What happens when you combine 4/20 and 7/10? National Hashhole Day

waterboyzzz at national hashhole day

With the Cannabis industry still mainly in Las Vegas for MJ Biz Con, a new holiday was being christened in downtown Los Angeles. Bringing together the flower fans of 420 and the concentrate heads of 710, National Hashhole Day was born. From the mind of CGO Lyfestyle, AKA Connoisseur Grade Only, AKA Marcos Surita, a world-renowned professional joint roller and now-turned-event mogul who has been changing the game in the event space. Building on the success of Hashhole Island, a blowout bash outside Sacramento earlier this year, the hype behind National Hashhole Day has been off the charts.

This was my first CGO Lyfestyle event. I came in not knowing exactly what to expect but had a feeling it was going to be something special. Leaving Las Vegas and heading to Los Angeles, I knew there were some questions about my sudden departure, something even the host Berner faced and mentioned on stage.

“I just came back from Las Vegas, and look, the whole weed industry is out there trying to make their moves and sh*t, but this is the real weed industry right here. I gotta say, you know what I’m saying? A lot of people asked me, like man, where you going? You ain’t gonna come back? I said nah man I gotta go to National Hashhole Day. They said what’s that? I said man it’s what’s shaking and moving right now. It’s where all the real players at.”

berner at national hashhole day
Berner and Yung Chowder on stage at National Hashhole Day Photo: Josh Freeman

But I can say no mistakes were made, and if you were looking for the spot to spark up a world-class event, this was it. Hosted at Optimist Studios, close to LAX, they lined the space up from front to back with the best in the business when it comes to hash holes, concentrates, flower, merch, and much more.

Innovative hashholes, collaborative dab delights, and Good Pizzza

One of my first stops was touching base with Trichrome Tortoise and seeing about getting some of the Ze Boof that won the Full Moon Sesh LA. After I got the plug on the rosin, I had to bend the ear of the champ and see what his next moves were. With plans to be back at the FMS Bangkok in January, I have a feeling we will be seeing them again soon, and with more awards and recognition showing they’re a real force to be reckoned with in the competitive hash arena.

Having trouble picking just one flower and rosin combination? No sweat, The Cannon Co. had you covered with their unique Double Barrel-designed hashhole that includes not one but two different rosin noodles wrapped in two grams of flower. Maybe you were thinking, wouldn’t it be great if my hashhole was inside a 3D-printed pencil, and being held up by DoodleBob (Also 3D-printed)? Then you are in luck with Third Dimension Dabs and Pristine Hash Holes bringing the DoodleDoink to life.

One thing I love about going to events like these is meeting new people and trying out the latest and greatest in weed and dab technology. So when I saw what looked like a spaceship attached to a bong and a custom-built machine for making sippable dabs, I was blown away. Dabski Industries has been changing the game for years, and with their patented Dabski, which has been fully UL certified, they are making sure you’re staying safe while using the most innovative tech. 

They graciously offered me a dab after catching me mesmerized by the auto-filling dab-vapor cup machine. TerpyTreez Grape Gas filled the machine and cup. After sipping my first dab, my mouth was watering, and I knew I had to find their booth. Luckily, when I swung by, the team over at Terpy Treez still had some of the collab hand-rolled hashholes by CGO himself. 

Good Pizzza was holding down the back corner by the stage, keeping things lit with their food-inspired branding that extended all the way through product packaging and naming. Established in 2017 in Sacramento, Good Pizzza is more than just a brand. It’s slang, it’s a slogan. When you find greatness in life, whether it be from clothes to cannabis, that’s Good Pizzza. Exclusive to the event were their Bombolone hashholes, which included two grams of Zeppolez Flower and a half gram of Moroccan Peach rosin, also hand-rolled by CGO himself. 

good pizzza at national hashhole day
Checking out Good Pizzza at National Hashhole Day Photo: Josh Freeman

Clouds of hashholes and Cookies beats elevated by TheWaterBoyzz710

Setting itself apart from other events, the headliners for National Hashhole Day came straight from the industry. Berner was not only co-hosting the event with Adam Ill but also jumped on the stage to perform, including tracks like Wax Room, Top Down, and the iconic Twenty Joints. The crowd could hardly be contained as the Cookies founder laid down bars while the clouds of all the hash holes being smoked settled in like a fog across the amped-up audience.

Devin the Dude slowed things down a bit and got everyone bumping. From fabulous footwork to smooth flows that make you weak, his set was something not to be missed for hip-hop heads, that’s for sure. RBL Posse kicked things up a notch with their large stage presence and classic hits like “Don’t Gimmie No Bammer Weed.” It was inspiring to see Black C still killing the live shows and getting the crowd absolutely pumped.

When Netherfriends took the stage, the evening had already cooled off a bit, but the iconic styling and uplifting beats helped take a saturated crowd and get them ripe for what was the final act of the evening: TheWaterBoyzz710. Hyped since the first announcement of their headlining act, Brad, Chad, Lt. Kali, and the entire team came to bring the heat and didn’t disappoint. With classics like “Good as Fudge” and performing some hits from Terp Wars, their cartoon reimagining of a popular sci-fi movie series, TheWaterBoyz710 ended the night off on the right note, a high note.

waterboyzzz at national hashhole day
Brad, Chad, and Lt. Kali of Waterboyzz on stage at National Hashhole Day Photo: Josh Freeman

Elevated experiences, indulgent moments, and gourmet offerings

Inside the studio, a luxury experience awaited you. DunkDonutz was set up and rolling live with Bruno Rolls, which included Gemz flower and Kalya rosin for your custom rolled hashhole option. Already rolled pre-rolls were on offer as well, but I couldn’t miss the opportunity to sit and speak to the man, the myth, the legend, Bruno himself.

What did we discuss? The finer things in life, of course: hashholes and what tips are appropriate. Strong feelings were shared about pasta rotinis, their efficacy, and what audience a tip is meant to serve. Always a scholar and a gentleman, I couldn’t be happier with my pre-rolls and time spent bending his ear. 

Hard-hitting discussion with Bruno Rolls at National Hashhole Day Photo: Josh Freeman

Back in the VIP, there were tables and lounge space to kick back and relax while still being close to the action. Weedmaps was present, and as a former WMapper myself, I connected with some old colleagues as other attendees came through to get swagged out by one of the largest and original tech companies in cannabis.

Try This was set up to serve their smoked chicken or pulled pork sliders inside the VIP, giving those pulling through an easy and not crowded way to get their grub on, something I definitely took advantage of. Overflowing sliders made the price of entry more than acceptable, but if sliders were not your thing, other food options were available in the main area as well, including These Buns Wagyu Burgers, Run the Sweets, and more. 

A holiday tradition in the making

As someone who tries to attend all the events, both big and small, I can say this without equivocation: this may have been the best event of them all. It was something that Berner said on stage that really rang true as to why this event stood on the shoulders of others. To paraphrase, it’s that most of these events are watered down, and you are not really connecting with the people behind the brand or making the final product. 

National Hashhole Day was the exact opposite. The people you met and interacted with were the real deal and the makers of the products you were purchasing and using, and probably have been for some time. 

There is a world of difference when you are dealing directly with the best in the business, and that’s something CGO Lyfestyle understands and puts into practice with his events. On top of that were the experiences and entertainment that were unparalleled. I could call it after a couple of hours at most cannabis events as I have made the rounds and talked and seen it all, although I never do, but this was different. I came in a couple of hours after doors opened, stayed five-plus hours, and still felt like there was more I could have seen or done. That is the type of experience you want people left with, so they are eager to come back, and I have no doubt everyone in attendance will come out to support the next event put on by this team.

If you get the opportunity to go to the CGO Lyfestyle event, get your lungs prepped and your mind right as, like myself, I can guarantee you will leave blown away. Connoisseur Grade Only and that ain’t no joke.

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