Score a THC touchdown with these weed-friendly Super Bowl party goods

weed friendly super bowl

The big game is almost here. Whether you’re tuning in to see elite athletes, high-budget commercials, Usher, or Taylor Swift, Super Bowl LVIII seemingly has something for everyone. Why not elevate the spectacle with a side of weed?

Curating a weed-friendly Super Bowl party is easier than ever, thanks to the proliferation of edibles and a wide variety of devices perfect for seshing. Just be sure to keep the THC close (and properly labeled) if the whole family is attending your soiree—the last thing you want is for those adult-only goods to wind up in the wrong hands.

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Pot-infused party snacks to pick up

Sales of edibles tend to spike right before the Super Bowl, jumping an average of 13 percent in the days leading up to the big game. While sugary weed brownies or cookies used to be the common edibles passed around at parties, the number of savory snacks on the market today means the fun comes in any form. And if nothing at the dispensary intrigues you, it’s simpler than ever to DIY.

For those in California, Tempo Crackers are the way to go. The precisely dosed snacks are available in several game-day flavors like Buffalo Cheddar, Chipotle Honey BBQ, and Sour Cream & Onion.


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Consumers outside the Golden State can grab some of Granny’s Pretzels. Infused with high-quality hemp-derived D9, these delectable snacks come in both savory and sweet varieties, including Chili Lime and S’mores.

Infused cooking ingredients are also wildly popular. An analysis from Green Market Report found a 33 percent increase in orders for these types of products in the week before Super Bowl Sunday. 

Consumers in Illinois went wild when an infused wing sauce recently dropped, courtesy of a collab between Chicago sports bar the Fifty/50 and Cresco Labs. Folks in California have long looked to Potli infused sriracha, olive oil, and honey to spice up their recipes. 

The rest of the country (aside from folks in Idaho, New Hampshire, and South Dakota—sorry) can grab some Sota Drops. This flavorless, water-soluble cannabis can be added to any food or drink for an extra kick.

Speaking of drinks, what weed-friendly Super Bowl party would be complete without some infused bevvies? Concoct your own cannabis mocktails or grab some THC seltzers (we’re big fans of Maison Bloom, Cann, and Oliphant).

Social strains for the squad

Edibles definitely aren’t for everyone; some may prefer to get high the old-fashioned way. If smoking is permitted at your Super Bowl party, be sure to grab some social strains that’ll have everyone cheering.

The effects of weed definitely vary from person to person, but most find sativa strains to be energizing. Classics like Green Crack, Durban Poison, and Haze are sure to please. Having a couple of uplifting hybrids on deck is also a good plan since straight sativas may be too buzzy for some guests. Try MAC or Super High Life for a nice, balanced high. 

Execute the perfect play

The Super Bowl is the biggest game of the year, so your smoking gear should match that energy. High-end devices like the Volcano vaporizer or Stündenglass gravity infuser are great for seshing and bring the wow factor. If you don’t have one, clean your nicest bong or pipe and put it front and center. Vapor cup devices are the perfect party addition for fans of vape carts or dabs and are relatively easy on the pocketbook.


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If joints or blunts are your preference, be sure to pick up some Mouthpeace filters by Moose Labs. These slick accessories prevent the spread of germs and remove gross gunk like tar at the same time. Setting up individual rolling stations is also a nice touch.

Cannabis is becoming more common at social gatherings, and gameday is no different. Follow the tips above to score a touchdown at your weed-friendly Super Bowl party—we promise it’ll take the halftime show to another level.

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