Moon rocks weed offers three layers of interstellar potency

moon rocks weed: graphic of astronaut lazing on a crescent moon with a joint

Fans of potent cannabis products have certainly come across moon rocks weed. The layer cake of flower and extracts can reach beyond the 50 THC percentile. This makes it a delicacy for those seeking a heavy-hitting experience.

Whether these morsels are named after the space rock appearance or out-of-this-world potency is unknown. But it’s definite that moon rocks offer a more intense experience than ripping a bowl filled with flower alone.

Cannabis moon rocks are a treat for many but shouldn’t be on everyone’s dispensary order. This delicacy, referred to by some as cannabis caviar, can even have long-time consumers seeing stars. To understand more, let’s learn where it all started.

Where did cannabis caviar come from?

Rapper Kurupt teamed up with rapper turned cannabis entrepreneur Dr. Zodiak in 2017 on Dr. Zodiak’s Real Kurupt Moon Rocks. This propelled the product into the spotlight. Three years earlier, the music artist released a project entitled Ta The Moon and Back: Kurupts Moon Rock Project.

The album wasn’t explicitly cannabis themed, but it does include “Hydroponic,” a track featuring cannabis celebs and rappers B-Real and Wiz Khalifa. With moon rocks weed, Kurupt solidified his place alongside these celebs as a rapper who reps the plant.

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What are moon rocks?

Moon rocks weed traditionally consists of a cannabis flower drenched in hash oil and then coated in kief crystals. The resulting cured, sticky “rock” can be broken up and added to a flower, joint, or other cannabis consumption ritual to amplify the potency.

After Real Kurupt Moon Rocks gained popularity, other operators in the space started assembling their own lunar nugs. As always, some bad actors took advantage of how hash oil rolled in kief could hide the quality of the flower. These companies used moldy, or otherwise unsellable, flower in moon rocks weed, creating distrust in the sector.

Before buying moon rocks, learn a bit more about the brand by asking these questions:

  • Is the brand trustworthy?
  • Do they share their process with budtenders, on their website, or social media?
  • Does the product, and the flower it’s made with, have a testing Certificate of Analysis (COA)?

These are all questions to investigate or pose to a budtender to avoid getting whacked out of orbit by a moon-rocks-related respiratory illness.

How to smoke moon rocks

The most popular way to smoke moon rocks is to break them up like hashish and add them to the usual consumption method. There are many ways to enjoy cannabis caviar.

When topping a bowl with moon rocks, break off a few small pieces and place them on top of a half-packed bong, bubbler, or pipe. Bring the heat close to the morsels, but don’t touch it directly. This melts the hash oil into the bowl before torching the flower.

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Those who choose to roll joints or blunts, sprinkle the moon rock tidbits into the flower. Then simply roll as usual. However, before lighting the joint, run a lighter flame or lit hemp wick quickly over the outside of the paper or wrap. Don’t let the wrap catch fire, this is meant to heat the moon rocks weed and melt the hash oil so the rollie burns evenly.

The draw of moon rocks weed

Potency is one major draw of moon rocks, but the creative aspect of building out the three layers is also enticing. Imagine building Girl Scout Cookies genetics with a moon rock: Cherry Pie flower, Durban Poison hash oil, and OG Kush Kief. That would be delicious.

But truly the most foundational reason this product is popular is because it will have most people lit as a candle in 30 minutes or less. This varies depending on tolerance, but even Snoop Dogg acknowledges that moon rocks are nothing to mess around with.

In an interview with Charlamagne the God, Snoop replies to an inquiry about the product with a simple, “Moon rock is too much, dawg.” Charlamagne continues on about how everyone is talking about them and he just really wanted to try. To which the cannabis world’s favorite uncle looked him dead in the eye, lifted his iconic sunglasses, and said,

“Charlamagne, Charlemagne, look at me. Moon rock is too much for you. You don’t want to start there. It’s too much for me, dawg. For me.”

The rapper continues in the interview, claiming that moon rocks weed is nothing compared to sun rocks, so what are those?

Moon rock vs. sun rock weed

These two kinds of specialty weed products are similar but not the same. Moon rocks consist of flower drenched in cannabis oil and absolutely covered with kief. This gives the appearance of moon dust. Sun rocks are also flowers soaked in hash oil but without the kief. This creates a sticky, shining, amber product.

Breaking up sun rocks is a messy business. Avoid putting this cannabis product in a grinder. Even breaking it up with fingers requires cleanup, so consider wearing gloves when working with sun rocks.

Many sources state sun rocks contain higher THC content than moon rocks, but these claims may not have merit. Technically, adding kief would add THC content to the equation. By theory, this would mean the lunar option is more potent.

Essentially, the answer comes down to the COAs. Only test results can dictate which product has higher potency.

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Moon rocks weed: cannabis cartoon graphic with trophy rides on space shuttle

The final take

Moon rocks are a potent way to visit space without ever leaving the United States. This cannabis product is only meant for those with a high tolerance. But if Snoop Dogg has anything to say about it, even those people should proceed with caution.

Medical cannabis and adult-use consumers may appreciate the knockout punch delivered by this three layer beauty. Just don’t underestimate the interstellar delights. These unsuspecting little goodies could get even the most seasoned connoisseur high as an unidentified flying object.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.