GreenState cannabis rankings: best brands in Massachusetts

best cannabis brands Massachusetts

Cannabis has proved to be big business in Massachusetts—less than six years into adult-use sales, total revenue has already surpassed $5 billion. But what products are most popular with consumers?

GreenState analyzed menu tracking data from Hoodie Analytics spanning January to October 2023 to find out which weed products reigned supreme in the Bay State. From a nationwide gummy brand to local favorites, these are the top-ranking cannabis brands in Massachusetts.

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Top flower in Massachusetts: Insa

insa flower best cannabis brands in massachusetts
Insa Grower’s Reserve flower Photo: Insa

Operating in four states (with Connecticut about to become the fifth), Insa Cannabis is a retailer that happens to have extraordinarily popular bud. The brand sold more flower in the first 10 months of 2023 than anyone else in Massachusetts and was also the overall top-selling dispensary in the state. 

Insa has several unique lines, including their Premium, Sessions, and Grower’s Reserve varieties. Notable varieties include spicy sweet Amalfi Coast, ammonia-scented The Soap, and quintessential Wedding Cake.

Second place – Garden Remedies

Third place – High Supply

Top edibles in Massachusetts: Wana

wana gummies
Wana Optimals sleep gummies Photo: Wana

Wana has emerged as one of the most visible and popular cannabis brands in the US, with products available in 16 states and Puerto Rico. The company’s delicious and fast-acting gummies took the top spot for edibles in Massachusetts, likely thanks to their consistency and wide range of flavors.

Wana gummies are available in multiple fruit-forward varieties and cannabinoid blends, perfect for any time of day. The Optimals line uses nanotechnology to provide effects in 15 minutes or less (for most consumers).

Second place – Camino

Third place – Betty’s Eddie

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Top concentrates in Massachusetts: Sanctuary Medicinals

dabs best cannabis brands in massachusetts
Crumble from Sanctuary Medicinals Photo: Sanctuary Medicinals / Apex Trading

Operating retail locations in four states, Sanctuary Medicinals’ house concentrates brand is the top choice for consumers in Massachusetts seeking perfectly potent dabs. The company’s passion for community involvement and science-based formulations make them incredibly popular among patrons throughout the Bay State.

Sanctuary Medicinals offers several strains and consistencies of concentrates, from shatter to crumble to liquid shatter hash. The Polyjuice Potion sauce and Space Dust THC-A diamonds piqued GreenState’s interest.

Second place – Nature’s Heritage

Third place – Insa

Top pre-rolls in Massachusetts: Garden Remedies

Pocket Pack pre-rolls by Garden Remedies Photo: Garden Remedies / Apex Trading

Garden Remedies is another popular dispensary line in the Bay State, with three locations serving both medical and adult-use consumers. The company’s pre-rolls are the most popular in Massachusetts, and their flower line took a close second.

The brand’s pre-rolls come in a variety of sizes and strains. The dog walker-inspired “Pocket Pack” comes with five mini joints for a perfect pick-me-up, while the king-sized “Blunt Cone” is a pre-roll fit for a serious sesh.

Second place – Nature’s Heritage

Third place – Happy Valley

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Top vapes in Massachusetts: Fernway

vape cart
Berry Haze vape cart by Fernway Photo: Fernway

Recently introduced in New Jersey, Fernway has been a consistent best-seller of vapes in Massachusetts for good reason. The brand boasts dozens of top-shelf flavors in premium hardware, providing smooth, terpene-rich hits. 

Fernway’s catalog includes 510-thread vape carts and all-in-ones dubbed “Travelers.” Strain highlights include the aptly named Red Headed Stranger, classic cultivars like Space Queen, and even autumn-inspired Pumpkin Spice.

Second place – Rhythm

Third place – Select

There’s no shortage of stoners in the Bay State, as dispensary sales data shows a thriving market that only continues to grow. Next time you’re planning a visit to spooky Salem or taking in a game at Fenway, why not check out one of the top cannabis brands in Massachusetts? According to the locals, these weed products are wicked good.

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