Puffco Peak vs. Proxy vs. Plus Pen


Puffco remains on the list of brands to watch as other cannabis technology brands grow around it. The consumption technology company launched with the original Puffco Peak. That concentrates-only water-filtered vape shifted how people view dabbing. I’ve been familiar with the brand since its launch, but as someone who has long preferred consuming flower over concentrates, never felt like taking the jump into the Puffco world.

That all changed with the introduction of the Proxy, a Sherlock-style concentrate vape. While using it, it makes me feel like I’m wearing a heavy-knit sweater and writing a great American novel. I love using this thing, and so I endeavored to see what the fuss was about with the entire product line.

Now that I have spent some time using the Peak Pro, Proxy, and the new Plus Pen with concentrates varying from batter to diamonds, it’s time to share what I’ve learned.

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Model enjoys the Puffco Proxy. Photo provided by Puffco

Summiting the Peak Pro

This part of the Puffco family is a water-filtered tabletop vape that looks like the peak of a robot mountain. There are four settings and party mode, with customizable settings available in the app. Concentrates go into the removable ceramic 3D chamber outfitted with a silicone and borosilicate glass lid.

The Peak Pro proved easy to use and effectively vaped every extract I threw at it, or dropped into it, rather. The dry crumble, soupy diamonds, and goopy batter seamlessly melted into a terpene-rich vapor that I really enjoyed. When I wanted to go for it, party mode was my best friend.

Overall, this is an exceptional choice for anyone who appreciates extracts and would be suitable for a beginner.

Pondering with the Proxy

The Puffco Proxy is a moment. This handheld pipe-style wax vape comes in the brand standard black, a new lavender colorway Bloom, and warm taupe Desert. I thoroughly enjoyed working this piece into my cannabis rituals. From being the perfect size to puff while I write, to the way it fits so effortlessly in my hand, the Proxy added to whatever vibe I was working with.

This piece has a 3D chamber with the same heat settings as the Peak and Peak Pro, but I played around a bit more with these. For the Blueberry Pie batter, the second heat setting worked best, but Green, the second heat setting, was still my main squeeze for crumble and diamonds. My main concern with the Proxy was that it might produce a hotter, and thus harsher, vapor. I was pleasantly surprised that each hit was enjoyable.

As someone who is always seeking to make my surroundings as cozy as a drawing of an anthropomorphized animal, the Proxy is sensational. I use the case it came in as my extract home base, outfitted with tools and cleaning supplies.

Everyone who consumes concentrates would have fun hitting the Proxy. Take it from this recent convert who, for almost a decade, opted for a standard one-foot beaker bong. Now, it might be my favorite piece in my extensive collection of cannabis consumption tech.

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The Puffco Plus Pen. Photo provided by Puffco.

Adding in the Plus Pen

The reason this whole piece came together was because of the introduction of the Puffco Plus, a highly portable refillable extract vape. When I was budtending in 2015 there were wax chambers for those 510-threaded battery wands available in the accessories section. They worked pretty well but were very hard to clean and got busted pretty quickly. That’s why I was excited when I heard that Puffco would be re-launching a new product in this category. Enter The Plus Pen.

The Plus Pen tagline is “Do a lot with a little,” and I’d agree that they deliver in this regard. A little dab’ll do ya with this vape pen, though there’s room for improvement. I enjoy using the piece and think it’s an excellent addition to my small arsenal of discreet consumption methods, but getting the chamber fully clean feels somewhat impossible.

My other note would be on the distribution tool, which is handily placed in the mouthpiece. Scoop the extract with the tip, screw the piece into the chamber, activate the preferred heating mode (there are three on this one), and then push the mouthpiece in when hitting. It could be a user error, but I rarely got all of the extracts off the tool when using it. Luckily, this complaint is wholly solved by the Puffco Hot Knife.

Despite my notes, I enjoy using the Plus Pen and will appreciate it on my travels and nights out. Hopefully, the introduction of this pen will inspire more tech advancements in products like it.

Puffco accessories are key

Each of these pieces of extract consumption technology stands on its own, but they also perform exceptionally when used with Puffco accessories. The Hot Knife is, first and foremost, the MVP of these products.

The Hot Knife is a small pen outfitted with a ceramic tip that heats with the press of a button. This little unsuspecting tool is a powerhouse when it comes to loading the chamber, especially with the Plus Pen. Grab a Hot Knife in Black, White, Desert, and Bloom.

There are also some accessories I’ve yet to try, though I’m sure I’ll be using them soon. The Joystick attachment for the Proxy or Peak Pro gives carb cap energy, boasting bigger clouds and more airflow. Those who desire even grander clouds can grab a Peak Pro XL 3D chamber.

The accessories don’t just cover function, they also cater to style. Outfit a Peak Pro with blue, black, or purple glass–or change it out for the water-locking travel glass. For a fancy touch, the Glass 2.0 brings an oceanic swirl to the design. As for the Proxy, go full Wizard or a bit heady with the Droplet bubbler. There’s kind of something for everyone.

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The Hot Knife in action. Photo provided by Puffco.

The final verdict

It’s official: this flower fan has been converted by the ease and efficiency of the Puffco suite. I mean, I’m still going to consume both, but for the first time since becoming a cannabis patient in 2007, I am working extracts into my routine.

I learned that it’s now also essential to work regular cleaning into the routine. Like, after every single use. If the chamber isn’t swept with an alcohol-soaked Q-tip, it will get goopy and unmanageable. But we can talk about Q-tip waste another time.

As for which one is better, they each have their moment to shine. The Peak Pro and Proxy offer the clearest flavor, especially when the Proxy has the Droplet accessory.

The Plus Pen is where it’s at for a discreet puff that delivers. I just really recommend pairing it with a Hot Knife or similar technology.

Puffco products like the Peak Pro, Proxy, and Plus Pen serve consumers on both sides of the spectrum. The excellent performance and flavor-forward results hook a connoisseur instantly, and the way they make a formerly complex process (dabbing) simple makes them a coup for wax beginners. As for me, it looks like my Yew Yew mini bong will get some rest this year.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.