NBA lifts cannabis restrictions on players: consumption (and investments) now allowed

NBA cannabis rules

The National Basketball Association and National Basketball Players Association came to a tentative Collective Bargaining Agreement that would allow NBA players to invest in cannabis companies and lift any remaining ban on cannabis consumption for players. If players and team governors approve the deal would go into effect for the next seven years.

Cannabis testing for players ceased in 2020 following the NBA “restart bubble” when 22 top teams were isolated together to restart the season. In October 2021, the NBA announced that it would no longer test for cannabis, instead focusing on what it deems “drugs of abuse” and performance-enhancing drugs. This recent deal would no longer penalize players for cannabis use, removing the final layer of cannabis prohibition in the league.

The agreement also reads that players can now invest in cannabis companies and sign non-betting endorsements with gambling companies. In addition, players can now invest in NBA and WNBA teams.

There are new guidelines for income as well. Each player will receive $500,000 in the event of an in-season championship win and extended contracts with a 140 percent increase on their current deal– up from a previous 120 percent. WNBA players receive a bonus of approximately $11,356 in the event of an in-season championship. The WNBA CBA, effective as of 2020, still prohibits the use of cannabis under any circumstances.

Once approved by players and team governors, the new NBA CBA could set a new precedent in the acceptance of player’s responsible cannabis consumption.

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