‘Full House’ star reveals the show’s secret drug reference

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There are few sitcoms more family friendly than “Full House,” a blockbuster show that followed comedian Bob Saget as he played a widowed father raising a family in the heart of San Francisco. But it turns out there was a secret drug reference hidden for the show’s entire eight-season run, according to a new podcast interview released last week.

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In the show, Saget’s character, Danny Tanner, enlists his two pals Jesse Katsopolis and Joey Gladstone to raise his three daughters. Joey, usually referred to as “Uncle Joey,” is a lovable uncle who gets into G-rated hijinx throughout the show, like when he accidentally bought one of the daughters a stolen car for her 16th birthday.

But it turns out there was a groan-inducing weed reference hidden behind the lovable Uncle Joey, according to Dave Coulier, the actor who played the character. Coulier revealed last week on his podcast “Full House Rewind” that his character’s last name, Gladstone, is actually a reference to marijuana. Coulier said show creator Jeff Franklin asked him to choose his character’s last name, so Coulier came up with “Gladstone” an allusion to him being “glad” that he was “stoned.”

“I always thought it was a funny name,” Coulier said on the podcast. “So Jeff laughed and that was it.”


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Bob Saget (Danny Tanner) and Dave Coulier (Joey) on ‘Full House.’ Photo: ABC / Getty

Coulier’s podcast features fellow “Full House” stars and frequently reveals secrets about the show, including that he’s never actually watched the sitcom and that Franklin secretly bought the famous “Full House” home in 2016 so he could film scenes for a sequel titled “Fuller House” released the same year.