festival circuit making content and smoking herb, often bringing his favorite way to blaze. Eventually, the brand got him a Chest Mount to operate hands-free while filming.

As he traveled the world showcasing the Chest Mount, Bearded Larry went viral; and so did the contraption. To ride the momentum of the moment, it made sense to team up with the brand for some more fun. GreenState caught up with the cannabis content creator, who shared more about the April Fool’s stunt.

“It’s been an incredible journey with my prototype Stündenglass Chest Mount across the country,” said Bearded Larry. “I can’t wait for others to enjoy it. The idea behind the infomercial was a team effort. We wanted to highlight all the real things that you could realistically do with it, but it’s obviously very ridiculous to take it to all these places.”

Hand-free bong rips anywhere

While he has a point, it’s not entirely ridiculous to bring the Chest Mount on a park hang or train for a backpacking trip with the Stündenglass rather than a weighted pack. Somehow, this iconic piece is equal parts highly functional and impractical, making it the perfect cannabis accessory to showcase on the day of jokers.

Those interested in getting their own can watch the infomercial for the deal-unlocking toll-free number, and those who don’t want one can still tune in for a giggle. This April Fool’s joke is earnest and at no one’s expense, making it a win out of the gate.

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