I sipped from four cannabis vapor cup devices, here’s my thoughts

vape cup devices

Certain cannabis tech products take consumers by storm. Devices where the vapor is sipped from a cup are springing wells of interest as of late. The buzz is much like when the iconic Puffco Peak first entered the scene. Perhaps this could be credited to great influencer marketing by Zenco, but by Halloween 2022, everyone was interested in the cauldron vape.

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This tech is so intriguing that there are now four notable options to choose from—and we tried them all out. As for what they have in common, there are a few things. Each operates in the same fashion. These pieces each use a motor to fill a cup with vapor. The cups then pop off to be served up or handed around for a sesh. Sharing in a group? Pop a straw into the large chamber and avoid sharing as many germs.

Now, for the negatives. Every single one of these pieces has a pretty loud motor. There’s no hiding that the cup is filling. Secondly, when using a vape pen, each makes the mouthpiece sticky as it runs. Don’t expect to switch seamlessly from a tabletop cup to a pen without cleaning up first.

Now that we’ve called out the differences, let’s take a gander at how each of these four sipper cup vapes stands out.

All-around all-star
Zenco Uno

Zenco was established in 2022 with the introduction of what is most likely the first sipper cup vape on the market. The base has flying saucer energy. It comes in wood and black with the Uno and additional green and gray colorways with the Duo.

vapor cup devices
Photo provided by Zenco

The Uno is one of three glass cup options for the vape device. There are also artist collaborations featuring elaborate glasswork. You can also opt for the Flow glass chamber, which filters vapor through water. The experience is most definitely more smooth than its dry counterpart.

File through four heat settings coordinated with LED colors using the touch-activated button. Activate and click through three temperature settings before it’s time to vape. At that point, there are two options: auto-fill the cup with two taps or hold your finger on the button and fill the desired amount.

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The piece is compatible with a 510-threaded vape cart, flower, or concentrate chamber. Though all methods function well, I am most enamored with the vape cartridge. Hitting a pen never really does it for me, but Zenco pieces deliver thick, flavorful, effective vapor from a cartridge.

As for cleaning, it’s pretty simple. Wipe the chamber with an ISO-soaked Q-tip regularly to avoid buildup. As for the glass, it’s listed as dishwasher safe, however with wax it might be best to soak in hot salt water before washing.

Zenco Uno, Duo, or Flow: it’s all good. This is the ultimate vapor-sipping unit in functionality, style, and maintenance.

Most intuitive
Omegatron Tronian

Image provided by TVape

With a name like Tronian from the brand Omegatron, it’s no surprise this is by far the largest piece on the list. It’s simple in operation but a solid choice for someone who wants a functional vapor sipper.

The beaker-like glass piece isn’t the only component of the Tronian that sets it apart from the pack. It is simple to figure out in a world where much cannabis tech requires us to learn a series of vape morse codes. Not this one, though.

The Tronian is turned on and off by a clearly labeled switch on the bottom. The button to toggle through four voltages sits next to that switch. After coordinating settings, push down on the glass to fill the cup to your liking, pull it off the unit, and sip. It is the perfect piece for someone who wants a simple, intuitive operation.

This piece works with 510-threaded vape cartridges or the Omegatron chamber, both will fill your cup–literally and figuratively.

Best little guy
O.Pen Sesh

The Sesh is the most portable, and it takes vape carts or concentrates. This tabletop vape is created by a longtime vape cart brand O.pen. It’s exceptionally light and stands about four to five inches high, easy to throw in a bag or tuck into a bookshelf.

vapor cup devices
Photo provided by O.pen

Like many, this piece works through a series of button clicks. Activate with five, switch through temperatures, and either hold down to fill by touch or double-click and let it autofill before clicking again to turn it off.

The device shines for its small size and lightweight, creating drinkable wax vapor wherever you’d like. Choose the Sesh and get a little guy that does the job.

Best filtration
Pulsar Sipper

The Pulsar Sipper introduces water to the vape cup equation. Zenco has a comparable water glass cup called Flow, which, like the Sipper, requires you to pull the vapor through the water, cooling more effectively. Ironically, the vapor isn’t sipped from this one as much as the others.

Like the others, the Sipper is controlled by one button with various rapid clicks. Once the tabletop vape is activated and the voltage is selected from the four options, double-click the button to auto-fill the piece. Then, pop the cup off and pass it around.

Unlike the other sipping cup vapes with one-unit chambers, the Sipper keeps the vapor in the lava lamp vessel as it’s passed around. That said, it does offer more of a “pass the bong” feeling than the cocktail-sipping moment of the other options.

The Sipper can also be somewhat hard to clean as it has multiple chambers; this doesn’t get simpler with artistic bubbler attachments. But those with strict cannabis glass cleaning protocol will have no issue keeping the Sipper sparkling.

Vape cup devices: something for everyone

In the world of tabletop vapes, sipping cups are making their way to a heyday. These four options each offer something unique and special. There’s the all-star, the powerhouse, the pocket buddy, and the high-tech water filtration–something for everyone. After reading this consumer guide, the right choice for you should be crystal clear.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.