The Jet Fuel strain is a wild weed rocket ship ride

jet fuel strain rocket ride

For a high-octane hit sure to supercharge your day, the Jet Fuel strain is top speed. A mouth-puckering variety, this super sour weed variety is all gas and no brakes. 

With notes of lemon, diesel, and funk, Jet Fuel is a true flavor explosion. Its effects are notably uplifting, blasting off like a rocket ship straight to the dome. Not for the faint of heart, this weed strain is incredibly potent and may leave your brain buzzing for hours to come.

If you’re curious about the quintessential sativa strain, consider this your definitive guide. From the family tree to growing conditions, this Jet Fuel strain review has everything you need to know and more.

jet fuel strain
Take a weed rocket ship ride with Jet Fuel Photo: Canva & GreenState Team

Jet Fuel strain genetics

Jet Fuel is made by crossing High Country Diesel with Aspen OG. It was originally created by Colorado-based 303 Seeds. The team at 303 Seeds wanted to breed the ultimate gas strain, sifting through a wide range of fuel-forward varieties. The strain is sometimes called Jet Fuel OG and G6 Kush.

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Jet Fuel’s ancestors include the iconic SFV OG, which is itself a child of OG Kush and a descendant of Afghani. Other notable members of the family tree include Sour Diesel, G13, and Skunk. With so many high-octane strains in its lineage, it’s no surprise Jet Fuel is one of the most pungent weed varieties on the market today.


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Flavor and aroma profile of Jet Fuel

The dominant terpenes in the Jet Fuel strain are puckery limonene, herbal myrcene, and peppery caryophyllene. It also has lower concentrations of pinene and terpinolene, supercharging the diesel scent.

Cracking a jar of Jet Fuel is reminiscent of hanging up the pump at the local filling station. The sharp gasoline fumes tickle the nostrils, lingering long after you’ve driven away. Expect Jet Fuel to knock your socks off with its acrid aroma—and similarly tangy taste.

On the inhale, the Jet Fuel strain fills your mouth with petrol fumes. While it may sound unnatural, the flecks of evergreen haze make it a surprisingly pleasant experience. On the exhale, expect notes of lemon and earth that will chase the gas straight away. It’s a well-rounded yet incredibly flavorful smoke that’ll send you straight to the stars.

Jet Fuel strain effects

The vast majority of consumers find Jet Fuel to be energizing and focused. It’s likely to get your motor running after just a few hits. Perfect for daytime, the Jet Fuel strain will likely give you the juice you need to get your errands done and your house clean.

Jet Fuel can easily make your head spin, meaning it’s less than ideal for people prone to anxiety. Thoughts can race through your mind faster than a Formula One car during a grand prix, so caution should be exercised prior to consumption. THC levels in Jet Fuel are often over 30 percent, so it’s important that people pace themselves with this weed strain.

Growing the Jet Fuel strain

Jet Fuel is not a strain for beginner cultivators. Because of its sativa leanings, it tends to be a bit more challenging to grow. Plants can be lanky, especially in an outdoor garden. According to one purveyor of Jet Fuel seeds, these ladies could reach up to ten feet tall!

Whether grown inside or outdoors, expect Jet Fuel to flower within nine to ten weeks. Under perfect conditions (somewhat warm and humid), each plant could yield up to 14 ounces of bud.


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Jet Fuel strain frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Still have burning questions about the Jet Fuel strain? Here are some of the most common queries about the variety.

Is Jet Fuel a sativa or indica?

Jet Fuel is considered 70% sativa and 30% indica. However, growing conditions may change how each plant expresses.

Is Jet Fuel a good strain?

Jet Fuel is a highly sought-after strain, popular with consumers across the country. Fans of gassy weed will likely put Jet Fuel in the winner’s circle.

Who bred Jet Fuel?

Jet Fuel was originally bred by 303 Seeds in Colorado. The team crossed their Aspen OG with High Country Diesel to get the ultimate gas-forward weed.

How strong is Jet Fuel strain?

Jet Fuel weed is usually at least 20 percent THC but many varieties on the market have over 30 percent THC. The strain is considered very potent so caution should be exercised when imbibing.

Jet Fuel strain – a rocket ship ride to the stars

Whether a fan of diesel strains or buzzy sativas, the Jet Fuel strain is perfect for people who want a high that’ll really blast off. Ideal for folks who have a long to-do list, Jet Fuel will kickstart your engines and put you into overdrive.

An exceedingly potent and energetic strain, Jet Fuel is not for those looking for a nighttime stone. This strain is for activating the mind and the body alike, sending smokers high above the Milky Way. Consumers should beware of its power—a few hits may have your mind racing like the Indy 500. But if that’s your speed, Jet Fuel will certainly help you reach the checkered flag.


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