Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty ink first NBA CBD deal

nba cbd deal

Weed has been slowly making its way into the world of professional sports. From relaxing rules on drug testing to the approval of cannabis advertising, the stigmas around the plant are clearly eroding on and off the court.

In a historic move, the National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today the first-ever CBD sponsorship in the league. The Brooklyn Nets and New York Liberty signed a multiyear partnership agreement with MYND Drinks, making the THC-free beverage “the official wellness and recovery drink partner” of the two teams. 

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MYND Drinks made history last year when it became the first cannabis company to sponsor a Major League Baseball team. Given the growing popularity of weed-infused drinks, the deals track with current consumer sentiments.

As first reported by Bloomberg, the Mynd CBD sparkling elixirs will soon be available at the Barclays Center. The company will also present one of Liberty’s upcoming theme nights.

“This gives us an anchor for the East Coast in terms of exposure, marketing, and expansion,” MYND CEO Simon Allen told Bloomberg. “We’ve had tons of opportunities to work with different teams, but what we really liked about both of the teams was they shared a lot of what our vision was.” 

The NBA announced last year it would lift its ban on cannabis consumption among players and allow for plant-based investments. However, players may not actively promote marijuana products without explicit permission from the league. Several current and former NBA athletes have already entered the cannabis chat, from Al Harrington to Allen Iverson. 

With professional sports softening their stance on cannabis, it’s only a matter of time before more leagues come online. While the National Football League (NFL) has yet to welcome hemp-based deals, they have dedicated resources to studying CBD—most notably for pain and concussion-related conditions. And since Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce reported that “80 percent of the league smokes weed,” some cannabis deals may be of interest.


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