Strawberry Cough strain: berrylicious cannabis with a creative kick

Strawberry cough strain

Certain weed varieties will stick with a person despite how many years it’s been since they rolled it up, like Strawberry Cough. Luscious fruiting berries are front and center in this cannabis strain that has stood the test of time. Since it gained prominence at the turn of the millennium, the Strawberry Cough strain is one to remember, from its vibrant coloring to its unique terpene composition. Let’s hope this one makes a comeback like 2000s fashion.

The history of Strawberry Cough

The sativa-dominant variety was popularized in the early 2000s by Kyle Kushman, a grower who is also famous for spearheading the veganics cannabis movement. Kushman met a fan and hobby grower in Connecticut in 1999 and gave him some tips on his garden. In gratitude, the cultivator gifted Kushman a Strawberry Cough clone in Rockwool.

The expert grower drove the bagged-up plant home to Brooklyn, New York, where, upon opening it up, he was greeted with a heavenly strawberry aroma. With such an exciting terpene profile, Kushman was inspired to bring clones across the country as he moved from the East Coast to the West. With that journey, his name became attached to the sativa strain.

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Strawberry cough strain
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Strawberry Cough is a cross of Haze, a classic lemony sativa, and Strawberry Fields, a strain that comes with a legend. Strawberry Fields comes from upstate New York where it was grown next to a patch of the fruits to mask the dank smell.

The story says that eventually, the bud began taking on the flavor of the strawberry fruits after years of neighboring the patch. Though this is only lore, and not proven, it would explain why there are so few strains of cannabis that match this unique and delectable sativa wonder.

Smell, look, and taste of Strawberry Cough

Prepare to be astonished by the absolutely overwhelming strawberry goodness smell that comes from just one teeny nugget of Strawberry Cough. The sweet strawberry aroma mingles with a sharp marigold that creates an almost cheese-like scent.

Strawberry Cough buds are a bright, almost lime green, with vibrant orange pistils. There will be some large nuggets from a yield, but generally, this variety will produce a bounty of crystal-trichome-packed little buds. The scent and appearance are as memorable as the strain effects.

Strawberry Cough effects

Strawberry Cough is a sativa dominant strain, tickling the creative muscles and curbing anxiety ever so slightly while still delivering a slightly heavy stone. Experience joyous giggles and silly thoughts while medicating with friends or propel into a meteor of exciting creative ideas on a solo mission.

One very worth mentioning aspect of this strain is that it tastes exactly how it smells, even out of a homemade apple pipe. When inhaled, an almost immediate stimulation in the ocular region starts to prickle. Ride along a soothing wave of balance between stimulation and relaxation as the strain takes hold. Neck and shoulder pain may begin to cease as the mind races through creative and exciting new thought patterns.

It’s possible that the uber-stimulated brain activity will feel overwhelming before it begins to mellow out. Once it takes hold, the consumer might feel inspired to get stuff done. Unlike the straightforward black coffee energy of Durban Poison, this sativa can have a bit more whimsy. The high THC may play a role, but the effects of Strawberry Cough are abstract while also energetic. As for side effects, dry mouth is imminent, have some water nearby.

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Strawberry Cough strain

Strawberry Cough FAQ

Get answers to the most frequently asked questions about the Strawberry Cough strain.

Is Strawberry Cough an indica or sativa?

This sativa cannabis strain is a mostly sativa hybrid. The plant is a cross of indica Strawberry Fields and Haze, which is often the sativa parent in 2000s hybrids.

Does Strawberry Cough make you sleepy?

Like most sativas, Strawberry Cough is energizing. However, after the effects wear off, people often feel worn out and tired. So, while this isn’t a strain for sleep, it might make someone a bit lethargic.

Does Strawberry Cough make you laugh?

Strawberry Cough can be euphoric, creating joy and excitement in the everyday. That said, the cannabis strain may make people laugh after consuming it, but it can definitely set the stage for giggles.

Is Strawberry Cough good for anxiety?

Some find Strawberry Cough good for alleviating anxiety, but that will differ for everyone.
Every person has a unique endocannabinoid system that dictates whether a strain can be helpful for their nervousness.

Does Strawberry Cough make you cough?

One of the most common misconceptions about Strawberry Cough is that it got its name because it will make a person cough. Though most cannabis can cause coughing after inhalation, this cannabis variety doesn’t cause a person to hack more than any other.

Cannabis is a beautiful plant, its species can take on countless aromas and flavors based on myriad organic compounds. Strawberry Cough is a cannabis strain that shows the plant is capable of anything. There is no weed smell like it, and the effects aren’t bad either.

Grab an easel, pen, or any creative medium and light up with this inspiring, euphoric sativa strain.

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