Flo strain goes with the flow

Flo strain

The Flo strain was created by the master of Blueberry himself, DJ Short out of Colorado. Then it was shipped out to Amsterdam. The cannabis hybrid combines two absolutely classic strains for an uplifting but somewhat even keel effect. I was excited to see this strain because I am a huge fan of DJ Short’s Blueberry.

Flo is a cross of an Afghani Indica, bred by Dutch Passion and propagated by DJ Short, and Purple Thai. By the modern consumer’s standards, this is an old-school strain. In fact, it won #1 Strain at the 1996 Cannabis Culture Magazine Cannabis Cup. It has been an award-winning cross for over 20 years, and that’s probably due to the gorgeous buds, functional high, and “flow” of buds in the grow room.

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Flo strain
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Flo strain looks and smells

The Flo strain grows dense with light green hues with periwinkle undertones. Short fat bunches of burnt orange hairs are sprinkled throughout the buds. Flo nuggets often feature a spear-like structure with compact flowering buds.

The smell hits you first with a citrus breeze that evolves into a bright pine, sort of like lemongrass sprouting from fresh soil. In line with that assessment, test results reveal d-limonene as the most common terpene in this plant, followed by myrcene and pinene.

Flo – 1996 Cannabis Cup Winner
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The effects of Flo cannabis

Flo delivers an airy vibe that feels like Afghani effects sprinkled with an active and stimulated mind of its other genetic parent, Purple Thai. I found the Flo takes me a couple of hits to really “get there” as a regular consumer of heavy indica strains. However, varieties like this were my go-to as a budtender when serving a patient or customer who had a low tolerance or is a general beginner.

For me, the Flo high is super functional, sometimes after consuming it I simply feel normal. Some might say that’s equilibrium. In the medical cannabis world that may be a major thumbs-up fact about a strain.

As I hit this one it starts between my eyes and works its way back through my brain. An almost immediate body buzz emanates throughout my muscular system and my cares float away. Mentally I’m generally all there after consuming Flo flower or extracts, but there is a dreaminess to my thoughts.

Warning, you may find yourself locked to the couch about 20 minutes in. But if you’re prepared to get things done right after consuming it’s possible to avoid the couch lock. Flo is a chill hybrid variety that has a “choose your own adventure vibe,” if you want to relax it can help, but the same goes for jamming through a sink full of dishes.

When I consume a strain like this, I like to make a plan before lighting it up. Smoke the bong right by the chore and tools, or have a to-do list ready to go. This can help ensure you don’t fall into the allure of the indica side.

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Flo Strain
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Flo strain grow guide

Flo matures quickly with promises of a high yield, given its comfy in its environment. These plants grow tall, and they like to spread out. It does well outdoors where there’s room to grow, but with its long branches, it is also easy to high or low-stress train into an indoor grow room.

Expect Flo strain plants to ripen after seven weeks of flowering. When grown outdoors or in a greenhouse, DJ Short recommends multiple harvests. Keep the plant alive after the first harvest in the beginning to mid-October and continue plucking ripe buds through November, or as long as she goes. This is a unique quality and one that makes Flo attractive to outdoor farmers.

Flo, yes or no?

This cannabis variety is valuable for people who are looking to consume but not be knocked out by their buds. It has gentle effects that can have an impact when wielded appropriately. As for growing, Flo delivers lots of flower in a short amount of time–she’s a beaut. Find your Flo and try this cannabis hybrid with a sativa kick.

Cara Wietstock is Senior Content Producer of GreenState.com and has been working in the cannabis space since 2011. She has covered the cannabis business beat for Ganjapreneur and The Spokesman Review. You can find her living in Bellingham, Washington with her husband, son, and a small zoo of pets.