Meet the new social media hub welcoming cannabis and psilocybin conversation

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Can we have an honest discussion without fear of censorship, shadow-banning, or blacklisting? If you are looking for health and wellness solutions that might include cannabis, psilocybin, and other stigmatized solutions, likely not. Until now.

Many people are looking for health and wellness solutions after years of suffering. The United States regulators seem poised to switch cannabis from a Schedule I drug to a Schedule III. A Schedule I compound is defined as having  “no currently accepted medical use and a high potential for abuse.” Cannabis is deemed to have “no currently accepted medical use,” – and yet there is limited research and an abundance of anecdotal testimonials that contradict this.

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I guess Jack Nicholson was wrong …


You can handle the truth and there are many people whose quality of life depends on it. And you can open all those conversations in an uncensored environment. 

Censorship is widespread on mainstream platforms, which impose strict content and advertising restrictions, leading communities to have to self-censor and live in fear of shutdown, especially those discussing controversial alternative health topics like the use of cannabis and psychedelics.

Shadow banning is another form of censorship- it limits visibility, stifling free expression by hiding “prohibited” content without users’ knowledge. Shadow banning is highly prevalent, with analysis indicating that most platforms shadow ban users, limiting the visibility of posts containing “prohibited” words and stifling free expression and debate without user notification.  

Surveys by organizations like the Center for Democracy and Technology indicate a noticeable percentage of social media users feel they’ve been shadow-banned, affecting their online presence and interaction. The Strict Community Guidelines Mainstream platforms adopt, due to their expansive range of demographics, disproportionately limit the reach and marketing capabilities of alternative wellness companies, significantly affecting their online presence.

Health and wellness communities are scattered across various platforms, complicating user access and interaction. This requires navigating multiple sign-ups and memberships, diluting user experience and community strength.

Information on emerging health trends is decentralized and often unreliable, leading to confusion and misinformation. There’s a significant need for platforms dedicated to health and wellness to facilitate genuine discussion and sharing of effective practices. Community-validated insights are vital. Data shows a high trust level in peer reviews, especially among younger demographics, who value authenticity and community endorsements over the SEO-driven content prevalent in most online searches.

An answer to shadow banning

canmar hub
The CanMar Health and Wellness Hub Photo: CanMar

Introducing The Health and Wellness Hub powered by CanMar, designed to overcome the constraints of advertising bans, complex regulations, and content limitations, connecting the world of health and wellness. The Health and Wellness Hub’s mission is straightforward yet transformative — to #ChangeLives. 

How is this achieved? By creating a community for communities. A place where each group, regardless of its focus, finds a home to thrive, connect, and expand. The Health and Wellness Hub ensures open, uncensored dialogue and streamlined access for health and wellness communities, empowering them to connect and share trusted information without barriers. A recent study found that 91% of 18 to 34-year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, illustrating the significant influence of community-driven validation.

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Picture The Health and Wellness Hub as a vibrant neighborhood, a central hub where each health and wellness community owns a piece of virtual real estate. Visit, and you will experience three foundational principles:

  • Uncensored: Here, every voice matters. CanMar fosters environments where discussions are open and free from mainstream censorship.
  • Unrestricted: CanMar is a canvas for communities that is unrestricted by the conventional limitations that stifle growth and creativity.
  • Self-Moderated: Communities know best how to nurture their spaces. At CanMar, they have the autonomy to self-moderate, ensuring discussions are relevant and respectful.

CanMar serves as a safe haven for authentic conversations and genuine interactions. CanMar’s Health and Wellness Hub does more than connect communities. It empowers them to forge the future of health and wellness. The Health and Wellness Hub isn’t merely an app available for IOS and Android and available online—it’s a movement. By uniting diverse health and wellness communities under one roof, fostering a collaborative environment where authentic conversations drive transformation.

*This article was submitted by a guest contributor to GreenState. The author is solely responsible for the content.

Steve Goldner Steve Goldner is a 30-year B2B and B2C marketing veteran. He brings has marketing experience and passion to the cannabis industry for the past four years and currently is the Fractional Chief Marketing Officer for CanMar. He also consults for and supports other Health and Wellness and Cannabis brands.