Permanent Marker strain: weed worth its winnings

Permanent Marker strain: a black permanent marker over a purple cannabis flower

Any stoner worth their weight has at one point taken a toke and pondered on the origins of their bud’s name. That’s exactly what I did while ripping bongloads of the Permanent Marker strain. The dark purple, dense nugs may absolve even the most anxious into smooth operators.

This review is based on a few nugs of Permanent Marker grown by Happy Trails in the Bay Area. I was blessed with a sample of the flower at the first-ever SF Weed Week, and that’s heavy on the blessed because smoking it was a dream. It seems that many people agree, as it was voted 2023 Leafly Strain of the Year.

Permanent Marker strain: a black permanent marker over a purple cannabis flower

History of Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker was created by Los Angeles, Calif.-based breeder Seed Junky Genetics founder Anthony Hart, also known as JBeezy. The plant is a three-way cross of Biscotti, Sherb Bx, and Jealousy. Jealousy is a cross of Sherb Bx1 and Gelato #41, Biscotti is made of Sour Florida OG and Gelato 25, and Sherb Bx is made from Sunset Sherbet and Cookies F2.

Double Gelato, triple Sherb, with a side of OG? Yes, please. And let me testify: this strain lives up to its genetic lineage. Due to the deliciosity of the variety, you may be surprised to learn that the strain was rebranded twice before taking off.

The weed variety was released in its current form as a Doja Pak exclusive bi-coastal drop in 2022, but before that, it was sold as Adios MF and Gunnpowwder to lesser fanfare. Once Doja got it, he took the genetics on a national tour after releasing his version under the new moniker.


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What resulted was an unstoppable fanbase. Doja made the first cutting of their Permanent Marker available to other cultivators at the dawn of 2023. The first Seed Junky seeds dropped on May 13, 2023, at Supreme Seed Bank, and with that, the strain took off.

Seed Junky is known for creating some of the most beloved strains, like Cap Junky and Animal Mints, and this one is no different. Permanent Marker is just as impressive as its predecessors from soil to cola.

Permanent Marker strain look, smell, and flavor

The Permanent Marker strain is beautiful to look at and tastes just as good. Happy Trails grows a version featuring tight, dense nugs and an aromatic profile with forbidden sweetness.

Sugared blackberries and astringent gasoline confront those who are lucky enough to smell a jar full of this cannabis flower. As far as looks, expect a striking dark purple hue throughout each bud with orange pistils sprinkled around. Trichomes are glistening, and the structure is that of a fat pine tree. Bulbous branches converge into a pointy top.

Once the bud is packed up in a bowl, prepare to taste chemical berries. It reminded me of that over-flavored essence sometimes found in candies, vapes, or drinks. This fake-tasting real flavor may also be due to the soapy terpenes some Permanent Marker develops.

Complexities aside, the strain is so sweet that it leaves a saccharine quality on the tongue. However, the last tidbit could be attributed to the well-grown quality of the Happy Trials nug this is based on—I’ll have to try more to test it out.

The rave review of Permanent Marker aesthetics is matched by the effects, which are worth writing home about.

Effects of Permanent Marker

Permanent Marker is a cannabis variety with heavy, relaxing effects that I will flock to when I can find them. Granddaddy Purple, Hashplant, and other heavy indicas would make good company for this weed variety.

My chest opened and relaxed immediately after packing and ripping a big bowl of Permanent Marker in my YewYew Mini Bong. About ten minutes in, my jaw joined in as my teeth fell from the usual clench. As the effects bore on, my eyelids got heavy, and my eyes became dry.

These physical manifestations of stress and anxiety loosened along with their root causes, at least for a little while. The Permanent Marker strain got me so mellow that I felt a little stupid at the pinnacle of my high.

This is definitely not a good option for getting things done in a focused or timely manner. I would reach for Permanent Marker when I needed to unwind, am about to enjoy a live show like a concert or movie, or if I wanted to get to sleep quickly. While I’m someone who enjoys strains like this for a wake and bake, I wouldn’t recommend that for just anyone. For some, this may be a nighttime-only weed variety.

Permanent Marker strain: a black permanent marker over a purple cannabis flower

Permanent Marker FAQ

There are beginner weed strains, like Flo, and then there’s cannabis that comes with a warning; Permanent Marker is among the latter. From first smells to actually smoking it, the experience of this variety is memorable, but it’s still pretty new to dispensary shelves. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Permanent Marker strain.

Is Permanent Marker an indica or sativa?

Permanent Marker is considered an indica hybrid strain, though many have begun to move away from using this terminology. Instead, some budtenders and connoisseurs prefer to describe how each strain makes a person feel over using indica and sativa monikers.

Does Permanent Marker go by any other weed names?

Before it was released as Permanent Marker, this genetic cross was called Adios MF and Gunnpowwder. Now, those strains aren’t often found in dispensaries, but Permanent Marker has only continued to pick up steam in the U.S.

How potent is the Permanent Marker strain?

This cannabis variety is considered heavy and intense by many who have consumed it. Try it for the first time in a safe place before assuming how it will affect you. In the event of overconsumption, sit down and have some water.

Is Permanent Marker weed hard to grow?

Permanent Marker isn’t an easy strain to grow. JBeezy previously told Leafly that the indoor-tested variety is for cultivators with advanced skills. Those who attempt to perfect their own Permanent Marker plants should keep them in heavily controlled environments to avoid bud rot. Give growing plants lots of good nutrients and light, and they may just provide the perfect stretching.

Permanent Marker strain: expert-level weed

There are cannabis strains with lore, but many predate the new millennium–Permanent Marker changes that. Not only does it have previous identities, but it also makes for legendary crosses with iconic names like Permanent Pineapple and Gello Shotz.

Though its effects aren’t permanent, there’s no forgetting how delicious this weed strain smells or its intensity. The strain likely got its name for its iconically intriguing aroma, but for me, it sits as a permanent memory of a nug I’ll never forget.

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