Pure Michigan strain – a rare treasure

Pure Michigan Strain

The Pure Michigan strain is hard to come by in some states, especially on the West Coast. This cannabis variety speaks to a specific crowd, those who covet weed strains like Cat Piss and Jet Fuel. Those who can get their hands on it will appreciate the pungent flavor of Pure Michigan.

Pure Michigan was born from a collaboration between two prominent Michigan cannabis breeders. Thug Pug, creators of Garlic Breath and Peanut Butter Breath, and 3rd Coast Genetics bred Pure Michigan. The goal was no fruity terps ever. The result is a gassy skunk masterpiece taking the Reddit threads by storm.

Pure Michigan comes from a long line of chilled-out indica hybrids. Pure Michigan is a cross of Oooz 1.0 and Mendobreath F2. The parents of Oooz, formerly known as Oreoz, are Cookies and Cream and Secret Weapon. Mendobreath is a classic cross of OG Kush Breath and classic indica strain Mendo Purps. These hybrids combine in a black-purple flower that is absolutely stacked with trichomes.

Pure Michigan strain

Look and smell

The Pure Michigan cannabis strain grows gorgeous dark purple flowers with a pungent aroma that brings the gas. These buds are long and chunky, giving off real designer OG Kush energy. The flower has a lot of dark purple with bright forest green and tufts of bright orange pistils. What really catches the eye is the absolute blanket of sparkling trichomes over each nugget.

As for the smell, it seems unmatchable. 3rd Coast Genetics claims it will never have fruit terps. Instead, the flower is built to give off burnt plastic, skunk, gas, and hops. The singed earth with a side of chemicals is also reminiscent of the designer OG days. This makes sense since Pure Michigan was bred in 2016–at the end of the OG craze just as desserts were picking up.

Those who love the funky terps stand by the Pure Michigan strain lineage, and not just for the flavor–the effects are good, too.

Pure Michigan strain effects

Pure Michigan strain evokes quintessential indica hybrid effects: mellow and giggly. It tests anywhere from 23 to 29 percent THC, depending on who grows it.

The strain stimulates the eyes and slowly moves through the body. As the effects settle in, a gentle stoned body high kicks in. The effects are exactly what to expect from a strain with Oooz and Mendo Breath parentage. On the downside, some report having a dry mouth and eyes from Pure Michigan.

Growing Pure Michigan strain

Pure Michigan is a giving strain with a high yield and beautiful dark buds to marvel at during flower, both parents can be seen in these plants. The strain branches stretch like a tree, which is stunning with its dark, purpled-out foliage. Their height is average, topping at three and a half feet, but the branches can stretch out.

This indica strain flowers in about 60 days outdoors or in a greenhouse setup. It can be grown indoors, but those with limited space will want to stress train the plants to maximize space. When cultivated with care and intention, the harvest can reach upwards of 500 grams per square meter.

Growing Pure Michigan strain is a treat with enticing colors and stanky aromatics—even the harvest is bountiful.

Pure Michigan strain

Pure Michigan FAQ

There are lots of fans of Pure Michigan cannabis, but people still have lots of questions. Here, we will answer frequently asked questions about Pure Michigan.

What are Pure Michigan strain effects?

Pure Michigan makes many people feel relaxed, aroused, and silly–like many indicas. On the other hand, it can cause dry mouth and eyes.

Is Pure Michigan an indica or sativa?

The cannabis variety Pure Michigan is mostly indica, with two indica-dominant parents.

What does Pure Michigan smell like?

Pure Michigan cannabis has a unique smell with notes of black pepper, gas, hopes, and burnt plastic. The breeders’ goal was “never fruit,” which is apparent in the earthy, skunky profile.

What are the genetics of Pure Michigan?

Pure Michigan strain is a cross of Oooz 1.0 (former Oreoz) and Mendobreath F2. Oooz is Cookies and Cream with Secret Weapon. The parents of Mendobreath are Mendo Purps and OG Kush Breath.

Final word: intriguing flavor, relaxing effects

Pure Michigan is a cannabis variety that is mostly indica with effects to match. Those who try it enjoy relaxed, jovial effects–plus, they get to experience that iconic smell. The creators of the Breath lineage have popped off again with this one. Pure Michigan is a pure treasure.

Cara Wietstock is senior content producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.